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Orange Fund V

Update & Invite to Demo Day

on Apr 14 2019
Founder & CEO @ Wefunder

Hello Orange Fund V investors,

I'd like to give an update on the status of the fund.

Demo Day: April 24th

If you live in San Francisco, we'd love if you can come to our XX Demo Day on April 24th at 6pm. We are very proud of the founders. Some already have YC interviews.

The entire Wefunder team will be there, and we'd love to have you come! Please RSVP here. It's held at the Speakeasy - an awesome 1920's style club funded on Wefunder. It'll be more fun than most demo days: potential investments + good company.

Investments to Date

Over the last 4 months, we've deployed less than half of the fund into 21 startups.

We invested in 3 companies before they were accepted to YC W19

The Orange Fund V invested between $10,000 to $20,00 in these companies:

Kopa (YC W19) helps renters find monthly housing and compatible housemates. Through PadPiper, renters browse furnished listings owned by verified hosts, find housemates who are interested in the same spaces, and split and pay their deposits and monthly rent. The team is increasing their revenue 37% week over week, focused on capturing the Bay Area intern market, and developing employer partnerships to help them expand across the country and into new verticals.

Withfriends (YC W19) runs membership programs for organizers.

BlitzIQ (YC W19) documents critical information from sales conversations to give you better visibility into your pipeline and customers.

XX's Cohort #1 for Female Founders

The Orange Fund V invested $10,000 in each of these companies who were accepted to the XX program:

Quirktastic is a friendship app for geeks, gamers and nerds. We connect people both to each other, as well as the fandom events they love. We also act as a vehicle for events to sell more tickets, by allowing event organizers to sell their tickets through the app for event discovery among our users. The app currently has 2,000 active users since it's public beta update in March 2019 and $105,000 secured in partnerships for revenue.

Atlas Mental Health democratizes access to mental health care by providing self-guided therapy through a mobile app. By cultivating habits of positive self-dialogue, Atlas guides users towards greater self-esteem and self-awareness. Atlas currently works with Bay Area high schools, academics and medical professionals from Stanford and UCSF.

Ensembl is making innovative housewares that save space and eliminate clutter. Ensembl's first product is STACK: a six-piece collection of nesting cookware, made with patent-pending removable handles and flat lying lids. The team is in the midst of manufacturing STACK and plans to launch with direct to consumer sales mid 2019.

Indigo Bank is on a mission to empower teens to live financially happy and healthy lives. Our mobile banking app gives teens the freedom to earn their own money, save and spend responsibly.

Cactus was working on Slack for friends.  They already failed.  They returned about 75% of the original $10,000 investment, so the fund suffered a ~$2500 loss.

XX's Cohort #2 for Immigrant Founders

The Orange Fund V invested $10,000 in each of these companies who were accepted to the XX program.  Some have are very likely to have YC S19 interviews in a few days.

Maisie is a marketplace that offers in-person group experiences for teams. Spending on mental health can directly increase the happiness and productivity of employees. Managers are responsible for team cohesion in addition to their own work and personal development. This really expensive and time consuming to cultivate, so we built Maisie to match employees with experienced coaches and therapists to increase retention, communication, and team chemistry.

Blair offers a better way of college financing, where students pay back a certain percentage of their future income. Traditional loans leave students with an irresponsible amount of debt and do not protect them from income volatility. Our Income Share Agreements will protect students, by adapting to individual income circumstances, allowing them to live without fear of student debt and to pursue careers which are not controlled by loan repayments.

Jarvis is an online marketplace that connects clients with cleaners, who assist with household tasks, most commonly home cleaning. Our competitors focus on connecting cleaners to customers, but then leave them to their own devices to manage their ongoing relationship.In contrast, after matching customers to cleaners, we continue to actively manage their relationship via SMS to ensure optimal scheduling and a better overall service.

Clubhouse is a platform to make friends that share your interests. Today you meet new people through meetups, clubs, or classes but it’s hard to become friends. You’re not seeing the same people regularly so we built Clubhouse where you join a small intimate group for a month or longer and works towards accomplishing a goal like perfecting a burger, or trying all the tea shops in the city.

Wonder Hoodie makes the world’s first bulletproof hoodie, the only product to seamlessly and discreetly protect your body AND head from bullet and knife threats. And here’s the kicker: we sell it at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Our mission is to make body armor more accessible to all people, and become the #1 body armor brand in the world by 2022.

Epoch connects employees and teams at companies with local social impact activities. Our software helps HR teams save weeks of work by replacing manual processes and automating event planning. We increase a company's brand, social impact and employee engagement, while providing data to measure their efforts.

Kangaroo Health 60M patients leave the surgery facility on the same day of surgery. Sparse calls or emails from care teams cannot catch complications early, while many in-clinic follow-ups are unnecessary. KangarooHealth uses AI to automate post-surgery care, enabling providers to reduce complication costs and boost revenues. Targeting $900B same-day surgery market, KangarooHealth SaaS solution is gaining traction with growing revenues. It is led by execution-focused serial entrepreneurs and backed by domain leaders in national healthcare systems.

Homer helps homeowners add rental units with zero-down financing. Today, homeowners are left to manage everything themselves: from financing to design, permitting, and build-out. They’re quickly overwhelmed, and many give up altogether. We built Homer as a full-service solution to invest in every family’s greatest asset: their home. We help homeowners to develop their properties allowing them to add income, additional living space, and increase home value by adding rental units fast.

Other investments led by YC Alumni

The Orange Fund V invested $20,000 in these companies:

Motherly is a lifestyle brand that informs and inspires Millennial women through the journey of motherhood.

Jelly Labs is a stealth company founded by YC W13 alumni. They are trying to destroy Elsevier and the other evils of Science crowdfunding.

We have three additional investments pending:

HaikuJAM combines play, creativity and emotion to surface powerful insights. Over 500,000 strangers are writing haiku poems together in our app and have published over 30m lines to date. Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, our technology analyses the haiku in real-time to understand how people feel about different topics. This unearths deep, actionable insights and foresights that outshine legacy consumer research. We have inspired new ideas and ways of thinking for organisations such as Tinder, Uber, Baskin Robbins, The Economic Times and more.

Balloonr uses the research of organizational incentives and communication to surface insights from lower levels in the organization.

Resemble AI is a very early-stage company started by a former Hipmunk engineer. They're building voice actors using AI and already have multiple customers. I'm investing $10K of my own money and my other scout fund will likely be doing around the same.

Ways to help portfolio companies

Blair would love to talk to anyone who wants to invest in their funds to finance student ISA's.  Email if interested.

Homer would love to talk to anyone who would be interested in investing in one of their real estate funds. if interested.

Like to invest in any of these companies directly?  

About half of these companies will be at the XX Demo Day.

Some of these companies may be available to invest in on Wefunder for accredited investors.  Others I can intro you to the founders to talk directly.  Please comment below if you think you'd be interested in investing.  


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