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on Aug 1 2019
Francis Isugu is the founder of 1CoX, he is a strategist & author with books on amazon at

Clean Investment In Cocoa and Honey Pays Partners Steady Monthly Income FROM 1COX

Let's partner with Clean Investment


Welcome to your opportunity to #Invest Clean, Invest in Green #Technology, Invest In #Agriculture, Invest in #Cocoa & #Honey Value Chain, Invest In #supply chain sustainable technology, invest in transportation and #logistics, invest in all these sub sectors with just one partnership today. Make your #CleanInvestment in #1CoX.


"Agriculture is everybody's business..." It is the most natural way of putting food on the table, and any investment in agriculture today is both for today and for posterity. Clean investment makes this happen faster for everyone who partners with 1CoX.

Clean investment offers you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the entire agriculture development value chain, without getting your hands dirty or doing any work on the farm or getting stressed any where.

All you have to do is to become a partner in clean investment by investing in the project that manages the supply chain of two core agro cash crops: cocoa and honey, and your investment will generate returns; which you will get paid as your monthly steady income from Clean Investment.

  • Ordinarily, you would have had to work out your butts, strain your nerves, endure fatigues, undergo stress and bruises as you till the soil, and take care of the crops, watching them to ensure they are free of pests, insects, and diseases, caring about their safety, quality and meeting specific market demands.
  • You would have had to sweat it all out on the field, and get dirty and overwhelmed with enormous farm work,

but with clean investment, you don't have to worry about any of these. You don't even have to wait longer than six months before getting any income from your produce, if it would even take less than 1 year or two and more years for your crop to produce.

Clean investment as a Done For You Agriculture development and Investment Program means that:

  1. you don't have to wait at all,
  2. you don't have to do any work at all,
  3. you don't have to undergo any stress at all, and
  4. you don't have to worry about any dirty farm work.



The 1CoX management team will take care of all the jobs of converting your capital into revenue generating commercial activities of cash crop foreign trades, with investment in commodities such as honey and cocoa.

While this is done, you only wash your hands in liquid cash and smile to bank every 30 days to cash out the dividends of this liquid asset investment in agriculture development through 1CoX.

This is what clean investment is all about, and this is why you are invited to become a partner in 1CoX by getting your stake in Clean Investment today. Solicitation For Partnership.

Start Investing Clean

Wash Your Hands and Earn Money, invest clean and make clean profit with 1CoX Every Month

Wash Your Hands In Liquid Cash and Smile to the Bank every month to cash out your profit. Start generating 1-5% ROI in 30 days with the new Agriculture development program. Take advantage of this Investment Project on 1CoX Proprietary technology platform. Start Washing & Earning clean profit with 1CoX Today.


With Cash at Hand your future financial security can be guaranteed, if only you invest in Agriculture, knowing where, when, why, and how to invest in Agric Liquid Asset-Class Commodities such as Cash Crops, Among other crop husbandry.Everyone can now invest as a Stakeholder in agriculture development with the Building of 1CoX Proprietary Technology Platform, Product Development and Presale campaign Project, and smile to the bank every month without getting your hands dirty.How it works
You will choose to have a stake in one of 5 Lot sizes and make your investment deposit equal to or above its minimum stake, then your investment will be added to a funding pool; to finance a foreign trade transaction through export of cash crops such as Honey and Cocoa beans, then you get paid your due Return on Investment (ROI), in 30 days, after your deposit payment, while the profit from the liquid asset-class Commodities trade and investment is ploughed-back into the 1CoX DRIP (Dividends Reinvestment Program) funding pool.By so doing, you become a preference stakeholder in agriculture development.


Moreover, you'll benefit from your ROI which matures in 30 days, giving you the opportunity to join the 1CoX DRIP funding pool by reinvesting your principal, after cashing out your ROI.

