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The Tale of Nicky Newark

Invest in what is bound to be the most talked-about Indie Film of 2023.

Pitch Video
Investor Panel


Experienced Distributor on board as a Producer with multiple contacts within the film industry.
Concept-proving, 1st version of the film made in 2011.
Team's current film CLANDESTINE in global distribution. TVOD Multiple Platforms includes Paramount+
Sales estimates & script analysis complete.
Email us at [email protected] to schedule a time to discuss.

Our Team

We feel as a team that this film is that rare occurrence of "right time, right idea". We are also impressed with our team as their knowledge base greatly improves the potential for financial success for the filmmakers and the investors.

Nicky Newark can become the next big Indie hit, similar to the likes of "Superbad" or "Slumdog Millionaire".

Casting Update: We are happy to announce that our Producer has been able to attach Chase Coleman (The Originals, Boardwalk Empire) in the role of "William."

About the Film

"The biggest challenge today is for audiences. So many films fail to connect, and therefore studios and investors end up losing money and scrambling for answers. It's always about character, story, and finding the actors that audiences want to live and breathe with for 2 hours. Add to that the fact that everyone is terrified of having an opinion different from "the mob" and most films are watered down, uninteresting, and unrelatable."

David LaRosa, Director/Writer of "The Tale of Nicky Newark"

"The Tale of Nicky Newark" will explore the gritty and darkly comedic world of Bobby Cannonnolli, a parole officer in Newark, NJ, who struggles to find himself in our modern-day society. This comedic and touching new feature film will immerse moviegoers into the world of a "Nicky Newark" and the characters that exist within that world. 

      Production and Distribution


      For a film like this, you want an actor for the lead, Bobby Cannonnolli, who has name recognition domestically in the United States and internationally in the major markets. Our Casting Directors are securing talent and are ready to make offers once our budget is raised.


      With funding secured, this film will take approx—four weeks to shoot, running six days a week. Due to the locations that have already been secured, filming on weekends is necessary to ensure the production team has the freedom to shoot. This will minimize costs as most businesses will allow for production while the shops are closed.


      This often overlooked aspect of filmmaking is where your movie will come together. The film is scheduled for six months of post-production (editing, color grading, sound, and screen testing). Once post-production is completed, the film will begin to be shown to distributors and submitted to the team's connections in the film festival community.


      Most film festivals want to be the world premiere of the most talked-about movies of the year. The team is leveraging our connections to this community to take advantage of the publicity and interest for maximum impact and exposure. From there, the team will look at a mixture of a TVOD and theatrical launch, depending on what the data says at the time of release.


      Along with leveraging our LOI for Distribution, the Production Team is already beginning the distribution process before the film is made. Michelle and Dave explain how our business strategy to make the films' investments back begins today in the above video.  Michelle has already started to speak to her contacts about this film and has begun to have deeper discussions about the distribution across their cinemas. 

      To push for better terms, we need enough notoriety to have the film quickly "picked up" by a distributor and are leveraging several strategies to lay out the groundwork to help launch the film to theaters. We've already done the sales estimates and script analysis for the film. Those estimates have indicated a good direction for casting to explore for maximum ROI and the territories the movie will sell the strongest in.

      About the Investment Opportunity

      ● By investing in "The Tale of Nicky Newark," you’ll receive your initial investment and then an additional 25%. Early investors are at a higher rate of 30%.

      ● After your initial return, you’ll get a proportionate share of the revenue stream in perpetuity - your investment in this film will continue to pay you back for years.

      ● Our team of filmmakers currently has films with worldwide distribution and hundreds of thousands of viewers/tickets sold, and positive ratings.

      ● Our team of filmmakers is composed of award-winning producers and actors.

      Tiers of Investment

      $200+ See your name in the credits with a special Thank You Credit in the film!

      $400+ Get an exclusive Q&A session with the Writer/Director David LaRosa and cast prior to the movie going into production! Includes special Thank You Credit.

      $750+ Receive an advanced screening copy of the film before it's released plus exclusive behind-the-scenes videos throughout the entire production. Includes Q&A and Thank You Credit.

      $1,500+ Be an extra in the movie! If you can get yourself to our filming locations, we'll get you on camera so you appear in the movie forever! Includes advanced screening copy, behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive Q&A and Thank You Credit.

      $5,000+ Get an awesome prop used in the movie signed by the cast and crew and delivered to your door. Even better, you'll also receive exclusive access to tickets for any film festivals we're in. Includes the previous perks too.

      $10,000+ "Associate Producer" in our credits and on IMDB, and since you're an Associate Producer, you and a guest get to meet the cast and crew and hang out during a day of filming. (Filming date/location TBD). Includes all the previous perks too.

