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TaDah! Foods

One of the fastest-growing plant-based food brands in the country

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Fares interviewed TaDah! Foods on April 14, 2021. Play Video
Fares Ksebati
CEO of MySwimPro
says, "Fantastic founder who is building a category leading business. With 8-figures in lifetime sales and inclusion in over 4k retail locations, they've proven market demand and ready to scale."
says, "I think the purpose driven, socially oriented branding can be amplified more. This will become a key differentiator and part of the brand as the company grows. Best of luck!"

What Investors Say

Founder Vision Capitol
Invested $50,000 this round
As an entrepreneur, I understand the trials and tribulations every startup goes through, all the heartaches and the close calls! You embrace it and hope you survive it. I have watched this company go through its fair share of obstacles, yet it continues to grow and deliver on its purpose. The passion and the commitment demonstrated by the company and its' founders are unmatched.  The plant-based food market is anticipated to reach a market valuation of US$ 74 billion by 2027. TaDah has an extremely loyal customer base that eagerly share their love for the brand. This fervent brand love is fueling TaDah’s growth with sales projected to double. Partnering with the right logistical team and strategic distributors will only expand the market. They are on a growth trajectory unmatched by most CPG in their category. To be part of this incredible journey is a privilege! Let's make history!

In the News

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February 6, 2020
On Sunday's "Shark Tank," there wasn't a dry eye in the tank as a struggling falafel entrepreneur made his frozen-food dreams come true and found a great mentor in the process. John Sorial is the mastermind behind TaDah Foods, which brings a Mediterranean twist to the world of TV dinners through several flavors of falafel wraps and poppers.
'Shark Tank' Judges Were In Tears Over TaDah Foods' Founder's Pitch On Last Night's Premiere
September 30, 2019
As fans well know, season 11 premiered Sunday, September 29 with pitches as captivating as ever and wiith a special guest judge: KIND Founder and Executive Chairman Daniel Lubetzky. The man behind the snack bars you've more than likely tried at least once was on hand to make deals alongside the sharks, and ended up offering a cool $500,000 investment and 25 percent stake to the final pitcher of the night.
Why this falafel business founder turned down $300,000 from Mark Cuban on 'Shark Tank'
September 30, 2019
To be a startup founder in a make-or-break momentand turn down $300,000 from billionaire Mark Cuban means you are either deluded - or you have another, better offer. John Sorial found himself on the latter on Sunday's episode of "Shark Tank."
Tadah Foods on 'Shark Tank': A Look Inside the East Mediterranean Cuisine
September 29, 2019
Tadah Foods is more than just a frozen East Mediterranean cuisine brand. It's a social enterprise that promotes eating well and doing good, and will be featured on tonight's episode of . Created by founder John Sorial, Tadah Foods helps fund non-profit organizations that the company is passionate about.
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