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The Dropout

A sexy reimagining of “The Graduate” told from a female point of view.

Pitch Video
Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Jeff and Terri interviewed The Dropout on May 20, 2021. Play Video
Jeff Annison
Cofounder of Legion M and the Emmy winning MobiTV.
Terri Lubaroff
Head of Content Acquisition at Legion M and former COO of Meltdown; writer, entertainment lawyer, lover of ice cream, moving stories and terrific ideas.
says, "The concept for the feature film THE DROPOUT is a smart, commercial idea that seems well poised for financial ROI due to a responsibly developed budget and passionate production team."
says, "Love the premise, love the philosophy of having a nice, contained script and a budget that gives you a shot at success."
says, "When considering making a film investment, take a careful look at the concept, the team, the finance structure, and the budget... compare that to other similar films to help determine whether it's possible to achieve ROI. When considering producing a film, be mindful of your budget in relation to the marketplace for your genre, production value and cast. A good producer can achieve a net positive result for their investors by carefully crafting their strategy for the film's sale prior to production."
says, "Look for ways to get your shareholders involved. The more opportunities you provide for them to get involved, the more emotionally invested they will be, and the more they will contribute to the film's success. It's a virtuous cycle."

What Investors Say

Invested $2,500 this round
I am excited and humbled to be the Lead Investor for this project. There are many films that have raised money through crowdfunding, enough so that it has become clear what the successful ones have shared. This project has all of those qualities, including a strong well-received script; a highly unique and compelling idea, but one that has a some underlying themes that people love in movies; a well thought-out plan that is based on substantial industry knowledge; and a great start as far as the cast (Davi Santos is quite talented and has a strong social media presence). But beyond checklists, let me tell you about Tyrrell and Meryl who I've now met with twice. Their talent and energy jump out right away, and then you quickly get a sense of how focused and appreciative they are - I have no doubt that they're going to be incredibly motivated to make our investments worthwhile. By the way, they are also really fun and funny, two vital ingredients that I think will be often mentioned by critics and audiences as hallmarks of this film. These two women are going to be heard from in the industry, and I think we'll all be proud to have been a part of one of their first major works!

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UCLA MFA alumna and film director, Tyrrell Shaffner, attended the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, with her writing partner, Meryl Branch-McTiernan, in hopes of gate crashing one of Hollywood's most well-connected events. Tyrrell and Meryl (both names rhyme with feral) infiltrated the festival's opening weekend armed with look books for their sex-positive feature film in development, 'The Dropout".
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