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SportBLX Thoroughbreds

For the first time, the public can join the Kentucky Derby Dream


We are giving investors an opportunity to own a high quality stable of well-bred racehorses.
One of the portfolio thoroughbreds, Max Player, is pointed to classic races this summer.
All four thoroughbreds have strong pedigrees on both sides of their families. SportBLX Thoroughbreds owns 13.6% of the racehorses.
Owners of 5% of SportBLX Thoroughbreds Corp. will have a right of first offer in a sale of any of the horses.
Limited opportunity to own an equity stake in the company and partner with some of the most successful names in the industry as a co-owner.
We are different then the industry's syndicate models and do not charge a markup to our investors.
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You can buy a share for anyone who is a fan of horse racing or the Triple Crown -  yourself, your family, or friends.

Our Team

SportBLX Thoroughbreds endeavors to revolutionize the industry and give fans the opportunity to experience the thrill of racehorse ownership at the highest levels of competition.


The Corporation owns several horses, all well-bred, providing investors with diversity and multiple opportunities for on-track excitement.  The portfolio is led by Max Player a well-bred three-year old son of Honor Code.  He is being pointed to the Belmont Stakes on June 20th. Ownership in SportBLX Thoroughbreds gives investors a shot at being part of the Triple Crown experience if Max Player continues to perform.


SportBLX Thoroughbreds owns 13.6% of several horses: Max Player, a three-year old Honor Code colt and winner of the G3 Withers Stakes, Swingman, a two-year old Tonalist colt in training, and an unnamed yearling filly by Munnings out of an A.P. Indy mare.  SportBLX Thoroughbreds is raising additional capital to buy an additional stake in Max Player and Adara, a two-year old Empire Maker colt in training, and additional racehorses.

As of late February 2020, the third-party appraised values for the three owned horses are $1.75 million for Max Player and $100,000 each for Swingman and the unnamed yearling filly  (the appraisals are set forth as an attachment on the site).  Thus, the Company's value today is approximately $280,000 including cash on hand.  The Company has 3,078 shares outstanding, so the capital raise is being done at $92.00 per share.  

Max Player (Honor Code – Fools in Love)

Adara (Empire Maker – Mattie Camp)

Swingman (Tonalist - Eternal Grace)

Unnamed Filly (Munnings - Indy Annestesia)

How Does It Work?

Investors will be purchasing an equity interest in SportBLX Thoroughbreds Corp, a company that owns a portfolio of horses and is managed by SportBLX, Inc.  Money raised from this offering will be used to purchase additional racehorses and pay expenses arising from the training, care, and other typical expenses necessary to manage a horse.  At the minimum offering size of $276,000, an additional 10% of Max Player and 25% of Adara will be purchased.  At the Reg CF maximum offering size of $1,070,000, an additional 25% of Max Player, 100% of Adara and 86.4% of each of Swingman and the unnamed filly will be purchased.  Investors are entitled to a share of revenue from racing, breeding, and all other sources of revenue generated by each horse. Additionally, excess cash received from purses may be used to make distributions to shareholders, and, or purchase additional horses which the investors will also share an equity stake in.

The Corporation intends to raise additional capital above $1,070,000 (in the case of our offering $1,069,960 since we will not issue partial shares) to a maximum total offering size of $1,999,998 from additional accredited investors using Reg D.  In this case, cash raised above the $1,069,960 will accrue to the Corporation's balance sheet for additional purchases of other racehorses thus diversifying shareholders in multiple racehorses.

Invest today and join the Triple Crown dream!