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Invest in SportBLX Securities Inc.

The marketplace for sports investing and fan engagement


We are revolutionizing professional sports through the financial markets! ๐Ÿ†
59.3M people play fantasy sports with no direct opportunity to monetize their passion. ๐Ÿคฏ
SportBLX democratizes financial participation in pro sports by allowing fans to become investors. ๐Ÿ‘ช
Platform offers securities related to athlete earnings, NFTs w/ investment, & exclusive content. โ›น๏ธ
We have built a proprietary technology platform offering assets uncorrelated to stocks and bonds. ๐Ÿ“ฑ
To date, over 780 people have invested in SportBLX offerings with a 99.1% user satisfaction rate. ๐Ÿ˜€
Our executives have vast experience in financial markets and technical/engineering construction. ๐Ÿ— 
We can seamlessly expand our marketplace into other alternative assets - film, music, art... ๐ŸŽต

Our Team

We created this company to give sports fans a chance to share in the success of their favorite athletes and teams. Fans have an insatiable appetite for sports related content, merchandise and collectibles. Through SportBLX, fans will be able to make investments in sports related financial instruments.




SportBLX is a revolutionary financial technology company that has developed a platform and marketplace to offer a wide variety of investments including, but not limited to, sports assets.  

The SportBLX model couples a proprietary technology platform with an underwriting arm that identifies select athletes and teams and guides them through the securitization process.  Our income is generated primarily from structuring and listing these assets, and  subject to regulations and registrations, we may earn fees for underwriting and trading via our platform.

Through our innovative trading marketplace, fans and investors can buy securities representing the on-field earnings of an athlete, equity interest in teams, and other sports assets. These investments allow fans to take part in the financial success of the sports and entertainment industries.  In addition, investors will receive an NFT commensurate with their investment.

The SportBLX platform and marketplace offer the functionality to trade unique assets that do not correlate with the stock and bond markets. Investors will also have access to exclusive content and the ability to engage with athletes and teams in unprecedented ways. Live streamed meetings with investors, behind the scenes video, short form documentary, and other forms of interactive media will create an exclusive community.  We believe this will draw investors to the platform and potentially enable us to control the second-screen experience when people are watching sports.

SportBLX has successfully tested it's model with 780 investors and is set to launch our first NBA athlete offering with PJ Washington Jr., a player for the Charlotte Hornets from the University of Kentucky.  The SportBLX platform also offers the opportunity for seamless expansion into other unique asset classes from film and television to music and fine art.

While we offer many individual investment listings, this is an opportunity to invest in the marketplace itself!


We've created a truly unique and engaging experience that opens the door to a new level of sports participation for fans, investors, and athletes - all in one place!


Fans spend large sums of money on apparel, tickets, collectables and fantasy sports participation related to their favorite athletes and teams, even if they offer no financial return.

The demand for sports-related products is tremendous and we believe fans will be eager to purchase investment products in the sports industry.


Athletes make significant salaries, however, their careers are generally short-lived. Partnering with SportBLX helps athletes better prepare for their financial future beyond their athletic career.

Additionally, athletes have global fanbases but are largely unable to capitalize on potential fan engagement. We provide athletes an opportunity to directly engage with their fans and create additional streams of income.

Our Success

To date, over 780 investors have participated in SportBLX offerings. In a recent survey, 99.1% of investors have expressed satisfaction with the investment experience.  Unlike traditional stock purchases where investors take a passive interest in a company, SportBLX investors have an emotional stake in the success of their investment.  At any given Max Player race, dozens of investors show up to actively participate in the experience.  We have created an enormously valuable proposition for athletes participating on our platform; by sharing a piece of their financial success, an athlete can deepen their connection with their fans.  This deeper connection can be monetized as these fans/investors will be more committed to the athlete's social media, brand, and sponsors.  Already, content related to our offerings has been featured in multiple national media publications.

