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Invest in Tradescore Pro

Crypto/Forex Trading Software that accurately tells when to buy and sell!


TradeScore Pro was officially endorsed by Spencer Iverson, former CEO of Epic Trading.
Using TradeScore Pro, our Founder qualified for over $20k in trading funds from a prop firm.
The first ever trading software with built-in alerts for major price reverses.
TradeScore Pro was specifically designed to help traders secure prop firm capital to trade.

Our Team

We care because we are all traders who have lost a lot of money simply because of what we did not know. We found our way to achieve success in the markets eventually but the headaches and financial drain were tremendous. Our products and services exist with one key goal in mind - make trading fun and profitable for EVERYONE!

What Makes TradeScore Pro So Powerful?

Hear what the former CEO of the Nation's largest Forex education training company, Epic Trading, has to say:

With TradeScore Pro, Our Founder Secured a $20,000 Funded Trading Account

This Software Delivers Extremely Accurate Buy and Sell Signals to Make Traders More Profitable

Our proprietary algorithm identifies high probability trend changes in any market through analysis of over 21 distinct data points to get traders into trades early.

Instant Real-Time Trade Validation

If you can read a traffic light, then you have every skill you need to know about the potential of your trade without ever having to independently seek validation.

No More Drawing Lines on Charts

With TradeScore Pro's exclusive data processing technology, all of the heavy lifting technical analysis is done for you in real time so you can focus on your trade.

Never Watch Charts Again!

TradeScore Pro offers an never before offered, proprietary system that will give you instant access to over 130 custom buy or sell alerts so you never miss out again!

You Don't Need Your Money! 

TradeScore Pro was developed with a "Prop Firm Challenge Mode" that will help traders get access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in trading capital.

Just Follow the Steps to Success.

You do not need to be an expert or wealthy to have a large trading account. Just follow our video trainings to help get you in the money!

Our Vision for the Future

While our flagship product, TradeScore Pro, is a pretty awesome piece of technology that we guarantee will help make any trader more efficient and profitable, our vision doesn't stop there. 

Our long term goal is to enter into the prop firm space where we can offer investors a return on capital by allowing other traders to trade with our money. The prop firm business is exploding because the mode presents great reward with very little risk to all traders needing more capital to trade with and investors wanting to put their money to work for them.

Size of the Forex Market

1. According to BIS’s 2019 triennial survey, trading in FX markets reached an incredible $6.6 trillion per day in April of 2019.

2. The worth of the entire global forex trading market is estimated to approximately $2.4 quadrillion – in other words, around $2409 trillion.

3. Global GDP in 2019 amounted to roughly 142 trillion dollars – meaning that the annual turnover of the forex market is almost 17 times larger.

4. The forex market dwarfs even the largest stock exchanges in the world – for example, Nasdaq has a daily volume that averages around $200 billion.

5. Over 170 currencies are traded on the global forex market.

6. Although it is already immense, the forex market hasn’t slowed down or become sluggish. Some forecasts, such as the one from the IMARC group, predict a compound annual growth rate of 6% in the next five years.

7. The Forex market is the largest and most liquid asset market on earth.

8. Retail Forex trading – that is to say, trading that is done by individuals, accounts for only 5.5% of the entire Forex market. Large institutions are still getting the biggest slice of the cake – thankfully, it’s an enormous cake.

9. Five businesses maintain a 40% share of the global Forex market, according to Euromoney magazine’s 41st annual FX survey released in 2019.