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ORIGINAL, Thrilling Space Mystery to become the Next Biggest Genre Film


ORIGINAL Story & World made for the Theater
Experienced & Talented Team in Place
Worldwide Distributor Attached
Industry Access to bankable talent and top service providers and vendors
Risk Mitigation through Pre-sales and state tax credits

Our Team

We wanted to transport the audience to a grand, original science fiction world not only because it is fun, but to tell a story that builds upon all other great stories in this genre. We use this new world to tell a thrilling and allegorical story of personal and human transformation.


Join us in creating the next original Sci-Fi film set in space to capture the hearts of genre fans and an audience returning to the theaters! With 106 sequels to come out, there is a hunger for original genre IP,  making THE DEMETER an attractive project. Because of  the strength of the story THE DEMETER already has worldwide distribution and has attracted a rockstar team consisting of three producers with over 20 years experience each, a visionary director, an industry honored director of photography, a world class sound design team, an up and coming composer, and a talented design team already completing preliminary design work. The Demeter is on schedule to go into go into production THIS FALL. 

More about the Team and Behind the Scenes Below..

Fueled by thrilling H.P. Lovecraft and “Alien” elements, THE DEMETER will resurrect nostalgia for devoted sci-fi fandom communities and will build upon the genre by incorporating mystery and storytelling methods used by Christopher Nolan such as non-chronological storytelling and universal storytelling involving a complex protagonist with deep internal struggles who must battle a troubling scenario while transforming from within to overcome the problem. Through a universal story and attaching two recognizable and loved leads THE DEMETER will attract a broader audience in the way the Star Wars saga did.

"It's like MEMENTO in Space" - Gianna Velasquez 

.                               Synopsis available to prospective investors upon request.

It is the Director's Intent to:

Innovate by building an Immersive Set that will create superior visuals and performances. 

Build Models and use practical FX over Digital FX to create a classic, authentic, superior aesthetic.

Work with Composer Jonas Wikstrand to create a MEMORABLE Organic Score

Behind the Scenes: Musical Score, Test Model Building, 1st Camera Test, and Conversation between Director and Director of Photography


To Innovate Entertainment by using our immersive set pieces to create an ancillary immersive experience for THE DEMETER. We believe in the theatrical experience, but we also believe it needs to be innovated. We will also employ experiential marketing to promote the film. *This is a separate business plan, inquire if interested.

"A wild goose chase with hardly a dull moment in sight, one that favors originality over formula, and that manages to surprise throughout." -Review of "Hyde"

"Hyde" Trailer

Metamorphosis Experiential is partnering with Archstone Productions & Distribution to produce and distribute THE DEMETER worldwide. Archstone is a distribution and sales company focused on delivering high quality theatrical films to the world-wide audience. Archstone Entertainment’s library contains more than 200 titles. Archstone has a worldwide output deal with Sony Pictures to handle all home entertainment and ancillary rights. Archstone is currently acquiring 20 to 25 films a year to fill their pipeline. 

Archstone has long term strategic partnerships, relationships and alliances with some of the industry’s top service providers and vendors, allowing for streamlined access to any production need.

Through Archstone Distribution, THE DEMETER has access to top bankable name talent, and access to pre-sale foreign markets. THE DEMETER, with named talent attached, is expected to pre-sell for the full budget.

In the case that the film does not pre-sell as expected, the film will also qualify for the Georgia State tax credit of 30% and the Savannah tax credit of $100,000. These tax credits can be monetized in the case gap funding is needed to complete funding for the film.

The primary distribution goal for THE DEMETER is a Worldwide theatrical release, which has the most significant impact on the film’s ability to maximize its potential for profits in other markets. DVD/Blu-ray/VOD release would follow the theatrical window. Alternatively, a PVOD release will be the secondary option followed by a sale to a streaming network. Ancillary innovative forms of entertainment are being developed to take advantage of the success of the original world.

The Demeter is seeking investment for a Development period to attach talent, pre-sell the film, retain the team through preliminary design work, and make arrangements for pre-production. Attaching our leads is our priority to solidify the schedule and Archstone Distribution is ready to approach our desired talent when the talent retainers are raised. The Demeter’s team is already at work on preliminary design work.  After solidifying the schedule we will  immediately focus on ordering construction and wardrobe materials that will take long to ship, and reserving sound stages.

To show our Development Investors appreciation for backing us we have put together an exceptional offer. This offer is possible because the Development budget is built into the complete budget.

Investor receives a special "Thank You" with Investor’s name in the credits of the Picture.

The first 450 investors receive a limited edition piece of concept art autographed by director. + Previous Perk

Investor receives access to exclusive members only video footage and updates during development and production of Picture. + Previous Perks.

First 50 investors get an exclusive behind the scenes photo signed by both leads. + Previous Perks.

Investor receives exclusive virtual backstage pass to behind the scenes live streaming sessions on set.+ Previous Perks.

First 20 investors get an exclusive virtual group Q & A with cast & crew. + Previous Perks.

First 50 investors receives an invitation to be an extra crew member on board The Demeter and keep their name tape from wardrobe. Travel and accommodation not included. + Previous Perks.

First 2 investors receive an Associate Producer Credit for the picture. + Previous Perks.

Investors receive invitations for two to the Cast and Crew Screening of the Picture and an Executive Producer Credit. + Previous Perks.

We hope this exceptional deal will encourage investors to get excited about the project and it’s momentum as the rest of the team is. We are ready to go all we need is you.


In addition to the major worldwide theatrical release, THE DEMETER will be four walled in a number of mom and pop theaters.


It is a Mission of Metamorphosis Experiential to support veterans by incorporating veterans both in front of and behind the camera. Dallas Burgess, veteran turned filmmaker and Directer of "The Demeter", believes in the mutual benefit that both films and veterans gain from a production. Veterans used in front of the camera need little physical training and move and perform authentically because of their years of military experience. Veterans behind the camera benefit the production because the production structure is based off of military hierarchy and chains of command so they take to the system very quickly. Working on a production in turn benefits veterans by giving them a mission driven purpose that uses their expert skillsets. Films can even be a way for healing for some Veterans.  The Demeter has veterans on the team both in front of and behind the camera including so far: Co-writer Ian Neligh, Producer Benjamin Sachs, Director Dallas Burgess, Actor Rudy Reyes, and Modeler Jake Mammen.

"The Demeter" will commit 5% of what is raised for Pre-Pre-Production to the non-profit Force Blue. (not taken out of investment returns)

FORCE BLUE: By uniting the community of Special Operations veterans with the world of marine science and conservation in one, mission-focused program, FORCE BLUE has created a model of caring, cooperation and positive change with the power to restore lives and restore the planet.