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đŸŽ¶An interactive live-streaming app for partygoers to discover DJs & clubsđŸ•ș


✊🏿 Selected as one of the Top Black-Owned Tech Companies to Invest in For 2021 by
🐐 Advisory board led by N.W.A's OG Arabian Prince
🚀 Launched app Sept 2020 and have 2.5k+ DJ's on the platform. 📈$4.5k+ Revenue during MVP
💰 Supported by organizations such as Mark Cuban Companies, Hennessy, Goodie Nation, and more
đŸ”„ Established relationships with top hip-hop names like Shady Records, Bone Thugs, & Mannie Fresh
đŸ€Ż Hosts successful DJ podcast w/ over 100 episodes, 2K Downloads in under 3 months

Our Team

DJs are livestreaming with millions of viewers, but aren't earning revenue on current platforms

🔑Key Take-Away🙌:

TheClub is an interactive live-streaming app for partygoers to find and enjoy DJs and parties. We create hybrid (virtual + in-person) parties to help DJs better engage and monetize their audiences.  We have a current DJ userbase of over 2.5k DJs and growing and have generated over $4.5k of revenue from our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launched in late September 2020 🚀

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Our founder Darrel was introduced to DJ live streaming after hosting a virtual prom on Instagram Live with his previous startup, PromSocial where he worked with the NotOKapp and DJ Jazzy Jeff as the DJ for the event. The virtual prom was such a huge success, even Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, donated $45K toward the event. At that moment, Darrel knew that DJ needed their own platform.

In June of 2020 Darrel started working on TheClub, obsessing over how to improve every aspect of the virtual party experience. He quickly got to work and launched the first version of TheClub in September of 2020. Within the first month of launch on Google Play and Apple App Store, TheClub had over 1,500 DJs sign up and generated over $1,000 in in-app purchases.

So what is our product?...

We help DJs livestream themselves at nightclubs to better engage and monetize their audiences. The DJs play their livestream through TV screens at various venues and we make it seamless for Partygoers to tip the DJ, interact with other partygoers, and make purchases from the nightclub using their mobile devices. Our company captures 20% of all transactions that occur through our app.

Our app provides a freemium model that allows DJ and nightclubs to grow their businesses with an option to upgrade to premium subscriptions for more monetization tools.

Our Market

We serve two markets: B2B SaaS & Social Media

SaaS for Entertainers ($120 ARPU) & Venues ($5K ARPU):
$55B TAM - 420 Million Entertainers Worldwide, 1 Million Venues Worldwide
$2.8B SAM - 6.34 Million DJs Worldwide, 400K Clubs Worldwide
$415M SOM
- 1 Million DJs USA, 59K Clubs USA

Social Media for Party Goers ($35 ARPU):
$105B TAM
- 3 Billion Smartphone Users Worldwide
$17.5B SAM - 500 Million Nightclub Attendees Worldwide
$1.7B SOM
- 50 Million Nightclub Attendees USA

We are building specifically for DJs, Partygoers, and Nightclubs 🔊 

đŸ„‡We are the first mover in this space and are creating a category that our innovative business model is built to dominate.

Over the last year, DJs have sought out livestreaming platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, Mixcloud, and so many others. None of these platforms cater to DJs and their audiences. We are building a platform that DJs, partygoers, and nightclubs love to use because it is built specifically for them.

Use of Funds

If we reach our goal of $50K, the money will go towards product development. We will add features DJs have requested over the past 6 months. These features include RTMP Streaming so DJs can stream using OBS and other streaming software, Social Features like Following and Private Messaging so DJs can grow their audience and build community on TheClub app, and a revamp of our tipping feature so DJs can earn more while streaming.

If we exceed our goal:

  • $75K+ - Further development of MVP to get to a marketable product
  • $125K+ - Go To Market on Sales & Marketing
  • $50K+ - Administrative Costs such as Legal, Accounting, & Staffing

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