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We make homeownership more affordable, and downtown living more accessible

Pitch Video
Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Tony and Jason interviewed Stackhouse on May 27, 2020. Play Video
Tony Wilkins
Private investor at Standing Oaks Venture Partners. Started investing in 1991. I invest in coachable people who I admire, respect and trust.
Jason Levine
Founder @ Spirited. Stanford, NYU, Peerspace. Working move our economy and ways of living in a clear, ethical, sustainable direction.
says, "The simplicity of the concept and background of founders."
says, "Founder backgrounds and experience in real estate development. Clear vision and progress to date in securing a site, partners, and interested customers in relevant geographies. Aggressive expansion plans for a compelling business model. "
says, "More details on the management of the property. If they serve the demographic they aim to attract, they’ll want excellent maintenance, customer experience and community support. "
says, "It’s worth thinking carefully through the experience residents will have and the competitive options they’ll evaluate before buying. This concept hinges on being a preferred option for a key demographic and remaining so over time. I’m still trying to decide whether anyone would want to move this around from place to place. If they do not, how much does that diminish the appeal? Clarify how equity appreciation may or may not factor into a customer’s purchase decision. Minimalist, high-design living is attractive, but part of the appeal of buying a home is the equity appreciation vs. paying rent. What kind of resale market would there be? If a new model comes out in 5 years, am I replacing it like I would a car?"

What Investors Say

Partner at Tango Commercial Real Estate
Invested $20,000 this round
I chose to invest in Stackhouse because they solve the two biggest problems in the multifamily housing industry: affordability and sustainability. The Stackhouse concept was designed to be standardized for small infill lots and I believe this strategy will lead to exponential growth across the country.  The founders Janelle Briggs and Ryan Egan are talented, focused, and have great integrity. Their commitment to providing an attainable homeownership option in downtown cities is both commendable and clearly profitable. I am most impressed that they have been able to build a company that is sustainable as well as scalable. 

In the news

#LeadHership Spotlight - Janelle Briggs
August 12, 2020
The New Normal. It's a phrase we have uttered and heard countless times in the last few months surrounding the global health crisis. It's how we describe what has been a complete upheaval of our current routines, habits and social practices. What if, instead of feeling powerless to these changes, we took charge of what that phrase means?
$45K to Become an Urban Homeowner With Janelle Briggs
May 1, 2020
Feminist scholar turned real estate entrepreneur, Janelle Briggs wants to ensure the American Dream of homeownership is affordable and accessible to everyone.   An idea that may sound far-fetched and futuristic - one that most architects have only dreamed of on paper - Briggs and her cofounder/partner are making a reality.
28 Days of Black Excellence - Black Female Founders
February 28, 2020
As Get Sh!t Done continues our Black History Month Celebration, we are celebrating 28 days of Black Excellence where we're highlighting 28 Black entrepreneurs to watch and rising stars. Today, we are featuring 16 Female Founders. We will do a separate edition for male founders to round out 28 days.
Kicking off our W20 Founder Feature series! 👏
February 10, 2020
We just wrapped week 3 of Forge's very first Accelerated Entry Program, and we couldn't be more excited with our first cohort. They came eager to learn and ready to work! We have a diverse and motivated group of startups from across Arizona and Sonora, from scientists to home builders, and more!
'Stackhouse' Shipping Container Development Rising in Downtown Tucson |
February 10, 2020
The Arizona Daily Star is reporting about a patent-pending housing development meant to shake up the concept of "agile" living. The project calls for modified shipping containers as housing units that will offer modern living essentials wrapped up in a 320-square-foot space.
Patriarchy in Business, Revolutionizing Homeownership, and the Emotional Labor of Feminism - DR. VALERIE REIN
November 4, 2019
I was absolutely blown away when I heard Janelle speak from the Tedx stage. She and her partner are doing amazing, disruptive work with their tiny home company Stackhouse and she is a true scholar of patriarchy.
Housing project made of shipping containers to break ground in central Tucson
April 2, 2019
A shipping-container housing project is ready to break ground just north of downtown Tucson. Located on Stone Avenue, just south of Speedway, Stackhouse will have up to 44 units for sale. The 320-square-foot homes cost about $45,000. Originally the project was going to be developed near Broadway and Euclid Avenue, but the zoning at 941 N.
March 27, 2019
The shipping-container units will be on a 13,000-square-foot lot on North Stone Avenue just south of Speedway. Stackhouse co-founders Janelle Briggs and Ryan Egan pose with an early mock-up concept.
What People Say