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on Jun 11 2019
Ryan is a speaker, author and founder of boon - a start-up revolutionizing medical and dental staffing. Let's start "Practicing Good."

It has officially been one week since we launched! Thank you all so much for your support. In less than a week, we've nearly reached 50% of our goal which puts us way ahead of schedule.  There is still an incentive for early investors--so if you have a friend that is interested, now would be the perfect time to tell them about investing in Boon as that remaining window will likely go fast.

This week, we launched a new video that we are using to market in a very targeted region in North Carolina. The goal is to drive provider sign-ups, and it has done just that. Social ads seem to be driving the most traffic and at a significantly reduced customer (provider) acquisition cost than originally budgeted (around $150-$200). If we can continue to refine, and keep our CAC under $50, this will be a major win when it comes to scaling into new markets. Not only have there been sign-ups in our initial target region of RTP, North Carolina, we have had sign-ups nationwide. This means that word is spreading across the US, beyond our targeted marketing campaigns.

An Ask of You...

There is strength in numbers. While we are well on our way to meeting our Wefunder goal, ever dollar in addition will give us the ability to further accelerate our growth, explore new markets more quickly and extend our runway. 

Here is how you can help: think of 2 people that you can personally ask to invest in Boon. Think about this...if you found 2 people to invest at your same amount (or more) and everyone else did, we would exceed our goal by 20%. Imagine that! 

Let's make Boon a force for good in healthcare.

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