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Invest in People Finance

A user governed financial management platform sharing profits with the people

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We will be operating cash-flow positive after this raise.
10,000+ users waiting to go live once we are out of beta.
Data Dividend - Users opt in to sharing their data and are paid for their time and efforts
All investors will be airdropped $PPL token at the completion of the raise.
Co-founders successfully exited 2 previous companies.
Tech Partners of FTX.US, Alpaca Markets, and Solid

Our Team

I chose to start the Stonks Movement because I was tired of seeing the regular people of the world not having a voice in the financial markets. I wanted to create a place where everyone can learn more about how to intelligently invest, and manage money, and a platform for them to put that knowledge into practice.

Invest in Stonks Trading - The first User-Owned Financial Management Platform.

Retail Trading is fundamentally broken.

Time and again the retail trader has been lied to and taken advantage of by the platforms they use to manage their money. After the Robinhood trading halt of January 2021, we committed to give the mass market of retail traders the products, tools, and collective power available to Wall Street heavyweights.

Trust in Banks, Brokerages, and Wall Street is at an all time low, and retail traders are calling for change. Our mission is to cultivate a new bedrock of trust in financial platforms through transparency and symbiotic growth. A new paradigm where the financial platforms are not mere intermediaries that feed on its users, but instead work hand in hand with aligned interests to foster common prosperity.

Creating a New Foundation: What We Are Building

Building Trust Through Shared Growth
Through three key features of our platform, we are able to cultivate a trust in our Users unparalleled in the fintech space. 

  • The Data Dividend
  • Transparent, community governed feature development
  • Pay to Play platform 

By way of this triplet of direct benefits to our community we are able to simultaneously discover what the average retail investor wants before we spend a dime to build it, and reward them for pursuing their financial goals

The People Platform
People Finance bridges traditional Wall Street and the new frontier of Web 3.0 by creating a super app that allows users to trade US Stocks and Cryptocurrencies, Stake Crypto and Bank all within one platform. We believe The People Finance Ecosystem not only revolutionizes money management, it will also give power to the user by granting ownership of part of the company to the people. This relationship truly gives a voice on Wall Street to the commoners of the world.

2021 in Review

Jan 28, 2021: AHA! Moment, Day 1 of Stonks Trading

  • Jan 29, 2021: $2,500 spent on a Facebook ad campaign and grew a waitlist of 2k+ in 48 hours, helping establish product-market fit.
  • February 2021: Raised a small friends/family round to help get off the ground.
  • June 2021: Raised a crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder
  • June 2021: Hired a development team
  • November 2021: Raised a round on Angellist
  • November 2021: Featured on the NASDAQ tower in Times Square

November 2021:

  • Launched a limited release of the Stonks Trading app (v.1) in the iOS store.

Community Traction YTD

  • 10,000+ Waitlist
    • 25% of the waitlist is made up of referrals from other community members.
  • 125 Paid Subscribers
    • $2,500/MRR
  • $520,000 crowd raised from 384 investors sourced from Waitlist

“Since our last raise on Wefunder, we have built a trading platform from the ground up and have deployed V.1 of the Stonks Trading app in the iOS store”.

Why the Stonks Trading Model Works


We empower our users through ownership. There is no better way to listen to your clients than giving them a piece of the company, and thereby a seat at the table. Stonks Trading builds in a way for the Stonks Community to shape the company's future and features. Something the hedge funds and other trading platforms should take note of. :)


We will be the first user-owned platform where you can trade, buy and stake crypto, bank, and manage your portfolio from one central location.

Economic MOAT

We have built a “MOAT through ownership” (should we trademark this?). Piggybacking on the greatest investor of our time, Warren Buffett, shareholders make the best customers. Our customers will always be our priority because they could also be our business partners!

How We Make Money

Free Tier: 1% of Crypto Trades

  • Commission Free Stock Trading
  • Access to web trading platform
  • 1% Commission on Crypto Trading (No Other Hidden Fees on trades)

Paid Tier: $20/month

  • Commission Free Stock Trading
  • Access to Web Trading Platform
  • Buy + Short US Stocks
  • Margin Enabled Account (3.75%)
  • .25% Commission on Crypto Trading (No other Hidden Fees)

How do we plan to grow the company from this investment?

Our users, shareholders, and investors come first. Period. Our founder has grown 3 companies to a multi-million dollar valuation completely bootstrapped. We have a “bootstrapped” plan in place to reach profitability quickly and push intrinsic value for the shareholders/investors of Stonks Trading.

Use of funds assuming a $1,000,000 raise:

$250,000 for advertising/marketing - results: 250,000 users (not guaranteed)

$500,000 for design, development, and launch of crypto and neo-banking components

$250,000 for legal, accounting, customer success, and operations

  • In addition to ~$75K in Wefunder fees

With this raise, we believe we can attain a $500,000,000 valuation for our next round of funding (not guaranteed)

Important Disclosure and Clarifications:

At Stonks Trading, transparency with our users and investors is our #1 core tenant. In that spirit, let us explain exactly what we are:

Stonks Trading is a SaaS platform that aggregates portfolio data and functionality and visualizes it in one centralized location. Therefore, we are not a bank or investment platform.

Through API broker-dealer and banking partnerships, we are able to visualize trading and banking functionality through our front-end UI/UX.

Stonks Trading - we are building a front-end platform that plugs into our API broker-dealer partner, Alpaca Securities LLC. Alpaca Securities LLC is a registered broker-dealer and you can find out more about them here.

  • Stonks Trading, Inc and Alpaca Securities LLC (“Alpaca”) are not affiliated and neither are responsible for the liabilities of the other. Brokerage services are provided by Alpaca Securities LLC (“Alpaca”), member FINRA/SIPC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AlpacaDB, Inc. This is not an offer, solicitation of an offer or advice to buy or sell securities or open a brokerage account in any jurisdiction where Alpaca is not registered (Alpaca is registered only in the United States).

Stonks Crypto - we are building a front-end platform that plugs into our API crypto partner. Out partner is regulated in the United States by FinCEN. Stonks Crypto will also register with FinCEN and become an MSB to ensure full compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Stonks Money - through the revolutionary banking-as-a-service (BaaS) movement. Companies are now able to offer account services powered by a multitude of banking back-ends. Therefore, we are partnering with Galileo to offer services to our customers.

Why we chose to go this route:

Two reasons:

Speed to Market

Although being a bank or broker-dealer sounds nice. It would cost millions of dollars and 2 years before we get approved by the regulators. Therefore, by partnering with these institutions we can focus on what we do best; attempting to make a centralized ecosystem that has the best interest of our customers and shareholders in mind.


Our ethos is very clear - we are a company for the people, by the people. We will only partner with institutions similarly aligned with our company ethos. If they aren't, well...there are other partners that are willing and able to listen to us, the people!