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A WiFi based Radar!

on Sep 3 2019
A Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneur. Featured in major international magazines and news papers as the founder of wifigen.

When we hear the word 'Radar' we normally think about weapons, ships & airplanes. How about a radar that helps businesses quantify footfall at their locations? 

I was at a Abercrombie & Fitch store in Boston and while my friend was shopping I observed a lot of people walked into the store, looked around and left without buying anything, I immediately thought about the bounce rate. Out of curiosity I asked one of their sales representatives if she had any idea how many people just leave without buying anything and she said: "probably a hundred or maybe more, I can't say for sure". I called my CTO and asked if we can use WiFi signals to count all the people with WiFi enabled devices in a specific location, regardless of the fact that they're connected to the WiFi or not? He loved the idea, we ran a few tests in our R&D lab and it worked!

We discussed this new feature with a customer; how it will use the WiFi signals to scan through the premises, count all WiFi enabled devices and produce almost accurate footfall. As a smart businessman he understood the real value and allowed us to beta test it at one of his business locations.

Cocoon Coffee house, Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Once we mature this feature it will help brick & mortar retailers quantify their daily footfall and take important business and marketing decisions based on bounce/conversion rates.