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Invest in The Studio Creative Group

Creative Co-Working Film and Photo Studios

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Innovative Creative Co-Working Studio Concept profitable at less than 25% capacity.
Established and Regional Emmy Award-winning team already producing content for worldwide brands
4 companion high margin (35%+ EBITDA projected) revenue streams under one roof.
More than $2 Billion in total annual film revenue in the state of Florida last year alone
High net-margin (25%+ projected) industry with hundreds of established clients

Our Team

We are, first and foremost, a team of creatives with a real passion for storytelling. We understand the industry on scales both large and small because we've worked on productions of all sizes. We know what it's like to be photographers and videographers working out of the back of a car, because that's where we started!

The Studio Creative Group Story

Imagery that Moves Audiences

We founded The Studio Creative Group with the mission of creating the highest quality content possible, while keeping our rates reasonable and our audiences engaged.

A Commercial Film & Photography Studio

We started small. Our founder, Joey Maxwell, was already a Telly Award winning Cinematographer and Director, but was working as a freelancer or someone's employee. When his family expanded, the Studio Creative Group was born right alongside his daughter.  

On-Location - Period Based Film- 2019

Soon, Joey got busier than he could handle on his own, and had no choice but to grow the team. This lead to the founding of the Studio Creative Group, with the emphasis on "group", as Joey realized he did his absolute best work when collaborating and working with like-minded creatives.

Inside The Studio - Hanes Brands Commercial - 2019

Raising the Bar

Once word got out about the amazing work The Studio Creative Group was producing, brands from around the world starting reaching out, and the Studio produced content for the likes of Hanes Brands Intl., Bras N Things, LEGOand more. Commercial business was booming. 

At the same time, other video producers in the area started to take notice, reaching out to partner with The Studio on their theatrical film productions. Now, in addition to producing our own theatrical content, The Studio Creative Group serves as consultants and partners for independent filmmakers on everything from filming to editing, color grading to audio mixing & mastering. 

Our recent work even has earned us a Suncoast Regional Emmy Award!

We're Not Alone

Business is booming! Florida alone brought in more than 2 billion dollars in production work in 2019, including blockbuster shows like, "The Right Stuff," and "David Makes Man," both of which were produced within an hour of our location in DeLand, FL. 

The Problem

“There’s all those planes in the air – with content – and they need places to land. There’s not enough stages in the world for Netflix alone right now.”

Dan Rosenfelt, President - Third Rail Studios, Atlanta, GA

01   A recent study showed there are not enough sound stages in the world to handle the production schedule of Netflix alone, much less all of the other streaming services, studio, and independent productions taking place. We all know that LA is the heart of movie making, but the sound stages in LA are booked at more than 97% capacity on average, and productions are struggling to find available stages around the US.

02   For freelance creatives, the cost to own and operate a physical studio is simply too high. These talented freelancers are relegated to the sidelines, taking family photos in parks and making short films in their living rooms, instead of sharing their stories with the world!

03    Small businesses, independent filmmakers, freelance photographers, educators, etc. all have a need for professional photo and video as the world consumes more and more content. Unfortunately, that equipment is prohibitively expensive to own and operate, often reaching into the 10s of thousands.

04   Several global forces (COVID-19 Pandemic, Streaming Media, Gaming and E-Sports, etc.) are converging to drive content consumption at a higher rate than at anytime in history. With so much noise in a crowded online space, it is more critical than ever that original content be fresh, creative, and high-quality. There simply are not enough production companies to handle all of the work!

The Solutions

The Studio Creative Group's new 10,0000 square foot facility has been designed to solve all of those problems and more!

01   SOUND STAGE - The all new sound stage will support not only our own productions, but will also be available to rent to other large scale production companies. "Not enough sound stages in the world," remember? 

02   STUDIOS - We have developed a Creative Co-Working Membership Model that gives members access to dedicated photo/ video/ and audio studios, a self-service editing PC lab, professional gear, and professional assistants. Memberships also include discounts on value added products and services, workshops and learning opportunities, and a vibrant creative community.

03   EQUIPMENT - Our rental program will stock everything needed for large scale productions and freelancers alike. From a 3-Ton Grip Truck package, to photography strobes, cinema cameras to DSLRs, we'll have the tools that creatives need to produce great content.

04   PRODUCTION COMPANY - Our established production company will expand our capability and service offerings. With our new facilities, equipment, and staff, we will be able to offer high-level production and post-production to post-production to media, content producers and brands around the world.

Don't just invest in a movie, invest in a studio that creates them!

As a production company, we not only provide commercial film services to clients around the world, but also produce award winning films! Most recently, our short film, Coming Home, has been screened in numerous film festivals, including the prestigious NFMLA, hosted by the Academy, and is now available on Amazon Prime.

Our very own Kevin A Kimball wrote and directed this powerful film about his experience returning home from a long deployment with the US Air Force.

We currently have multiple short and feature films in various stages of development, and have two episodic properties in post-production that will be presented to the major streaming services for distribution later this spring. 

Key Metrics

We have modeled our revenues conservatively, beginning with Year 1 at an average Capability Factor of only 20% across nearly all revenue streams, with modest growth year over year thereafter. These revenue projections cannot be guaranteed.

These profitability projections cannot be guaranteed.

The Pricing Model

Photo/ Video Subscriptions

Use of Funds


The Next Round

As a SAFE Investor, we know that your biggest question is "What does the next cash round look like, and when will it occur?"

Our plan and offering is built around a Series A round occurring somewhere between years 3 & 5. As a matter of fact, our SAFE Valuation Cap is actually built around a conservative projected valuation at year 3, although the exact valuation cannot be guaranteed. 

We plan to use our future Series A round to capitalize additional facilities around the southern US. We see this model as being repeatable in creative communities around the US, and understand that within 3 to 5 years, we should have the systems, processes, and procedures in place to begin the hard work of capitalizing that expansion. We have relationships with multiple large scale media firms and VCs with experience in the industry, and plan to leverage those relationships as we scale The Studio into a multiple location business model. The exact timing of a future round, if it happens at all, cannot be guaranteed.

Thank You!

From the entire team at The Studio Creative Group, thank you for taking the time to explore this opportunity with us. Please reach out with any questions. We're always available to chat. We look forward to welcoming you to the "Group!" 

The Studio Creative Group Lead Crew
"The Studio Creative Group is an exceptional business that creates top-of-the-line videos. They have produced numerous commercials for the Athens Theatre (running both online and on television), generating notable increased ticket sales. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the videos they produce are of the finest quality. I would recommend them to anyone."

Alexa Baldwin | Athens Theatre | Marketing Director

"The Studio Creative Group is the best combination of professional filmmaking and creativity with great ideas to bring your vision to life, and the nicest people you'll ever meet. Their attention to detail is unmatched, and they helped me refine my ideas without taking over the creative process completely. They made me feel less nervous in front of the camera and excited about each project. At The Studio Creative Group, they genuinely care about you, about your project, and the best part is - once they edited, I felt like it was perfect... exactly what I wanted and wasn't even able to put into words. They get it."

Chelsea Conard | Bodhi & Sol | Owner