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My Ex Me Recontact While He/She is in a Couple - 6 Tips

on Jul 31 2019

Breaks are painful. Really. Very. Painful. Unless you have become completely insensitive to your ex-sound, it is almost impossible to escape a break.

In order to recover from the shock, it is important to limit the contact with your ex to the bare minimum - for the moment. In this way, you can finally put your relationship with a kind of endpoint.

But what if your ex does not seem to have the same opinion about it and recontacts you constantly?

Do you need to pick up the phone? Reply to his email? Continue to ignore your ex?

In this article, you will find out why your ex recontacts and learn what to do in this situation.

Here is a preview of what you will learn in this article:

The answer to the question "Why does my ex-friend get in touch with me?"
If it makes sense to stay in touch with your ex
What to do if your ex seeks to contact you
And much more…

My ex recontact: how to react?

Just when you thought that the door of your old relationship was finally closed and you could open yourself to a new relationship, your ex decides to force the door to open again. Suddenly, you receive a message from her, or your ex approaches you in the street. And you are taken aback. It's still a long time! In addition, he/she is in a relationship! Why does my ex recontact?

In the first place, it is anger that takes you. Just when you were finally ready to leave your old relationship behind and you had decided that you had shed your last tears, he/she comes back into your life like nothing! What does your ex really want? Does he/she want me to come back? Does he/she want to expose me to his new relationship? Does he/she try to make me jealous?

It's still amazing. First, your ex breaks your heart, and then he/she does not even leave you alone to let your pain subside. Despite yourself, you notice your ex invades your thoughts again, and you have no idea what to do with this new development.

5 possible reasons why your ex will contact you again

In order to find a solution to your situation (embarrassing), you must first try to understand why your ex is looking for a new relationship, even if in a relationship. Go through the possible reasons below to know his motivations.

# 1: Your ex thought it was better with you
If your ex contacts you, it's probably because he still has feelings for you. Whether it is good or bad, these feelings for you are always present. Even if your ex expresses anger at you, it shows that he did not completely forget you.

Have you ever heard the saying "grass is always greener in the meadow next door"? This proverb implies that others seem to have no problems.

In the case of a rupture, it means that the new person does not reach the ankle of the ex. The ex has established a model, and the new partner is judged by this model.

When your ex recontacts you, even if he or she is in a relationship, you may be missing. Your ex constantly compares his new partner to you and realizes you were a better partner.

N ° 2: Your ex wants to make you jealous

Regardless of whether he/she has initiated the end of the relationship, your ex can also suffer a lot from the breakup.

It may mean that he/she has completely closed to the rest of the world and is hiding under his blankets (does this tell you something?), That he/she drinks excessively (again, this does it tell you something?) or that he/she sleeps with anyone.

Another possibility: he/she is looking for a new partner. And no, it's not because he/she needs affection (though it may help), but because he/she wants revenge. Your ex is trying to hurt you as much as he/she has suffered, and so decides to make you jealous with his new partner.

It can happen even if you have not met anyone yet. It may also be that your ex had the impression that you led him to the point where he/she saw no alternative but to break up. Your ex always feels as much pain as you and wants his "revenge".

N ° 3: Your ex wants you to comfort him/her

Imagine this situation: you have been separated for a while and the breakup has not been a part of fun. You kept fighting, so it was better for you to stay as far away as possible. Your blood will always boil as soon as you think of your ex, and you can not imagine that you will ever see each other again. And then suddenly, your ex sends you an SMS ... friendly.

You staring at your phone in disbelief, and your eyes come out of your head like in a cartoon. What do you mean? The last time you saw your ex, he/she only told you how much he/she despised you. And now he/she wants to know how you are going ?! In addition, he/she is in a relationship!

It may seem far-fetched, but it is quite possible that your ex's new partner rejects him: he/she flirts with others, does not have much sex with him/her... The result, your ex begins to rethink his latest partner. This partner did not flirt with others, and he/she wants to find this link. The grass was not greener in the meadow next door, after all ...

N ° 4: Your ex wants to become your friend

It happens that the flame goes out and that despite affection, love disappears. Another possibility: you are always in love with your ex, but he/she is no longer in love with you. And then suddenly, you receive a message on your phone: your ex contacts you while he/she is in a relationship.

However, before making any hasty conclusions (such as "does my ex want to get back with me?"), We need to see how well he/she seems to be happy with his new partner. And also looking at the antecedents: had he/she cut off contact or stayed in contact?

If your extends to be conciliator/conciliator, or if he/she seems to be very happy in his / her new relationship, the fact that he/she takes your news may simply mean that he/she is trying to to be friendly. And (perhaps) unfortunately, that does not mean that he/she wants to come back to you.