      $20,000+ "Co-Executive Producer" credit in the film and on IMDB! Come on down to the set and hang out as well as a dinner on us with the Director and members of the Cast. (filming date/location TBD). Includes all the previous perks too.

      *All perks occur when the offering is completed.

      Use of Funds

      The minimum budget to film the movie is $260,000, and the highest budget is $500,000. The graph above shows where the money will be spent. The minimum budget will change some of these categories, whereas a lesser-known name will require more money to be spent on marketing.

      Why such a wide budget range? If we raise $260,000, we have $125,000 to spend on our cast. Supporting roles will be paid SAG scale except for our lead male actor, who will be hired under the Schedule F SAG agreement. Schedule F offers an actor $65,000 for the entire shoot (ours being three weeks). The bulk of our casting budget will get a recognizable male lead, which equates to broader interest financially with domestic and international audiences. The hiring of this actor will be contingent on the Sales Projections for that actor and the feedback we receive from our Casting Directors. However, if we raise $500k, we have much more money to invest in our lead male actor, the female lead, potential name supporting role, and higher quality Post-Production services. This will lead to a more recognizable cast, which the industry looks for. This, in turn, results in more publicity, a higher profile for the film, more "word of mouth" (the industry likes to call it "buzz"), and higher chances for more significant profit for investors. 

      The Producers have also paid for the Script Analysis, Sales Projections, and Casting Director costs out of their pocket to focus the investments on the production and distribution of the film. 

      The Offering

      Offering Summary


      Revenue Participation Rights

      Movie Title: The Tale of Nicky Newark

      Initial Investor Return: 125% (early investors are at 130%)

      Projected Budget: $500,000

      Maximum Budget: $1,070,000

      Minimum ($10,000) of revenue participation rights

      Maximum ($500,000) of revenue participation rights

      Company: The Tale of Nicky Newark

      Type of Security Offered: Revenue Participation Rights (the "Shares" or the "Securities")

      Minimum Investment Amount (per investor): $100

      Revenue Participation Rights

      Adjusted Gross Proceeds (those proceeds available to Producer after payment of expenses, debts, deferments, and contractually or legally obligated payments, as more specifically defined in the Financing Agreement attached as Exhibit F to the Offering Document) shall be allocated as follows:

      First, 100% (100%) of Adjusted Gross Proceeds shall be paid to Investor and the Additional Investors on a pro-rata (based on the ratio that their respective financing contributions bears to the aggregate of the Investor Funds and the Additional Funds) and pari-passu basis until such time, if ever, as Investor has received an amount equal to one-hundred and twenty-five percent (125%) of the Investor Funds, and the Additional Investors have received an amount equal to one-hundred and twenty-five percent (125%) of the Additional Funds; and following such time, if ever, as Investor has recouped an amount equal to one-hundred and twenty-five percent (125%) of the Additional Funds, then any remaining Adjusted Gross Proceeds shall be referred to as “Net Proceeds”, and shall be paid as follows: (a) fifty percent (50%) to Producer (“Producer’s Net Proceeds”); and (b) fifty percent (50%) to Investor and the Additional Investors on a pro-rata basis (based on the ratio that their respective contributions bears to the aggregate of the Investor Funds, and the Additional Funds. The Director/Writer, David LaRosa, has foregone the initial pay for this film as Director/Writer and will only receive payments once the investors begin to receive their recoupment.

      Irregular Use of Proceeds

      The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

      Additional Information

      Q and A's

      Q: What was the "Nicky Newark" film made in 2011 

      A: The 2011 film was the first iteration of this story. "The Tale of Nicky Newark" is a polished cleaned-up version of that film. Dave had an opportunity that few directors do; he had ten years to think about the first film based on feedback and personal perspective and go back and remake the story. Each film stands on its own, but this is the version Dave had wanted to make back during filming in 2009 but couldn't due to a small budget and limited resources.

      Q: What happens if the minimum amount to make the movies isn’t raised here on Wefunder?

      A: If we don't raise the total amount on Wefunder, we will seek out private investors to hit our goal. 

      Q: Why should I invest in this and not something else?

      A: We have overcome many obstacles in our over ten years of filmmaking. Behind it, all is a strong love for this industry and how filmmaking can connect people. Beyond that passion, we also have an extremely strong group in the production and our LOI from GlassHouse for distribution. The Producers were pleased to bring on Michelle Alexandria, who has vast experience and networking connections with the American Film Market, Cannes, and many distributors outside of GlassHouse. Having a backup is how the producers have operated over their careers, and this project is no exception. Through the continuation of that business strategy, we have seen our success to date. If you didn't see the campaign video above, please check it out to see who we are.

      Q: When are you planning on actually filming?

      A: The Production team is eyeing a late Summer/Fall 2022 start date.