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Two Days Left!

on Sep 15 2019
Latina #FemaleFounder @Caribu. Working for exponential change in #EdTech: TFA.GatesFdn.MayorBloomberg.WhiteHouse44. HBSAlumni.ToyotaMOI

We’re down to the wire with only 2 days left! There’s been so much excitement for our campaign and we are grateful to everyone who is joining the waitlist and increasing their investments. There is a lot to do to help Wefunder get as many investors across the finish line and to make as much room as possible for everybody, so we apologize for being a little slow to respond to questions that aren’t directly related to investment issues. Most non-investment related answers can be found on our question page ( and in our profile. We look forward to sharing all of the final numbers with you all soon!