  • If you choose to reinvest your principal, after every month of cashing out your ROI, and you do so up to 36 months, you will be upgraded from a preference stakeholder to an equity shareholder in 1CoX, at the end of the 36th month, hence it's a truly sound investment decision that guarantees your future financial security.
  • On the other hand, you're free to invest only once and cash out your due ROI with your principal at the end of the first 30 days, after your complete deposit payment.

Want to become a preference stakeholder, then invest in agriculture development without staining your hands with the dirt on the farm, yet always smile to the bank and cash out your ROI every 30 days.Do it now with the opportunity to earn big profit from the building of 1CoX Proprietary technology platform.

Here is a sure way to secure your financial future with clean investment in agriculture, without getting your hands dirty, yet always smiling to the bank every 30 days.

Place your stake here: GO HERE.

TODAY LET'S BUILD NIGERIA's COCOA RESERVE Technically, this is an urgent need, especially seeing from statistics that as at April 2017, cocoa output was 1,148,992 tonnes from Cote D'Ivoire; 835,466 in Ghana; and 367,000 from Nigeria.
Some of major players in agri-business had "expressed fears that Nigeria may lose up to N1 trillion by Year 2020, if nothing is done to grow the product massively."

Personal Profile:
I am Francis Bestman Isugu, FOUNDER of 1CoX and Project Manager for Dordine Intl. Nig. Ltd. I make this presentation to request your support for the agriculture development and expansion project my organization has been opportune to initiate, and will love to introduce same to your team; with hope that, if you find it interesting, you could invest in our project.

An Overview of Our Project Plan:
We seek investors to pilot a number of strategic agricultural development projects principally geared towards enhancing the human capital of cocoa and honey production in Nigeria.
For our cocoa production pilot program, we target acquisition of 150 hectares of land in Bonny Island of Rivers State, a cite chosen because of its strategic location in the Niger Delta region, a river basin of southern Nigeria, favorable for setting up a large cocoa plantation alongside a chocolate processing industry, since the cite enjoys constant power supply, regular rainfall, access to export terminal, high sea for for convenient water transport of farm produce from cocoa plantation to the local Onne Sea Port for cocoa exports, and fertile land mass.
The choice of the location for establishing our factory is partly because I myself am an indigene of Rivers State, I have lived in Bonny Island and I understand the environment and its climate and people, more so, the Island is host to the biggest LNG facility in Africa, among several other IOCs that have built their facilities and are still expanding them there in the Island, moreover having knowledge of the history of cocoa farming in Nigeria, the Island is a choice location and is monumental because it hosted the very first cocoa Plantation in Nigeria in 1874, when a local chief Squiss Ibaningo established a plantation at Bonny in the then Eastern region of Nigeria, before even the first recorded government effort in the development of cocoa in Nigeria in 1887, as well as before the first commercial cocoa farming was later done at Ibadan in Oyo State of Nigeria.
Our organization seeks to make private sector investment in this sub sector because, we believe that, as the President of the Cocoa Association of Nigeria well stated,

We must return to Agriculture and especially COCOA, the single most important foreign exchange earner for the economy.                          --- Sayina R. Riman

And now, we are entering the market of cocoa beans marketing automation by building a nationwide marketplace for cocoa farmers to bring their products with traces of their products' origin, while we handle everything on the pipeline of our marketing channel to give these produce their international commercial value, thus encouraging farmers to produce more, knowing that there is already a marketplace we have set up for them...

