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Voyage Media

What the heck does Voyage do??!!

on Sep 12 2019
Founder / Investor

Is Voyage a production company?

Is Voyage a studio?

Something else??

Voyage is an incubator for film and TV projects that originate from storytellers outside of the Hollywood system.

But what do we really do?

Dear prospective investor,

Since the dawn of human kind, stories have possessed great power.

They've been tools of passing on knowledge – where to find food, the safest paths to water, the berries to avoid, where the enemies live…

They’ve been tools to organize – from rights of passage to adulthood, to how we think, our shared values, the things that frighten us, the things that inspire us…

From cave paintings and stories around the fire, to the first written words and books, stories have shaped society. They show us who we are. They indicate where we are going. And they allow us to mold our future.

Film and television storytelling is no exception.

But in some senses, due to its massive reach, it has more power than other forms. And therefore, more responsibility.

Make no mistake, at Voyage, we are well aware of how we play a role in all of this.

And so we’ve planted a flag in the ground.

In the dark, fear-based world of Hollywood business, we endeavor to be a beacon of light and openness. We choose to build a friendlier path and process. That’s open and available to anyone, from anywhere in the world. We believe that everyone has a story worth sharing and that everyone deserves a fair shot.

We do not lay claim to a set of ideological or political beliefs. We do not make movies or shows that deal in a specific value system. Rather, we build a supportive platform on which individuals are free to express and collaborate safely.

We believe that in opening up Hollywood to a broader, more diverse array of people, and by fostering a creative process built around a culture of ‘how to make it work’ versus the Hollywood status quo of ‘it never will’, that we create a greater possibility of the stories impacting the world positively and shaping our world for the better.

It is thus that we choose to build our company with the following Mission, Vision and Commitments:

Our Mission:“Creating Magnificence Together”

  • Our platform facilitates CREATING film and television stories
  • We believe that at the core of all stories and storytellers is MAGNIFICENCE, and that they should be held with the utmost care and respect, and that the process of developing these stories should be friendly, bright, and shimmering with elegance and grace.
  • We do this with an open, inclusive approach - we are all in it TOGETHER.

Our Vision:

Voyage is an open platform on which creative sparks merge seamlessly with the market, and join in the creation of entertainment that delivers to the growing demand made possible by the streaming services.

The entertainment community welcomes our passionate crowd of original voices and participates in a free flow of information and connections in a world of magnificent inspiration. The stories find their homes and the closed doors of Hollywood are open for business!

We Are Committed To:

  • A self-sustaining and inclusive ecosystem that cultivates self-expression, jobs, and abundance
  • A heart centered environment and process that fosters joy, fearlessness, healthy mind, body and spirit, and permission to be bold
  • Challenging the status quo and upending the traditional entertainment system by creating one in which creators control their own creative and financial destinies, and contribute to and benefit from each other’s success
  • Revenue generation that supports our mission and that ensures financial alignment with our entire family of creators and staff
  • People experiencing their full magnificence and, with that, creating a ripple effect of positivity in the world

So while yes we are a production company/studio that makes movies and shows, you can see that we are up to much more than that.

If you feel aligned, called and inspired by this, and want to find a way to be a part of it, we welcome you.

For the first time in almost three years, you can invest to own stock in Voyage and become driving force of fulfilling on what we are up to in the world.

By owning stock, you will own an equity piece of our company, and help fuel our ability to fulfill our mission.

Our company owns a large volume of film and TV projects and the revenues they can produce. As an owner of Voyage, you too benefit from every project that successfully comes to market and gets made.

As an owner of stock and someone who gets one of the many incentives we offer to investors, you can…

  • Support your own story in the market
  • Support and benefit from others’ stories in the market
  • Join a family of people committed to building a friendlier Hollywood
  • Potentially earn a lot of money if the company sells or goes public

It would be my greatest pleasure to know that you are with us.

Please Click Here To Learn More And Invest Today.


Nat Mundel - Founder/CEO

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