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Turant Inc.

Instant transactions using highly accurate voice identification & verification

Last Funded February 2023


raised from 74 investors


In trials in over 30 customer opportunities and 4 partners with initial revenue
Initial target SMS OTP replacement, a $75B/year TAM market
Starting business in hyper growth markets of, India, Malaysia, Indonesia & Brazil
Allows benefits of digital economy for everyone in any language and any levels of literacy
Agnostic to any spoken language and dialect, 10X price advantage
No requirement for internet or smartphone, bring billions into the digital economy

Our Team

Due to my middle class family background, I am aware of the limitations in adopting the latest products due to low familiarity with smartphones, computer and limited comfort with English language. Turant Voice biometric solutions hold the promise to bring benefits of digital economy to the unserved masses.

Our customer and partner testimonials

Turant means quick and we intend to be the verb for quick transactions with your voice

Turant uses Voice to identify and has made the process so accurate that it is being used for Password-less login and planned for automated Digital Payments and Stock brokerage.  We are starting with the high growth markets of Asia and Brazil as the growth especially in India in financial space is very high.

The Turant Voice Verification solution significantly expands the universe of authentication reach, remote and automated

We have the highest accuracy and are language independent.  This allows the solution to be used any where people use their vocal cords to speak.

The two biggest TAM are what we are targeting for direct market introduction.

SMS OTP fraud is prevalent.  Many countries are enacting laws against its continued use.  Turant has a solution for a great alternate

Very easy Operational Expense payment.  No high CapEx costs.

High traction and already  multiple partners building solutions using our APIs

Turant product - very easy to use.  One-time registration and use that sample for continued verification again and again - multiple times a day for an end-user 

Turant has developed solution for IVR (phone call), smartphone and web.  All these solutions use the patent to be filed technology running in the cloud.

Turant has developed solutions for IVR (phone call), smartphone and web. All these solutions use the patent to be filed for technology running in the cloud.

Our first customer, we are very proud of our traction.

Our first partner, who is building an amazing solution using our APIs

Some competition in the market.  None in the markets we are involved in

Our financial projections.

Our new product launch

Our new product launch details being deployed at a customer