We now have over 58 cocoa collection centers in all the States of Nigeria, and we are equally hiring workers in all the states as liaison officers between us and farmers.
For our first milestone, We need up to $25million US Dollars to kickoff bulk buy out of farmer's produce in the 21 producing states in Nigeria.
We are looking to have an international market recognition as suppliers of Nigerian cocoa.
So, we need you to partner with us in raising funds in milestones, utilized in badges such as $1 million dollars for sourcing 500 tonnes of cocoa per producing state in Nigeria, to reach our annual benchmark of supplying 10,000 tonnes out of the over 350,000 tonnes of Nigeria's cocoa production annually, taking that as our market share in this $1 billon local cocoa market. Whereas the $4 million balance of our first milestone funding will go into acquisition of 150 hectares of land for our cocoa plantation, buying of improved seedlings and acquisition of manpower to work on the plantation, and for transporting our first produce for export with premium quality post-harvest processing and packaging.
Make Your Investment Count
Our new brand — CHM Foods (CHOMAM) Global Cocoa and Honey Traders is designed for our company's expansion plan of investing in building, growing and establishing our sustainable local Cocoa Processing facility, with an independent team of research and development agricultural scientists, to provide traceability, locally processed and dried cocoa beans, as well as locally produced chocolates; progressing from locally roasted cocoa beans, to pulp extractions and nibs, alongside locally produced chocolate liquor, and locally finished and packaged consumable chocolate bars, biscuits, breads and many other new chocolate drinks for local consumption.
This is is mega multi-million dollar project which we seek to achieve in partnership with you as our financial pillar of trust for enhancing our commercial engagements with European Cocoa buyers and international agric innovative initiative investors.
As we play our own role to revitalize private sector large scale investment in Nigeria's Cocoa production, processing, quality packaging for both global chocolate export and boost local chocolate consumption, our objective is to create incentives for investment in Nigeria's Cocoa, by getting young Nigerians involved, and deciding to provide the energetic manpower needed to foster productivity in Nigeria.
We have designed a simple initiative to get it all off the ground, where we could engage 1 million Nigerian youths who are willing to supply the manpower needed.
We're a private body and are not a nonprofit service provider. The huge cost of production associated with Cocoa farming is what we seek to reduce in our own unique way, and so, through our membership program, which requires a number of youths to become associates of our pilot local chocolate products distribution workforce; and training of interns for our online and local market automation support to existing Cocoa farmers, we hope our reliance on your financial support will enhance our ability to quickly source the fund we need to build the sub sector with our initiative.
More so, we have opened the door to welcome and build the capacity of the first 1,000,000 Energetic Nigerian youths, who seek engagement with our business model, in a sort of franchise system that will save cost of getting started for all participants in our program.
To join these participants and benefit from our franchisee cost-saving Cocoa production associated business model, we require interested distributors to register for membership into our 18 months pilot local Cocoa production, processing and distribution internship program, in the three phases promoted on our facebook business page, go here to f:
have designed an induction and capacity development workshop for the different badges of those who will obtain their membership while the internship and industrial training opportunity is still available.
Those who have passed our workshop are ready to start engaging with our profiled cocoa farmers, as R&D and Market Automation Industrial Trainees and representatives. paired with each farm they identify with, after having received a letter of deployment from us.
Our goal in this phase of their industrial training is to get them on the field, immediately their workshop is completed, so they can acquire their hands-on Cocoa production skill, first on the field; where they will support and work with the farmer in √••• planting seedlings, √••• harvesting with standard compliance, √••• experimenting with practiced post-harvest processing,
And then, after 1 year farm work, they will return with a sample of their first yield, an outcome achieved after one year on the farm, by harvesting their first tree's produce in its first fruitful year.
The farmer they worked with will then inherit the trees of the improved seedlings in their first year, as we target planting 500 new trees in each farm, assisted by one of our 1,000,000 new interns, while our intern will return from the field for the next phase of their industrial training in acquiring hands-on chocolate processing skill; by bringing their harvest to our newly built processing plant and research and development hub for improved post-harvest processing and chocolate local processing, including:
1. Fermentation2. Drying 3. quality testing4. Roasting5. Chocolate processing6. Packaging
Having completed all the requirements of processing in the second phase of their industrial training, they have passed the production field test, spanning a total of 15 months, and are ready for the next phase of their career to be monitored only in its first three months, as they provide distribution workforce support before becoming free business graded distributors.
During this phase, they will be pilot distributors of all our locally processed chocolate foods and drink products; to find local buyers in households and business places such as local stores and online shops.
This is when they will apply the online marketing skills they will be trained on to know how to source local buyers and scale product distribution locally, through market targeting, segmentation, brand building and digital marketing.
At this point, our market automation goal is already achieved, our distributors are on the field to foster local consumption of our locally processed chocolates, our identified farmers are getting steady interns to support them with improved seedlings and crop cultivation, year on year, to help them achieve the benchmark of more production per hectare, to boost net Cocoa production independently, our farmers are enjoying our market automation support by selling directly to us through our CSAs assigned to them in our local collection centers, our research and development team is conducting quality testing and we are processing them into locally consumable chocolates, as well as exporting the excesses.
By building and maintaining this circle, we are making our private contribution to the development of our Nation's GDP through Cocoa production, as we help Nigeria return to its former place of food security.

