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Your personalized search engine for clothing


5 year projection: 25M users that generate $53M annual revenue by processing $155M in transactions.
$100M+ by 2030.
Personalized search engine for clothing synced to a browser extension.
Product roadmap includes digital advertising platform, in-store tag scanning, and Data-as-a-Service.
Personalization app ready for commercialization and integration to search engine.
Only company focused on delivering brand agnostic and omnichannel personalization to consumers.
690 million clothing packages are returned due to fit and style issues each year in the US.
1.2 billion people have purchased clothing online representing ~$670 billion.

Our Team

Personal frustrations with shopping online for clothing, a passion for the mental benefits of a great outfit, and a lack of consumer-centric apps or tools. We philosophically believe that the individual is best-suited to be in control of their fit and style preferences, not brands. We should be able to use our data whenever and wherever.

Empower every digital consumer with personalized clothing experiences across all touch points.

We've set out on this mission after years of personal frustration associated with buying clothing online. Far too often, what shows up in mail ends up fitting something like this:

But did you know that this happens roughly 690 million times each year in the US? Yep. 690 million packages are returned each year due to fit and style issues with clothing purchased online. Think about all of the wasted shipping materials and carbon emissions. And what actually happens to the clothing that's returned and not able to be resold? This is a massive waste issue that can be solved with the right approach. 

We've identified that what really drives this problem is a mismatch between the intent of people shopping for clothing online and the intent of clothing brands selling clothing online. Brands want to drive people to their websites and convert as many would-be buyers as possible without having them leave their sites. Brands also continue to change their styles and sizes to keep up with changing consumer trends and designer tastes. It's why you see photos on social media of 7 different pairs of size 12 jeans all completely different measurements.

What do people want? Easy to understand, trustworthy and reliable, and most of all just to find fits that make them feel like this:


People want to find the styles they like, at the best fit and (usually) best price. So people do research, often searching across multiple sites and manually comparing size charts (if they can make sense of things), pricing, color availability, and whatever other factors we deem important. But what we're really searching for is the clothing that matches how we see ourselves. Who we think we are and what we think looks and feels best on us. It's how we want to present ourselves to the world and be seen. 

Unfortunately, the current online shopping environment leaves a lot to be desired. The mismatch in intents leads to inconsistent, impersonal, and inefficient online shopping experiences that eat up time and make it very difficult to understand what to buy. 

It looks something like this:

The solution we have developed is all about letting people control their experience by empowering shoppers with the right tools that make it easy to create a profile of your fit and style preferences. This profile is your Stylecard.

We want you to be able to take it with you across brands and across touchpoints. We don't care what you buy or who you buy it from. We are not incentivized to keep you on a brand site and convert into a sale. We are incentivized by getting our users to the right brands that have the styles, fits, and sizes that are best suited to each user's individual personalized profile. We think this is the optimal consumer experience. You can use your profile for personalized search engine shopping or sync it with our browser extension as your web navigation buddy. 

Why should you invest?

We're doing more than just helping people find the styles they want in the fits they love. More than just selling clothing. Our mission is about driving the industry forward into a less-wasteful and sizeless future. 

We are a data company!

Our body measurement, body shape, fit and style preference, and demographic data can help brands with style size optimization, merchandising plans, and demand forecasting to help reduce overproduction waste that can potentially save brands 6 to 9 figures in unnecessary costs. 

The future is sizeless!

Our data can also be used in the production of made-to-order styles. The industry is making a slow transition from mass-production to mass-customization, and while the tooling required to scale up true on-demand manufacturing is still at least 5 years away, the consumer data required to power these on-demand systems is where the real opportunity lies. And we'll have the best consumer data set available.

By solving today's number 1 clothing e-commerce problem (returns associated with inaccurate fit) we generate the ideal data source (objective body measurements and user-generated preferences) that can power future production processes. This data coupled with just-in-time production (like what's already started with shoes), whether 3D weaving, 3D knitting, rapid laser cutting, or some other system, enables a truly sizeless, completely personalized to the individual, and on-demand industry. The net result of these major changes lead to great reductions in waste and cost, massive improvements in operational efficiencies, and likely huge increases in profit margins. 

Sustainability Minded

We put a cherry on top by committing to the 1% for the Planet mission. 1% of our annual revenues will go towards earth-friendly causes like water cleanup and ocean reforestation. Stylecard currently supports Sea-Trees by funding the reforestation of mangrove trees in Indonesia. Our users and our investors make a real impact to the world when they shop for clothing with their Stylecard and when our supporters continue to invest and propel our mission forward. 

We hope you'll join us in our mission to do better for ourselves, for our world, and for our future. 

One step at a time.