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SellApp: Selling digital goods online has never been easier

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🏬 3.5K+ users with 3750 listings created
πŸ“ˆ $30K in volume and 225.000 listing views - with $0 spent on marketing
πŸ’‘ YCombinator Startup School S19 & Google for Startups Campus alumnus
πŸ’Έ $200K invested, before incorporating Toffee in April 2020
🍬 URL, authoritative website real estate, and the Toffee brand name
πŸ’¨ Easiest and cheapest way to sell digital goods. Sell in minutes, instead of days
πŸ›οΈ Simplest way to purchase digital goods online. Browse, compare, and buy instantly
😷 Pandemic-Proof. Toffee is completely virtual and helps people earn an income online!

Our Founder

Trading digital goods online is a horrible experience for both sides of the trade. I have made it my mission to fix this problem. I've personally sold over 10K digital goods online along the years, and as such am thoroughly familiar with how frustrating it can be to trade digital products online. Toffee is my definitive answer to this problem. reimagines how digital goods are traded online β€” making it 100x better than before.

We've spent years rethinking how digital goods are traded online. Where this used to be a headache, Toffee has transformed it into a simple and seamless experience accessible to anyone across the globe. Think of Toffee as eBay, but exclusively built for trading digital goods.

The Problem

Trading digital goods online has always been a bad experience. Traditional marketplaces like eBay simply weren't built for trading digital products. 

Did you know that you have to pay $9.95 per digital good listed on eBay, involving dozens of complicated rules? Navigating this minefield is a draining process, so most (rightly) decide to stop selling altogether. Don't take our word for it: here's a link to their policy.

The Solution

We've completely rethought and overhauled the trade experience from the ground up. No longer do trades involve manual interactions, such as checking whether a customer made a payment or whether you did indeed send a product to a customer. Toffee automatically takes care of it. All of it.

Create unlimited stores & listings for free, have your digital products automatically sent to your customers, generate coupons which your customers can use during checkout, and do so much more... Completely free of charge!

πŸ“ˆ Growing Fast. Super Fast.

The numbers don't lie. Without a marketing budget (and a tiny team) Toffee has grown to over 3400 registered users with $30K+ worth of sales processed in the past year.

Now imagine what we'll be achieving with a marketing budget and a stellar team 🀯

πŸ’° Making Money

Toffee will have three primary revenue streams:

  • Platform Fees
  • Listing Upsells
  • Seller Subscriptions

As an example: If we process $1M in sales per month and charge a 5% platform fee per sale, we'll have $50K in gross monthly revenue from platform fees alone.

    πŸ’ͺ A Great Journey

    We have already attended YCombinator Startup School and are a member of Google for Startups Campus. What's more, Toffee has near-complete feature parity with the likes of Shopify and other known competitors, while we've also already been joined by value-add startups such as Wyre. And just to think that we have only just gotten started.

    πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Built For Everyone

    Toffee is useful for people from all walks of life. From your son wanting to buy a Xbox Live gift card, to you wanting to self-publish a fantasy novella in digital format: Toffee helps you achieve your goals.

    The ease and simplicity of creating a store on Toffee. Go from idea to having created a store in just a few minutes!

    πŸš€ Become An Investor. Join Us Now!

    This journey, to build a digital rocket ship and realize our shared vision of becoming the eBay for digital goods, has only just begun. 

    If you believe in this vision and want to be part of our success, we'd love for you to join us. Let's shake this industry up and write history.

    It's time to build!