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Enhancing local food systems with regenerative agriculture



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12% of revenue  2.5X  3.0X payback multiple Revenue Share Loan
$300, $1.8K, $3.6K, $10K, $30K, $60K, $100K
We are very proud to invest in the future of agriculture in Arizona. Current agriculture wastes water and degrades soil. We believe that Michael and Kendyl have the vision and ability to help get new people to do regenerative farming so we can have a sustainable locally sourced food economy. We are investing in total $100,000 in a 50/50 split between this Reg CF crowd funding raise through Wefunder, and Thrive and Grow Farms' separate Reg D convertible notes available only to accredited investors.


Created a model for locally sourced food that relies on regenerative agriculture.
Teaching agricultural methods that conserve resources creating climate smart commodities.
Great startup traction including 580% increase in produce sales in one year.
Redistributing wealth from a destructive farming model to a regenerative one.
Niche real estate development creating turnkey farm businesses that enhance food security.
Developing multiple brands that support local food systems with regenerative foods
Reducing food waste and increasing profits for local farmers by providing reliable sales outlets.
Provide a pathway to success for regenerative farming entrepreneurs.

Our Team

Thrive and Grow Farms has created a business model that enhances local sustainable food systems through the rapid development of new regenerative farms and a support structure for existing farmers.

Thrive and Grow Farms was officially formed in February of 2020, but its roots began with its sister company Thrive and Grow Gardens 9 years ago.

Our founder, Michael Ismail started Thrive and Grow Gardens because he wanted to help people to become more successful at growing food in their landscapes. From these aspirations a brand emerged that would encompass a robust education program of videos, guides, classes, and its own unique product line of exceptional raised garden bed solutions as well as a patent pending water saving irrigation device.

Where we stand today:

Creating Thrive and Grow Gardens was a valuable undertaking that helped us to develop a set of skills and expertise in moving from just a concept for a product or service, through each phase of development, and successfully taking it to market. This became a replicable model that could later be applied towards commercial agriculture.

The same inspirations that drove Michael to form a business that teaches people to grow food on a small scale began percolating into a greater purpose of having an impact on our overall food systems.

In order to be sustainable, the future of agriculture is dependent upon the formation of regenerative farms. We know the formula for enabling people to successfully implement regenerative agricultural practices so in 2019 we began the process of starting Thrive and Grow Farms whose model serves this purpose.

If you don't know what regenerative agriculture is and why it is important, watch this short video:

The problem is that regenerative agricultural land makes up only 10% of total farmland while the rest carries with it destructive consequences.

The solution is simple. We need more regenerative farms and support structures to help farmers to be successful.

Becoming a successful farming entrepreneur requires skills and knowledge in agriculture, land development, business management, as well as marketing and sales. Our business model supports farmers in these following ways to ensure their success.

These 4 areas of Thrive and Grow Farms are well formed and ready for an infusion of capital in order to fully mature.

We are raising $685,000 from investors through this reg CF fundraise. Through this platform you can invest through a revenue share debt instrument where you will be repaid over time a multiple of your investment as a quarterly percentage of revenue.

Are you an accredit investor? We are also raising $500,000 separately as convertible notes only available to accredited investors. If you are an accredited investor and are interested in our REG D fundraise, please contact us.

Here is the outcome we are expecting by making this capital investment into Thrive and Grow Farms:

Demonstration Farm:

Our farm demonstrates sustainable agricultural practices and mindful land development.

Here, we grow food for our community and have created a place of learning for consumers and aspiring farming entrepreneurs. The revenue model for our farm includes food production, tours, and overnight stays.

Enjoy a special glimpse of our demonstration farm in this short video!

2 Year Projected Financial Impact from Seed Round Funding*:

ARR (Annual recurring revenue) = $534,000

Asset Value = $595,000

*forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Meaningful Impact from Seed Round Funding: opportunities for consumers and farmers that will lead to a wider implementation of land conservation methods and the production and consumption of more climate smart commodities.

Land Development and our Turnkey farm program:

People can purchase one of our turnkey farming operations, a fast pass to becoming an agricultural producer.

Guides and manuals: Like any business, a fully developed business plan is key to success. This is especially the case with a farming business where a vast array of procedures are involved in producing an agricultural crop and taking it to market. We have developed valuable intellectual property in the form of guides and procedures manuals which can be easily adopted by farmers both in purchasing farms we have developed as well as starting their own.

Farm model testing: Once we finished developing our turnkey farm model guides, Tommie then applied our program on his own land. He began with our base turnkey farm model of 1/4 acre with an expansion opportunity up to 1/2 acre. As of December 2022, Tommie has been farming using this model for 1 year. Tommie worked the program and gathered meticulous data.

The results are in! Yields and profitability are more than 2-fold higher than our conservative projections. Continuing to farm just the 1/4 acre, Tommie will be in the black and have recuperated all of his startup costs including labor, materials, equipment, and even a $35,000 well in just 1.8 years! An incredible ROE (return on equity)!

Here is the one-year testimonial video at Moonlighter Farm!

We have created a proven replicable system that paves the way for small farming entrepreneurs to live their dream of making a great living farming their land. We are now ready to apply this model to our turnkey real estate and farm business development program!

Bringing it all together with our turnkey farm development program

Our turnkey farms create value through real estate and farm business development.

We will be taking these 32 acres of raw land and turning it into 4 individual farms with infrastructure such as utilities, roads, home sites, and farming areas. Upon completion these properties will be actively producing and selling food through our network and for our value-added agricultural products.

