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Revolutionizing the hospitality and travel industry through cashless tipping!



raised from 47 investors
 $10M  $9M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $9M valuation cap and 20% discount
Founding Partner, AvroKO
TipBrightly has not only created an incredibly unique cashless tipping solution for hoteliers and for guests, they are financially empowering tipped service workers in revolutionary new ways. We have all been there: looking for cash in our wallets to leave a tip before dashing out the door of a hotel room... and coming up short. Our cashless new economy is affecting service workers globally as a gap has been left specifically for hotel workers who relied on cash tips prior. This new technology seamlessly allows guests to scan a QR code and leave a tip for the exact person who has cleaned the room that day. This not only quickly allows us to show appreciation for staff but to leave any notes on our experience, without apps or complicated work steps. Elle and her team have a deep well of personal experience and drive and have also been converting some of the biggest hotel names in the hospitality business into customers. As an individual who has worked with these hotels for over 20 years I can vouch for both the significant industry need for TipBrightly and the superior quality of their technology to service those needs.


TipBrightly is helping millions of tipped staff recover billions of dollar in lost tips.
Now anyone can leave a tip by scanning a QR code with their phone. No mobile app required!
We're on track X for dollars in 3 years.
We're in Canada! Thanks to Collective Arts Brewing and their doorstep delivery drivers!
Thank you Emily Goldfischer, founder of hertelier a

Our Team

Growing up, tips mattered to me, my sister, and brother. We always knew when Mom earned a tip because she’d take us for a special treat. When I was traveling, I didn’t have cash. As a social scientist, I saw that this would have a disproportionate impact on tipped wage workers. I wanted to solve this problem for women, like my mom.