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Speak To IoT

Patent-pending Voice-IoT-AI platform to voice-enable any smart IoT appliance


Voice is the no-touch. And we enable it for everything, everywhere.
Contact-less, hands-free, pandemic-resistant interactions with machines.
Democratizing voice assistant choice for consumers.
Providing all-in-one voice integration to IoT device manufacturers.
Keeping manufacturers' and users' data safe and secure.

Our Team

The world is increasingly becoming automated, smart, and intelligent. The natural voice is the new "touch-screen" interface of the future. Having the power of touch-less, more hygienic, voice AI appliances is not only a great business opportunity but a pandemic-resistant lifestyle moving forward.

The Story of Speak To IoT

The year was 2016. Amazon was spending a lot of their marketing dollars and pushing really hard on making Alexa gain some momentum in controlling various Internet of Things (IoT) devices using voice. Right around the same time, the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other IoT development boards were maturing and becoming affordable. A combination of these two revolutionary ideas converged in people building interesting hobby projects around voice and sensors.  

The Seed  

Biren was leading the commercial drone initiative and had floated a massive innovation idea across all 70,000+ employees of Cisco to build something creative, more like a new business idea. They could incubate and grow an internal startup venture based on their idea. Karan had been a technology geek all his life and came up with a crazy idea of flying drones without any mobile phones, without any joysticks, and purely using natural human voice using Alexa and Google. 

That's when the first seed for Speak To IoT was planted. Karan-Biren duo then created an innovative end-to-end solution around voice-controlled drones and robots for enterprises. (Reference post:

Fast forward a few weeks. Karan and Biren had a lightbulb moment when they asked themselves the million-dollar question:

Why just limit ourselves to enterprise drones and robots? Can't we offer a seamless, all-in-one platform to control any kind of smart appliance?

This very question marked the beginning of the Speak To IoT journey and paved the path for it. 

The Startup Grind Begins

When we looked around, many DIY voice projects were coming up. It was straightforward to create a hobby project as a proof-of-concept. However, the universal voice assistant commercialization still required an uphill battle for any device manufacturer. 

If an appliance manufacturer wants to convert their non-smart appliance into a smart, IoT device that supports voice, they have to do one-off integrations with every single voice assistant service provider out there.

Security, scalability, backward compatibility, user authorization, device authorization, data privacy, and many other problems made it extremely difficult for hardware manufacturers to adopt voice. The speed with which cloud-based software voice assistants are moving is simply impossible to match by hardware manufacturers tackling reliability, load testing, supply chain, and distribution issues with smart appliances. 

Sensing a great opportunity to ease hardware appliance manufacturers' software pains, the Speak To IoT team filed a patent about their idea of supporting multiple intelligent voice assistants through an all-in-one broker. 

The idea was starting to become a reality. 

Early Success

Empowered with an unmatched background in IoT, Voice, and the innovation ecosystem, the Speak To IoT team, was able to create a simple demo right away showcasing the ability to control multiple LED lights simultaneously with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in a seamless fashion. 

Enthralled by the ease of integration by hardware appliance manufacturers and seamless support for multiple voice assistants at the same time, the Speak To IoT team went on building product integration demos for a variety of smart hardware devices. 

They proved that intuitive, natural voice is the new touch by showcasing voice-operated centralized HVAC system NoCs, intelligent coffee/tea makers, indoor air-conditioning units, TV set-top boxes, and enterprise IT, and many other products and systems.   

The growth rocket ship was already on the launch pad, ready to accelerate!

The Next Phase

At the beginning of 2020, The Speak To IoT team was excited to launch 10+ smart IoT appliances worldwide with their patent-pending software inside.

COVID-19 pandemic paralyzes the world! And in a never-seen-before way! 

Blog Post: Voice is the No Touch
Blog Post: Voice is the No Touch

Most of the businesses suffered economic hardships amid world-wide lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders from the authorities. Supply chain operations of manufacturers got disrupted in a major way! 

Although many Speak To IoT customers had to delay and reformulate their smart appliance manufacturing plans for 2020, the silver lining in the Covid-19 pandemic was that our natural voice platform offered touch-less, hands-free, and more hygienic operations

The R.E.A.C.T. to Covid mantra is in the air as the world's economies are opening up again. We want to make up for the lost time in 2020 and get back to our growth trajectory with additional funding. The Speak To IoT all-in-one voice platform offers:

  • One-stop integration to smart IoT appliance manufacturers for all voice assistants
  • Automatic future support of a new, open voice assistant beyond Alexa, Google, and Samsung
  • No software pains for hardware manufacturers allowing them to focus on their core competencies 
  • Freedom of choice to consumers of those smart IoT appliances in using whatever voice assistant they feel comfortable in using
  • Natural voice command and control to any backend hardware, enterprise software, or industrial systems

Be part of a unique, thrilling ride to make Voice as the new touch!