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Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up March Update

on Apr 12 2019

Here is our latest monthly update:

1. Pipeline Expansion

We presented at 3 conferences in March and were blown away by the response we got and the amount of connections we made. We have over 100 new nonprofits to work with in our pipeline which represent over $11MM in ARR for us and tons of nonprofit consultants interested in partnering with us as resellers. Some of those consultants are in touch with 100s of nonprofits and serve as their technology consultants.

2. Enterprise Customers

We are in serious talks with UNICEF, American Heart Association, Doctors Without Borders, UC Berkeley, John Hopkins, and several other large orgs — we've done multiple demos to different stake holders and are working to start A/B tests

3. Save The Children Trial

We're starting our A/B test with Save The Children, one of world' largest nonprofit with $2.2B annual budget. It goes live any day now. (

4. Strategic Partnership

We formed a strategic partnership with Bloomerang - one of the industry's leading donor management systems which is used by 6,000 nonprofits. They intend to replace their donation forms and they want deep integration with us. We are finalizing a revenue share agreement with them and they expect to push us to all their existing and new clients.

5. Processing Volume

Our total processing surpassed $2.1MM. We processed $180K in donations in March 2019, which is x12 our processing volume in March 2018.

As always, appreciate your continued support & interest!

Many thanks,

Peter, Yuriy & Anton