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Fighting the Housing Crisis with 3D Tech

on May 10 2019
by guillaume kurkdijan via dribbble

Our homes of the future are here! 3D architecture company ICON has teamed up with homeless charity New World to print safe and affordable homes in El Salvador.

In 2018, ICON built a 350 square ft. home for $10,000 in 48 hours. Now, they claim they can print an even larger structure in 24 hours, for only $4000.

The Texas-based company uses their proprietary 3D printer called the Vulcan II, along with their own "closely guarded secret" - a special cement mixture called Lavacrete II. This material can withstand harsh weather conditions and can be printed at high speeds while retaining form.

3D tech offers rapid and efficient solutions to enormous problems - we love seeing the world become a better place because of it.