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Tipsy Gods

Tipsy Gods is a high-class LGBT+ nightlife destination in the Austin, TX


Led by a qualified team with strong professional backgrounds in the industry.
Located in Austin-Round Rock, one of the fastest growing cities in the US.
Third most LGBTQIA+ friendly city in the US-an untapped market with high growth potential.
A fresh take on a high-class nightlife destination transporting patrons to ancient Grecian times.

Our Founder

We feel the LGBTQIA+ community is underserved in Austin. As Austin becomes more developed, many residents are moving to the suburbs which does not have a LGBT+ nightlife destination. We feel that putting a LGBT+ nightclub in Austin-Round Rock, will satisfy the growing market.

Tipsy Gods-A Bar Fit for the Gods

"At the age of 17, after the summer was over, I decided to join the military where I became a military police officer in the national guard, focusing on becoming a better and more effective leader. When I graduated high school and finished my military training, I decided to go backpacking in Europe as a way of experiencing the world.

While in Europe, I worked as a bar back and bartender at every opportunity given to me, learning the tricks of the trade. While overseas, it was the first time I had openly identified with the LGBTQIA+ community. After working at a popular hostel called The Yellow, it helped me realize that one of my ambitions was to open a new kind of bar. Thus, the concept of Tipsy Gods was born."

-Adryan Brown (Founder)

Austin, Texas is known as one of the LGBTQIA+ friendliest cities but only has seven bars that identify as LGBTQ+, which are primarily located downtown. As Austin becomes more developed, many residents are moving to the suburbs which currently do not have a LGBTQIA+ nightlife destination.

Tipsy Gods will be the solution to the under-representation of LGBTQ+ spaces in the communities of Austin, Texas.

The Concept 

Tipsy Gods is an up-scale bar concept and premium event space located in north Austin that transports patrons to ancient Grecian times, while providing an affordable world-class experience through entertainment consisting of music, dancing, drag shows, monthly contests, flair bartending and more. 

Tipsy Gods is designed to transition seamlessly from a daily lunch spot to a festive evening and weekend destination. It will also serve as a high-end venue for corporate and private events.

The Environment

Step into Tipsy Gods and you'll be transported to ancient Grecian times, complete with traditional pillars, statues of gods, themed artwork and staff in themed attire. Tipsy Gods will feature a stage and state of the art sound and light system for live shows. In addition, Tipsy Gods will be located in a freestanding building with a rooftop patio, and a big backyard for activities.

    The Menu

    Tipsy Gods' drink offering will be its main attraction, with a big emphasis on an exciting and revolutionary cocktail menu. The bar will also include extensive wine and beer menus with over 30 beers on tap. We will also create a unique experience with our fresh take on Mediterranean food with a Texas twist. 

      Brand Positioning - The Niche

      Tipsy Gods positions itself as Austin’s alternative high-class nightlife destination for the LGBTQIA+ community. Our point of differentiation is that we are not solely a megaclub, but a close-knit community of allies which serve our local LGBTQIA+ community in the Austin and Round Rock areas.

      The Setting - Why Austin/Round Rock, TX?

      The Austin-Round Rock area has been the fastest-growing population in the United States for the last 8 years, experiencing a 22.5% change in population from 2010 to 2017. Round Rock has also been named as the #5 best city in America to buy a house. It’s with this population growth that we decided to open a venue in the Round Rock area, so it does not immediately compete with the downtown gay bars, but also provides one of the only LGBTQ+ nightlife solutions in the Austin-Round Rock suburbs.

      Our Community

      At Tipsy Gods, everyone is welcome regardless of sexual identity, race, gender, age, or political affiliation. We value our patrons and we prioritize them so they feel like family. 

      Our goal is to provide exceptional service through strong community ties, and we aspire to be a strong charitable partner with the local LGBTQIA+ community.

      We will sponsor local LGBTQIA+ sports teams, mentorship programs for at-risk youth, and will remain steadfast in providing a safe place, community meeting center, and entertainment options to the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond.

      Revenue Streams

      Our main revenue streams will be:

      • Food & Beverage Sales
      • Admission charges for special events
      • Private Event Rentals

      Revenue Sharing Summary

      Bonus Rewards