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The managed marketplace for on-demand IT Field Engineers 🧑‍💻


💰 $1.2m+ raised from friends and family in pre-seed.
$1.1 Million in revenue from 7 customers in Q1 2019 - Q1 2020 📈 (10+ LOI upon our funding round)
👩‍🔧 Growing demand in a $1.6T US IT Market with first-mover advantage.

Our Founder

🧑‍🔧 We are contingent labor, on-demand platform for the support and maintenance of IT infrastructure. 💻

🙌Key Take-Away🤯:

Techadox’s contingent labor system was launched to fill a gap in the industry that makes it
difficult for many enterprise clients to leverage an on-demand, variable workforce. We now offer a proprietary contingent labor management service, which includes logistics support, managed services, and laborer verification. This system centers around the unification of people, parts, and logistics in order to achieve superior results. The most important deliverable we can provide for enterprise-level clients is peace of mind.

Vibert Alli, Ph.D., is on a mission to bring IT Managers a new tech-centric work environment that is not difficult to manage. Techadox provides a centralized platform for IT professionals that can be accessed on-demand. This affects any company with a large number of IT assets dispersed over a wide geographic range and has revenue of $1.1m to date.

Techadox is an on-demand contingent labor platform for the support and maintenance of IT infrastructure, offering a unique Full Service managed labor solution in addition to a Self-Service model.

The problem in the current market is providing a centralized platform for IT professionals that can be accessed on-demand. This affects any company with a large number of IT assets dispersed over a wide geographic range. The idea of on-demand IT professionals has become very valuable and important due to remote working becoming the norm. Organizations need an alternative to their normal in-house teams, that are more adaptable to the new normal. 

🤖 On-demand IT Managers and service that is unparalleled

 In order to provide streamlined services, our network of experienced technicians is what powers Techadox’s on-demand labor marketplace for IT services. Our team is a highly engaged, committed group of executives and staff that each brings 15-30+ years of
experience in complementary areas of the IT service delivery ecosystem. Spanning roles in IT field service, service/help desk, global logistics, after-market services, managed services, and application development, this team delivers an incredible depth of knowledge and outstanding execution across the entire field service spectrum.

Designed with the consumer in Mind 🧠 

When developing the Techadox platform, we looked to save our users money and time while improving ticket efficiency.  At the same time guarantee that each technician is qualified for the task at hand. 

Techadox asks the users about their assignments as well as the expertise they need. The system then matches their requirements to consultants with the relevant skills and experience.

From there their technician is rapidly deployed to the client site. We coordinate the event and provide ongoing status updates throughout the open call. This allows us to resolve issues via chat, close tickets, and approve any changes with a single click via the TDX Platform.

⚙️Business Model 💸

Techadox provides IT contingent labor via two service models, Self-Service and Full Service. The pricing associated with each is based on a percentage of per-ticket revenue or engineer as well. 

Our Special Sauce 🤐

Techadox's competitive advantage can be broken down into six key elements.

  • First to market managed labor
  • SLA support & Self-Service
  • Project coordination
  • Qualified technician
  • Streamlined with KP
  • 24/7 service desk


The US IT Market sits at $1.6T US dollars, with our TAM (29% of US IT market) US Technology Industry being $464Bn. We believe...

Our platform allows users on-demand access to thousands of professional contractors that may be hired and dispatched to service a wide variety of assets within the IT infrastructure space.

OUR Team

Is rock solid! ⭐️ Superstars in the space 🧑‍🚀 


Prior to Techadox, service events were handled entirely through self-service models. By stepping into this 'new' gap, enterprises can optimize their IT spending. The growth of IT services (CAGR of 10.6% ) and the Gig economy (CAGR of 17.4%) is rapidly increasing and after years of extensive testing and development, Techadox is positioned to accelerate growth in 2021. 🚀


Funds will be used for the following ... 


    The end goal for Techadox...