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Stark Therapeutics

Stark Tx is changing the way the world treats chronic diseases with gene therapy

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Daniel and Tony interviewed Stark Therapeutics on April 7, 2021. Play Video
Daniel Edwards
Daniel is a startup CEO, angel investor, advisor and board member spanning from London to Silicon Valley.
Tony Wilkins
Private investor at Standing Oaks Venture Partners. Started investing in 1991. I invest in coachable people who I admire, respect and trust.
says, "The team has a strong background in research and alternative medical treatments. This is a big idea and will take a while to complete medical trials, but it is exciting that they are getting industry experts to take notice of their progress. Stark even has a major university working with them now on the project."
says, "A simpler breakdown of the timeline of medical trials and what investors can expect would help, because this is a very complicated and time consuming process. The nice thing is you have already seen a lot of success here and you stand a good chance of getting past the medical trials which is huge news for any investor. Please highlight this more because its key to your future success."
says, "This is a big idea with plenty of unknowns. Don’t worry about the details in this business at this stage. Let people know what the dream is and let then buy into it."

What Investors Say

Invested $1,000 this round
Stark is developing a vaccine for COVID-19 targeting the nucleocapsid protein (N-protein), a well-studied vaccine target from the original SARS outbreak, but surprisingly a target that current vaccine efforts have overlooked. By leveraging the vast amount of research on the original SARS nucleocapsid, we believe Stark has identified a safe vaccine target with a low variance rate and a predictable immunogenetic response. Stark is moving at breakneck speed as they have partnered with a manufacturer, set up a lab for target production, and are looking at initiating animal trials in the next six weeks. Couple this with Anthony’s endless energy, passion, brilliance, and domain expertise, we believe Stark is a major contender to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.
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