Where the Physical Meets the Meta

Along with the securities that SportBLX will issue related to an athlete's earnings or equity in a team, investors will receive an NFT with their shares purchased. These NFTs will have unique content related to the offering, and they will ultimately serve as a foray into the sports sector of the newly-expanded metaverse. SportBLX is in discussions with potential partners in the blockchain space to develop a marketplace for SportBLX digital collectibles adding another component that drives community within SportBLX.  


Investors can research new investments, monitor existing holdings, view exclusive content, and keep an eye out for potential new opportunities right from their account dashboard.


SportBLX has a team of executives and consultants working to build our pipeline of athlete partnerships through multiple channels. Our first athlete offering is with PJ Washington Jr., an NBA player for the Charlotte Hornets who was drafted by Michael Jordan. Once this offering is launched on the platform, we will move forward, with this as the template, to secure additional athlete deals that are currently in discussion. Our team is able to pursue both domestic (football, basketball, baseball, hockey, auto racing, etc.) and international (soccer, cricket, tennis, etc.) opportunities.


We have developed relationships with numerous agents/agencies across multiple sports, opening access to athletes.

Wealth Managers

Many athletes have wealth managers who help the athlete analyze the value proposition provided by SportBLX. Through our executive team's experience on Wall Street, we are leveraging these long-standing relationships.

Direct Contact - Securing Athletes' Futures

We have had the opportunity to engage directly with young athletes and their families who often express concern about their long-term financial health.

The stories of young athletes squandering extraordinary earnings and being left penniless or bankrupt at the end of their careers is an all too common one. The SportBLX team feels strongly that educating and supporting the long-term financial stability of our partner athletes is paramount. This philosophy has helped us cultivate these relationships.


An estimated 45.9 million people are playing fantasy sports according to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association.  This number has grown steadily in recent years, and fantasy sports players continue to spend significant amounts of money on research, subscriptions, fees, and more.  Despite this vast interest in building a roster of their favorite players, fans are financially relegated to the sidelines.  The only road to the owner's box has a toll of over $100 million.   

The interest is so great that the Green Bay Packers are selling $90 million of โ€œstockโ€ to help fund improvements at Lambeau Field, yet this stock has no actual value, will not increase in value, and cannot be traded on the open markets. This is their sixth such offering.

With this market disparity in mind, SportBLX offerings have been purposefully designed to be attractive to individual investors. However, through leveraging the extensive financial network of the SportBLX team, discussions with larger institutional investors have yielded significant interest in potentially including these securities as part of a diversified portfolio. 


Using our successful offering of Max Player through SportBLX Thoroughbreds as a model, the following case study outlines our template for our marketing strategy for future offerings.


    1. The SportBLX model directly addresses the most important and evolving trends in investing. With a groundbreaking technology platform that allows investors to buy and sell assets seamlessly from any desktop or mobile device, coupled with the construction of a new asset classes, we are launching with highly desirable and previously inaccessible opportunities.

Alternative Assets 

Investors now have a growing focus on alternative investments โ€“ according to Preqin, 81% of investors will increase or significantly increase their alternative investments by 2025, partially due to increased accessibility.

Digital Investing 

Investing through digital platforms has spiked in recent years; Charles Schwab estimates that 15% of all retail investment accounts began investing in 2020, largely driven by the increased availability of digital investing apps.

SportBLX has Revolutionary Technology 

SportBLX has built a groundbreaking technology platform allowing for investors to buy and sell assets seamlessly from any desktop or mobile device.

SportBLX is Constructing a new Asset Class 

Securities related to professional athlete earnings are virtually nonexistent -- however, due to the substantial demand for sports-related content, we believe this new asset class will naturally develop a digital marketplace.  

SportBLX is Metaverse Ready 

As our digital world evolves, sports and investing will become integrated into the fabric of the Metaverse. The SportBLX digital-first strategy and model, incorporating investing along with NFTs and other experiential content, can easily make a successful transition, possibly even offering early adaptor beta opportunities for a partner environment.


The SportBLX investment platform was intentionally built modularly to easily allow internal or external groups to originate, build out, and distribute offerings in a rapid and compliant manner. Meeting customer demands, reducing time-to-market, and ensuring high standards in quality were paramount in the development of our architecture.