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Uruk Platform (by SUKAD)

The Uruk Platform will change the way organizations manage projects!

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Uruk Founders has more than 100 years of project leadership, & worked on projects worth >$5 billion
The founders are global experts in project management building a pioneering PM digital solution.
Uruk Platform would save organizations significant time & money to get their product to market.
We believe our Platform to be indispensable for business results; it could lead up to 20% costsaving
Uruk would enable project teams to work from anywhere using best in class solutions.
The leading founder is a recognized thought leader in project management with numerous publications.
We are still in development, but already building a global partners network in different countries
We believe Uruk will be known as the Engine of Project Success and a leading solution.

Our Team

It is painful to see too many failed and troubled projects, which due to not learning our lessons. Failures to meet some or all projects' objectives are costing the global economy trillions of US$ and a fraction of that could help improve humanity. We know the root causes and our solution will revolutionize the way organizations manage projects.

The Uruk Platform

The Problem

The research on projects (product delivery) and project management indicates a great deal of pain, pain due to delays, over budget, and even failure of projects. A significant number of projects, from all domains and industries, fail to meet the project management targets and some of these projects even fail to meet their objectives and do not produce the anticipated profit or benefits. In technology, some of the statistics indicate less than one-third of the projects would be considered a success.  In industrial megaprojects, the ratio is about 35% success. In megaprojects, with a cost of over US$1 billion, the consequences of failure can significantly affect companies and even economies.

The Root Causes

What are the root causes? There are many root causes, however, most experts and researchers agree that the primary reasons for failures are due to inadequate front-end development of the project, pre-implementation. However, this is a symptom of the lack of adequate and effective project management systems in organizations, if they exist at all.  Poor systems lead to improper practices, recreating the wheel with every new project, wasted effort, lack of integration of project management with the business and product management, among many other factors.

The Solution - Knowledge Foundation

The group of co-founders has more than 100 years of project leadership in various industries. The primary innovator behind Uruk is Mounir Ajam who has more than 30 years of experience working on projects around the globe and worth billions of US$.

Mounir has spent the last 10+ years developing the SUKAD Way Project Management Framework, and have published numerous books and e-books about it, especially on the core methodological approach, CAMMP. In addition to these books, Mounir has produced hundreds of blog articles and videos on these applied project management, applied as in the real-world application of leading global practices.

The SUKAD Way Project Management Framework is the knowledge foundation for the Uruk Platform. In addition to the SUKAD Way, we are incorporating other leading practices from organizations like the Project Management Institute (PMI), the International Project Management Association (IPMA), among others.

In our previous company, SUKAD FZ-LLC, which was based in the UAE, we had trained thousands of people on CAMMP and the SUKAD Way.

The Solution - The Uruk Platform

Simply, the Uruk Platform is a digital solution, the software version of the SUKAD Way. The platform is being built on CAMMP and the idea of tailored methods, fit-for-purpose, as the core engine and project life cycle workflow. CAMMP, and Uruk, covers projects from the business starting point, the concept, and all the way to delivering the final product and assess the success and achievement of the anticipated benefits. Therefore, Uruk integrates project management with product management, the business side, and operations. This element is what we call, Managing a Project element.

In addition to the Managing a Project element, Uruk includes the Managing the Portfolio element, for portfolio management. This element would empower the Project Management Office (Unit) to help executive management manage the whole portfolio, with significant data and analytics based on historical projects, from inside the organization and what SUKAD will provide. The portfolio element of Uruk also includes the various policies, procedures, and guidelines that would be vital for the effective management of all projects and the portfolio. Our nickname for the Uruk Platform is the Engine of Project Success, since it's a true engine, with all of the necessary components to enable project excellence.

Uruk has other supporting elements, such as engaging the community to encourage a community of practice and collaborations.

Perfecting Project Management

"We believe SUKAD Corp's groundbreaking integrated project management solution will forever change Project Portfolio Management."


  •  Uruk includes the PMO policies, processes, procedures, and guidelines, saving organizations a huge sum in building the Organizational Project Management System.
  • The methodology-driven approach is a great learning resource for learning and applying project management that is tailored to a given client, type of project, size and complexity of the project.
  • A project management solution built for project managers and teams by project management global experts.

Why Uruk?

We have done a great deal of research in the market, and we are not aware of any solution that comes close to what we are building. Most of what exists "is either too basic, too narrow, or too expensive" is one of the comments we received in our market research. There are hundreds of "PM" software in the market. Some only cover the basics. Others can be excellent, like MS Project, however, these would be focused on scheduling and a bit more, not a full solution. Some of the other products are mostly about links to ERP systems from large companies, like Oracle, which end up being too expensive, especially for small-medium organizations. Also, nothing is methodology-driven that view projects as an integral part of asset management?

So why Uruk?

To enable organizations to deliver projects faster, cheaper, and better. To obtain significant savings and increased profitability. These factors would support organizations to become market leaders in their respective sectors.