Our contribution is in line with a recent report about the government's initiative to boost Cocoa production in Nigeria as seen below:

The national president, Cocoa Association of Nigeria, CAN, Sayina Rima, has assured that Nigeria would soon begin to reap the benefits in government’s cocoa revival initiative, projecting that revenue generation from the transformation policy would hit $1.7 billion annually.
Rima ... said that CAN alongside other stakeholders presented to the federal government a 10-year cocoa action plan which is expected to boost Nigeria’s production capacity to 500,000 metric tons, MT, per annum when implemented.
In his calculation, he said that at $3,500 per ton of cocoa export projection price, if the 500,000 metric tons production target is achieved, the country would be earning over $1.7 billion every year.
“Currently we rank number 6 in production and 4th in global supply index, a position that is far below expectation as Nigeria should be top on the chart. We are at the moment producing about 300,000 metric tons by the calculation of operators and this figure might differ from statistics from the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, because the country lacks data collection structure, but whatever statistics being put forward the truth is that the sector has been neglected to a point that the commodity which was once the prop of the economy is going comatose”
So, for the private sector support of the government initiative, CHM Foods (CHOMAM) Global Cocoa and Honey Traders is set to raise a new generation of young Cocoa producers and foster wide scale local chocolate consumption in Nigeria.
Financing this project is thus worth doing, our proposed chocolate processing hub will account for our export of locally processed chocolates such as in the four categories below
Cocoa Products

By setting up our processing facility, we hope to provide the following products on demand.

NibsProduct CodeDescription
NN-100Roasted Cocoa Nibs
NN-500Premium Roasted Cocoa Nibs

Product CodeDescription
NL-100Natural Cocoa Liquor
NL-500Southern Nigerian Cocoa Liquor
NL-600Premium Natural Cocoa Liquor
NL-630Premium Southern Nigerian Cocoa Liquor
AL-150Alkalized Cocoa Liquor
AL-650Premium Alkalized Cocoa LiquorButterProduct CodeDescription
NB-100Natural Cocoa Butter
NB-500Premium Natural Cocoa Butter
DB-100Deodorized Cocoa Butter
DB-900Premium Deodorized Cocoa Butter
Cake & PowderProduct CodeDescription
NC-100Natural Cocoa Cake
AC-150Alkalized Cocoa Cake
NP-100Natural Cocoa Powder
NP-210Natural High Fat Cocoa Powder
NP-230Natural Extra High Fat Cocoa Powder
NP-150Premium Natural Cocoa Powder
AP-100Alkalized Cocoa Powder
AP-150Premium Alkalized Cocoa Powder
AP-210Alkalized High Fat Cocoa Powder
AP-230Alkalized Extra High Fat Cocoa Powder
AP-350Medium Brown Cocoa Powder
AP-400Medium Dark Brown Cocoa Powder
AP-500Dark Brown Cocoa Powder
AP-700Black/Brown Cocoa Powder
AP-800Black Cocoa Powder

For the tech development concern of our project plan, kindly refer to the 1CoX pitch deck attached herein, along side an email draft of 1CoX business description also attached.


