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Tambour Original: Born in Africa, celebrated in the USA

What Friends Say

Jean-Philippe Houssou Beninese national who has lived in the US for over 12 years
I was in New York when I first heard about Tambour and had the opportunity to taste the product in Cotonou in 2015. I must say that I was impressed by the quality of the product and on my way back to the US, I brought a few bottles to my friends in Boston, NY, and Toronto. Since then Tambour has become my drink and my friends in the US & Canada have not stopped asking me for more bottles. Tambour is a high quality product that I recommend to everybody in Benin, in Africa and in the world.
Hon. Peter L. McCreath Founding Chair, Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. and Managing Director, Dartmouth Spirits Inc.
Tambour is a breath of fresh air to the North American spirit market. It also brings an historical connection to the African American and Canadian ancestry. As well, it is a very pleasant refreshing drink.
Logan Combest-Friedman American filmmaker based in Benin for 4 years
I came across Tambour while living in West Africa and it blew me away. Its high quality, rich and exotic flavor, and smooth aftertaste make it hard to put down. The company’s incredible story and local roots make me proud to be one of the few in the United States who has experienced it. It’s like nothing you’ve tasted before and will be your drink of choice when you are done. I look forward to the day when I don’t have to travel to West Africa to have a taste.
Bijan Manavizadeh Former Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin (2012-2015)
Tambour Sodabi is a quality beverage and it is even better when used for cocktail drinks. Tambour Sodabi is a great improvement of the Beninese traditional alcohol. I have enjoyed this product since the first time I tried it three years ago when I was living in Benin. I am excited that it is going to be available in the United States and can’t wait to introduce it to my friends and colleagues.

In the news

Can an American Entrepreneur Bottle and Export Benin's Voodoo Spirit?
June 9, 2016
Palm wine has a long and illustrious history as the moonshine of West Africa. For years, farmers have tapped the sap from palm trees and let it ferment in any kind of container - from a gourd shell to a sawed-off plastic jerry can.
Boissons : avec "Tambour", le sodabi conquiert les bars à cocktail -
June 6, 2016
En misant sur la qualité et un design très étudié, deux Américains sont en passe de faire de cette liqueur ouest-africaine traditionnelle un incontournable des bars à cocktail. Et ce grâce à leur marque dénommée "Tambour" qui se fournit auprès de paysans béninois.
Sodabi: the West African palm-spirits - African Happy Hour
January 28, 2016
Typical West African spirits, sodabi is a palm liquor obtained from distilling palm wine. The word sodabi, it is said, comes from the name of its Beninese inventor, who learnt the distillation technique from the European in the early twentieth century. It is known by many names: koutoukou in Ivory Coast, Akpeteshie in Ghana or Ogogoro in Nigeria.
Sodabi tambour: un spiritueux béninois qui s'exporte
August 25, 2015
Le Sodabi, un spiritueux traditionnel béninois obtenu à partir de la distillation du vin de palme se modernise. Ecce Africa: Comment est née l'idée de fabriquer le Sodabi Tambour ? Si le procédé de fabrication de la boisson était, jusque-là, resté identique à celui des origines, deux entrepreneurs occidentaux bousculent, aujourd'hui, les habitudes et se réapproprient la recette du nectar local.
Local Man Launches New Spirits Venture in Africa
July 18, 2014
A local Rochester man, Jake Muhleman had an idea while he was in France doing his MBA and partnered with a past Peace Corp advisor in West Africa to start a micro distillery in West Africa after trying a local product there called Sodabi.
The International Start-Up the topic of discussion with our second guest Jake Muhleman. The recent International MBA graduate of the EDHEC Business School in Nice France is launching a socially responsible export business in Benin, West Africa.
October 26, 2012
the CEO Hour, October 26th, 2012. Jake Muhleman | Entrepreneur | Exports to West Africa Jake is presently launching a socially responsible export business in West Africa following the completion of an international MBA at EDHEC Business School in Nice, France. He did undergraduate research at the MIT Media Lab...
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