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Invest in Trusardi Game Studios

Play our games, earn crypto and grow revenue sharing NFTs


Gamers earn crypto while playing our games.
Job tokens connect gamers with revenue sharing and NFT monetization.
First party game being developed by AAA team.
Our multiplayer game is in the highly popular and replayable team arena genre.
Our marketplace connects traders with crypto and virtual property.
Company revenue comes from virtual item sales, revenue share of NFT trades and crypto earnings.
Cross-platform and metaverse integrated SDKs for third party developers.
Our patent-pending technology will lead the world in video-game based income.

Our Team

We think gaming as income is the largest untapped market in the world. We don't want people to suffer from employment displacement from emerging technologies such as AI, self driving cars, self driving deliveries and automated shelving and checkouts.

Gaming as Income

Our goal is to turn video gaming into average income within 5 to 10 years.

Gamers match with a job token and earn crypto while they play!

Owners of job tokens grow their earnings and our economy by staking!

I had some great years making TV movies with my friends. I made many under my film name, Bobby K. Richardson.

Tech is in my bones, I spent high school as a computer administrator making web designs and my first job landed me at creating the homepage.

In 2012 I financed out of pocket and designed a video game called Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade. It gained 4 million plays and an 85% user rating.

My game, Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade was a flash game, now it can be seen in YouTube Let's Plays.

The Job Token

Owners of our job token earn crypto from playing our games. When the owner is not playing, they can lend the token to gamers and earn shares of the revenue.

Equally important is our virtual supply chain technology, which grows the value of our ecosystem using staking.

The virtual supply chain: The power seed, coin and the job token.

Our Developers

Developing our first party game is a AAA team that has worked on games for Ubisoft, Activision, Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, Capcom and Riot.

Its lead by partner Josh Cantrell and producer Samuel Carrier. Our game and earning platform is expected to launch in 2022.

Our Presence

We have over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube watching my coverage on crypto, gaming coins and NFTs. Last month our channel had over 24,000 views!

Our demographic includes investment-oriented gamers eager to buy our tokens.

Third Party Integration and Revenue Streams

Our platform is being prepared for third party integration. Our goal is that one day all video games use our job token.

We earn revenue from sales of our seed packages, skins, NFTS, rev sharing from job tokens, and residuals on trades of our NFTs.

We also have a secondary product called Passive Income Cards with over $23,000 in sales since January.

Well Positioned

As employment is displaced by emerging technologies and the crypto market grows, we are well positioned to capitalize on the demand for video gaming as work. We believe its the largest untapped market in the world with 2.7 billion gamers globally.

Growing Community

We have a strong, growing community on Discord! Join us!

*Seed token packages are the base layer of our economy and expected to be in high demand.

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