Otherwise, if it doesn't suit you, but you know someone it could suit better, be kind and generous to share this information with others, and order for at least 1 liter of CHM Foods labeled CHOMAM 100% Pure, Natural Honey, since this is now available to everyone for local consumption, while only partners enjoy the benefit of 1CoX revenue from foreign trade of CHOMAM honey and cocoa exports.

CHOMAM 1CoX (CHM Foods); through the Joint collaboration of its three Corporate Managing Partners, having established its integrated agricultural development / sustainable food security program, is now looking to include other individual / corporate partners among its preference stakeholders, in a bid to finance a quick Agric project now ongoing!Participation has been setout in two plans, namely: (1) Instant Execution and (2) Pending Order. See details below.Instant Execution Plan:
Value of project = N400 million ($1m)Number of stakeholders needed: 20Minimum stake amount = N25 millionReturn on Investment = 5% ROIDuration of investment = 1 month.Closing date for EOI = August 26, 2019Date for Earned ROI = September 30, 2019

Pending Order Plan:


Benefits: Partners enjoy 1% - 5%ROI Duration: 30 Days onlyLot Sizes: STL, MAL, MIL, MCL, SULMax. Stakes: 20 lots per partnerMin. Stakes: 1 STL, 2 MAL, 3 MIL, 4 MCL, & 5 SUL

Lot Stake Value:
1. 25,000,000 NGN per STL (One Standard Lot)2. 5,000,000 NGN per MAC (One Macro Lot)3. 500,000 NGN per MIC (One Mini Lot)4. 50,000 NGN per MCL (One Micro Lot)5. 5,000 NGN per SUL (One Sub Lot)
Returns on Investments:
1. STL = 5% ROI2. MAL = 4% ROI3. MIL = 3% ROI4. MCL = 2% ROI5. SUL = 1% ROIInvesting Term:
Specify Lot Size and number of stakes in intended lot, and choose payment preference.Payment Structure:
One-off payment of investment deposit or up to 10 times equal parts installment deposit of total stake value, eg. Choosing a stake of Two Standard Lots (2-STL) for 10 times installment, means your total stake in the project is 50,000,000 NGN, but you will deposit 5,000,000 per month until your total stake is funded, then 30 days after your total stake is funded, you will receive your 5% ROI plus your Principal, that's 2,500,000 NGN + 50,000,000 = N52,500,000 NGN.

Contract Term:

  • Pending Order (P.O.), that means contract is pending until completion of total stake value in investment deposit, and ROI is executed 30 days after Order is executed.
  • How to participate = for pending order, go take a stake here:

Thanks" target="_blank" class="redactor-autoparser-object">
Thanks and kind regards,CHOMAM 1Co-op Exchange (1CoX)
Team of Managing Partners:

There are three corporate managing partnes, namely: Dordine International - Engineering & Construction company and contractor to Federal Government (FCT-Abuja, Nigeria); PHOBS Services - Futures & Commodity Trading Company and official Grand Capital partner (Port Harcourt-Nigeria); and NVS Analytics - Backend Financial Services company (Mumbai-India),

Phone: +2348102427303Email: frotbanks@gmail.comUrl: ___________________________________P.S. Payment method: for Instant Execution plan, you will pay through Interbank Transfer (Bank Deposit), whereas for Pending Order plan, you will pay through Subscription payment plan on Paystack web payment portal.P.S.1: Kindly note that as soon as you send your EOI on with your name, email, phone number and residential address, and choose your Lot size, Order type, and preferred payment method, your partnership agreement will be mailed to you in anticipation of its binding date.P.S.2: Hence the agreement terms will become effective only if on or before the date signed in advance of the agreement, you prospectively complete payment of your investment deposit to equal the total stake value stated on the agreement. And attached to the agreement, you will be mailed a copy of the pitch deck to showcase the prospects of the project. Welcome