2 Year Projected Financial Impact from Seed Round Funding*:

ARR (annually recurring revenue) Includes turnkey farm business with land sales developing and selling 4 small farm/homestead per year and DIY startup program sales. Averaging yearly turnkey farm sales into a monthly ARR = $1,020,000

*forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Meaningful Impact from Seed Round Funding: The first 4 new turnkey farm businesses being run and operated by new owners growing regenerative food for their community. Also, a guided DIY new farm startup program being implemented throughout the region dramatically increasing the amount of farmland.

Produce sales support:

One of the most challenging components of running a farming business is marketing and selling the produce that you grow. We support farmers in two major ways to help them over this hurdle which can lead to higher profits and less food waste. Generating security for small regenerative agricultural producers is the key to a sustainable food system.

  1. Distribution channels: We have formed partnerships with key producer distributors, restaurants, and markets in our region. By connecting the farmers we support to those sales outlets, we provide a valuable service to both sides of the food system. For the various distributors and end users, having a reliable supply of local foods makes it easier for them to commit to purchasing local. The benefits to the farmer are obvious; security, and higher profits.
  2. Value Added Agricultural Products: We give farmers a reliable outlet to sell the produce they grow with our value-added agricultural product line of fresh and freeze-dried packaged food products.

In this short video Michael discusses our experience and the solutions that will lead to greater security for small local producers.

Our local partners are ready to help us distribute our new value-added agricultural products and we have farms on board, ready to provide produce to us. Use of funds for this part of the business will include equipment, staff, and plant-based packaging to begin selling these agricultural products.

"It's about time for food manufacturers to prioritize the use of local produce with this zero-waste food model." -Michael Ismail

2 Year Projected Financial Impact from Seed Round Funding*:

MRR (monthly recurring revenue) Value added agricultural product sales. MRR = $16,600

*forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Meaningful Impact from Seed Round Funding: Establish freeze dried food processing brand that gives small regenerative agricultural producers a reliable outlet to get their food to market. Eliminates food waste and increases profits for small farmers.

Thrive Smart TM Technologies:

Our mission to grow food sustainably can be furthered through the use of technology. As forward thinkers, we know that as we develop operations that can be replicated by other farmers, we have an opportunity to develop technological innovations that can produce better results using fewer resources and at higher profit margins. The nuance of the process of growing agricultural crops is often referred to as an art, but great results is a science that can be replicated through smart ag technologies.

Projected Financial Impact: Unknown, potential future IPO with minimal upfront investment during seed round*.

*forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Meaningful Impact from Seed Round Funding: Giving small farming producers the same technological advantages currently only affordable by large scale producers.

Recapping our revenue model and the impact of seed round investment:

As you can see these investments into Thrive and Grow Farms will further establish our business model and can lead to significant growth.

During our bootstrap phase, we developed a business that is poised for growth. Here's a summary of our accomplishments to date:

  • Traction in sales
  • Proven market demand
  • Increased real estate values through development
  • Created valuable intellectual property
  • Proved our turnkey farm program to be the fast path to a profitable farming business
  • Established a well-formed business plan outlying our path forward
  • Developed a framework for Thrive Smart TM technologies with massive market potential

To better understand our business and our capabilities, take a look at what we have accomplished.

Demonstration farm:

If you are interested in permaculture and rainwater collection, check out this great video Michael captured showing our excavating work in action!

Farm business support services:

With our neural network framework built, we now know what it will take to gather data that can then be used by the network to optimize our grow facilities. Quality data is incredibly valuable. We foresee multiple operations feeding data into our network providing opportunities to improve yields, quality, and profits in our operations and those of our partners. The development and distribution of Thrive Smart TM technologies will give even small farming producers the advantages that previously would have been unobtainable due to the cost of development.

Team development and mentorship:

One of the most significant litmus test for our business and plans for expansion has in our ability to build a team of passionate individuals who want to spend their time and energy moving forward our mission. Additionally, it is been through the reflections of our mentors, friends and family that we have been able to see this process to the point where we are ready to bring on investors. Special thanks to Startup Tucson for the support and guidance they have provided, and also to our mentor Kent Adams whose vast experience in our field has yielded invaluable guidance, reflections, and insights that we would have been hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Here is an interview with Kent Adams and Michael Ismail as we near the launch of our campaign.

The Future of Thrive and Grow Farms

Upon completion of this current round of fundings goals, we expect to have a strong foundation of assets and revenue to propel us into our next round of business expansion that will broaden our impact.

Sustainable farm and home subdivisions: The natural extension of all of the individual farm/homestead land and business development we are doing will be to begin applying our model to housing subdivisions. We are most interested in creating housing subdivisions that follow our land conservation standards, working with the land instead of completely clearing it of all-natural flora and habitat. We also seek to build smaller naturally built sustainable homes and of course, integrated into these subdivisions, a regenerative farm providing food to its immediate community and beyond.

Thrive Smart TM technologies: We believe there are significant opportunities with the further development of Thrive Smart TM technologies which will also be heavily integrated into enclosed environment agricultural projects like the following:

Shopping Center Remediation:

Urban areas have vacant retail space that should be transformed into agricultural centers that can serve as large grow spaces for enclosed environment agricultural crops as well as processing and distribution centers to further serve the local farming community. Here's a glimpse of what that might look like using an example of a long vacant space in Tucson AZ.

Just imagine how much one repurposed vacant shopping center can do to save water, produce energy, and feed our community. We are proposing this as a solution that can be replicated across the country.

People, Profits, Planet

The bottom line is our commitment to doing our part to make the world a better place. We are in business to make a profit, but in so doing, our business can reshape the standard modern agricultural model into one that leans on regenerative agriculture as a means to heal our environment, while providing a sustainable and secure food system.

We hope that you share our vision that good business and being a good corporate citizen go hand-in-hand. Thanks for your interest in Thrive and Grow Farms. We hope you join our team!