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Build a better future on the social network for progressive change


πŸ“ˆ Over 300 organizers, activists, and super-volunteers already on waitlist
πŸ™Œ Backed by Higher Ground Labs (the Y-Combinator for political tech)
πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ The first community activism app that builds communities and drives results
πŸ—½ Builds a healthier democracy through grassroots engagement
πŸ’° Tap into a growing, multi-billion-dollar market for activism and socially-conscious individuals

Our Team

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Unified: A Social Network for Progressive Change

The Problem

Activism is a growing market

As politics and social issues become a bigger part of our everyday lives, more and more people are becoming politically-motivated and engaged in activism.

Existing activism tools treat people like commodities ..and not people!

Many of us feel that our country is more fractured than ever, but do we really understand why?

You may not know this, but a big reason is that the tools used to reach voters and constituents is fundamentally broken.

If you've ever donated to or been involved with a political campaign or non-profit, than these images should look hauntingly familiar:

The reason you get messages like this is because political and non-profit organizers rely on outdated software to buy lists and spam you.  They're being forced into 90s-era telemarketing tactics to run our democracy.

Activists are looking for something better!

Building sustainable political power comes from fostering stronger connections within our communities. Activists want to do this but lack the tools for it. Existing social media platforms are optimized around outrage and not building healthy communities.

Through our own political experience and by reaching out to hundreds of organizers across the country, we know activists want something better.  Almost every activist we've talked to is dissatisfied with existing tools.

Our Solution

Unified combines a complete organizing toolkit with a full set of social features, allowing organizers to run campaigns and calls to action, all while building strong, collaborative communities around their efforts.

How It Works

Part 1: Onboarding a new user

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Part 2: Taking action

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Part 3: Creating actions for others

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Part 4: Social features drive collaboration, community, and discovery

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Two Core Loops Will Drive Growth

It's important for any social network to have built-in mechanics to drive growth.  We see two core loops for us:

Revenue Model

Organizers on Unified will be able to fundraise directly through the platform.  We will take a 3.95% commission on all funds and donations raised through Unified.

Why commissions?

  • It aligns perfectly with our users.  We're successful when organizers and activists are successful.
  • It removes money as a barrier to adoption. Organizers work with unpredictable cash cycles.
  • It's a proven model. ActBlue has shown you can build a large operation within the political space. Twitch and others have shown creator economy models can be hugely successful.

A social platform driven by the success of its users has huge potential. Our projections:

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Key Differentiators

Unified sets itself apart from other organizing tools by providing a platform for community-based organizing that is fun for everyone to use and makes people feel connected.

Over 280 Organizers & Activists On Our Waitlist

Over the past year, we've conducted hundreds of feedback sessions with organizers, activists, and other likely early-adopters. Almost all of them have loved what they've seen and signed up to be part of our "superfan" community.

Our superfans are leaders of, active in, or alumni of over 50 prominent national and local advocacy organizations and political groups, including:

Planned Parenthood β€’ Swing Left β€’ Moms Demand Action β€’ United Farm Workers β€’ Powered by People β€’ Jolt Action β€’ NextGen America β€’ Human Rights Campaign β€’ Alaska Democratic Party β€’ Florida Democratic Party β€’ Georgia Democratic Party β€’ Kentucky Democratic Party β€’ Texas Democratic Party β€’ Biden for President β€’ New Leaders Council β€’ MOVE Texas β€’ RAICES β€’ Be a Hero β€’ National Popular Vote β€’ Trans Empowerment Project β€’ Students for Markey β€’ β€’ Immigration Forum β€’ Blue Action Democrats β€’ College Democrats β€’ Prairie Kansas β€’ Move Nevada Forward β€’ SpeakEasy Political β€’ DemsCareVoteSafe β€’ Civix Strategy Group β€’ Austin Justice Coalition β€’ Stonewall Austin β€’ Progress Texas β€’ Texas House of Representatives

Here are real quotes taken from feedback sessions:

  • "It's fulfilling something that's missing in the space.  Wish I had it in 2020."
  • "This is absolutely a missing piece in organizing. Nothing like it exists."
  • "What you're proposing kicks the competition's ass. It's way better."
  • "I could finally get rid of Facebook with what you just showed me."
  • "This is better than Instagram or Facebook for taking action."
  • "A social platform that sync with VAN would be the greatest thing I've seen in organizing."
  • "I hate most political tech and I love this."
  • "Our volunteers will love this."
  • "I would love to beta test this with my groups."
  • "I want to start using this like NOW."
  • "I'm ready to download this and get others to download this asap."
  • "I want to be one of the first to use it."
  • "Super close to the perfect app."
  • "There's a big need for this - I'm with y'all."
  • "OH WOW."

We're also signing up organizers to be official launch partners.

Check out what some of these leaders have to say:

A Stellar Team To Make It Happen

Our team has an amazing mix of business and political experience.  Throughout our team, we have:

  • Founded profitable tech startups that have served thousands of customers.
  • Built political technology that has reached millions of voters.
  • Ran political campaigns or non-profit groups at every level.
  • Built award-winning community organizations.

In short, we have the breadth and depth of experience to 

The Raise

How much we're raising

We are targeting $500,000 or more for our WeFunder campaign.  We plan for this money to be part of a larger seed round totaling $4,000,000, which will include investments from incubators and institutional investors.

Because our company's mission centers around community organizing, we would love to surpass our $500K goal and have the community be the majority investor in the seed round.

Invest alongside leading community organizers, activists, and political technologists

Unified is backed by dozens of leaders within the organizing and activism world.  Check out the amazing people joining the crowdfund.

We're also backed by Higher Ground Labs, the Y-Combinator for political technology.

What the funds will be used for

The seed round will be used for:

  • Expanding our engineering team to accelerate product development
  • Expanding our sales and marketing efforts to accelerate customer and user acquisition

A successful $4M raise would give us two years of runway, which should be enough to build a substantial userbase, reach initial revenue generation, and prove the future potential of Unified.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for reviewing our story.  We hope you find our mission, product, and vision compelling.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Want to join our superfan community? Sign up for a feedback session.

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