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Unlocking the potential of the microbiome with big data

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Andreessen-Backed uBiome Is Now Doing An Indiegogo Campaign To Check Out Dental Bacteria
March 20, 2015
An analogy you could make is that uBiome is like the 23andMe for your personal microbiome. It’s a consumer product that could lay the foundation for much bigger collaborative research efforts around how the microbiome differs from person to person and what’s healthy and what’s not.
Jessica Richman's uBiome can reveal your hidden microbial machinations
November 8, 2013
"The microbiome is a cutting-edge area of research," explains uBiome cofounder Jessica Richman. "But it can also be brought to people, and people can be allowed to use it."
Startup uBiome Will Catalog Your Microbes, Again and Again
April 18, 2013
More than 2,500 participants joined the group’s indiegogo campaign, which raised more than $350,000 (the largest crowdfunded campaign for citizen science project to date, according to the company). Now, new customers can order kits ranging from $89 (“Sequence Your Gut”) to $399 (“Sequence All 5 Sites”).
uBiome project will sequence the bacteria that share our bodies
February 18, 2013
The idea that the microbiome plays a more important role in human health has gathered momentum in the past decade.A key feature is that unlike our own DNA, it is not static: we can change its composition by adding "beneficial" bacteria. The US National Institutes of Health recently completed a $115m project investigating the microbiome.
Scientists Pass The Hat For Research Funding
February 14, 2013
Jessica Richman, one of the co-founders of uBiome, says she and her colleagues chose to crowd fund their project rather than use more traditional types of fundraising because they wanted to engage the public in the project.
Citizen microbiome
February 7, 2013
uBiome has launched the first citizen science project to sequence and map the human microbiome. The San Francisco–based biotech startup, currently being incubated at the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3), is funding the project exclusively through the popular crowdfunding website
Two projects tap citizens for gut check
December 4, 2012
The bacterial zoo inside your gut could look very different if you're a vegetarian or an Atkins low-carb dieter, a couch potato or an athlete, fat or thin.
Bacteria may hold the key to reducing rates of heart disease and diabetes
November 16, 2012
The team will use cutting-edge DNA sequencing to analyze your samples and send custom bioinformatics back to you. Over time, they will store and process the data to make predictions about your health.
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