Why Invest in SUKAD and Uruk

When we deliver on our promise and, we hope, make Uruk indispensable for our clients, we would be able to scale and grow, which would lead to significant profit upon an Exit or public offering. These projections are not guaranteed.

Personal: Mounir Ajam, the Innovator behind Uruk

First-generation college graduate, immigrant entrepreneur

Growing up in a civil war, enticed me to go abroad to become an engineer and help rebuild my country. I had worked my way through college and got a civil engineering degree from the University of Houston. Then I worked as an engineer before going back to get a master's degree from the University of California at Berkeley in Engineering and Construction Management. During these years, I discovered my passion, which is in two parts, project management, and community development.

Over the years, I have obtained numerous project management certifications and also a graduate of the PMI Leadership Master Class in 2007. My graduation class picture is below.

First 15 years

After my master's degree, I shifted from engineering to project management, but in the capital projects industry, the petroleum industry. I worked for Exxon, BASF, and Saudi Aramco during those years, where I was privileged to work for these top companies and top teams. I had learned in the real world, working on projects small and large, even mega projects (those that would be classified as in the billions of US$). As a core team member of the project management team, or as a project manager, I have learned the good, the bad, and even the ugly. I had seen success and failure. I learned the difference in project management maturity and culture and how that maturity and organizational culture are direct contributors to project success and failures. I have been putting all of that experience into the CAMMP methodological approach that we developed and continue to improve, since 2007. Now, we are converting our work into a digital solution via the Uruk  Platform, which we are currently building.

The following image is from 1994; at the start of work for a megaproject in Singapore; on an Island, a world-class petrochemical facility.

Last 15 years

The learning from the first 15 years, empowered me to start SUKAD FZ-LLC, a predecessor to SUKAD Corp. SUKAD FZ-LLC was based in the UAE, and I led it from 2005 to 2019. During that period we offered project management consultancy and training services (mostly training) in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries. We had worked with SABIC, Saudi Aramco, Etihad Airways, Ericsson, Emirates Global Aluminum, Dubai Properties, Iraqi Ministry of Transport, UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and numerous other private and government organizations.

It was during this period that we found considerable gaps in the study and practice of project management. Despite popular certifications, PMO, and more recently, Agile, we found that projects still fail at a high rate, and project managers are still not well equipped to lead a project concept to success. They might be good at managing a phase of the project or the technical aspects but not the full life cycle, concept to success.

Project management’s current state of practice did not look good. Therefore, we started a project management innovation program to develop solutions. The result is the SUKAD Way for Managing Projects, a portfolio of methodologies and approaches for managing projects, and the whole portfolio of organizational projects.

During this period, I was a speaker at numerous international project management conferences from Greece to Brazil, North America, and Europe, in addition to West Asia. The picture is from a Greek PM Conference in 2008.

Those experiences and our work on the SUKAD Way, have led to publishing numerous e-books and books. The main books, and most recent, were published by CRC Press (a Taylor and Francis company). These include Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile (2017), and Leading Megaprojects, A Tailored Approach (2020).

In 2011, we were also selected as one of the leading 100 small companies by the Dubai Government. Ranked No 81.

Other awards and recognitions


The first image we show here is the organizational project management approach that organizations can use to build their system and manage their portfolio of projects. It is part of the Uruk Platform.

This second image is the standard model for the project management methodology; this a the starting point for developing numerous tailored methods for the Uruk Platform. From this standard model, we would be able to develop numerous tailored methods, each is fit-for-purpose for a given project type and class.


Earlier in 2019, I was able to recruit a few friends, family members, and colleagues to work with me on converting all of that Intellectual Property that I had created and transform it into a digital, cloud-based solution, which we called the Uruk Initiative. Then the idea evolved toward restarting SUKAD FZ-LLC in the US, as SUKAD Corp, where the focus will be on the Uruk Initiative, but without losing the content and consultancy approaches that we had developed over the years. SUKAD Corp was registered in Delaware in June 2019 (and now Florida and Texas). The core focus of SUKAD Corp is building the Uruk Platform, a pioneering, comprehensive, and versatile, cloud-based solution.

We insist that we are not developing a software tool, we are developing a complete solution that is suitable to manage any project, in any industry, regardless of type, size, or complexity. We do this via the built-in portfolio management model and tailored methods.

The Uruk Platform

The Uruk Platform, the core solution that SUKAD Corp is developing. It consists of two major sections and two supporting elements. The vital sections are the Manage a Project Section (concept to success and using tailored methods) and Managing the Portfolio (of the whole organization). The next image is a brief overview. 

The Future

Once the Uruk Platform is successful and SUKAD Corp has reached its goals, it would be time to divert a good part of my personal profit toward the Al-Insan Foundation, where I can use my first passion, project management, to serve my second passion, community development.