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You must invest at least {{ minimum_for('mail_check') | currency:"$":2 }} to invest via check.
Bitcoin (instructions on next page)
Wefunder Credits (You'll have {{ remaining_credits() | currency:"$":2 }} credits left.) (You have {{ user.available_credits_for_investment | currency:"$":2 }} credits.)
Entrust IRA
Alto IRA
{{ cost_breakdown.payment_method_discount | currency:"$":2 }} discount applied for investing with a bank account. a wire transfer. a check. an IRA. your Wefunder Credits. this payment method.
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You can't invest over {{ user.credit_card_quota.per_investment | currency:"$":2 }} with a credit card.
I’m aware this investment is non-refundable!
Your investment will not be placed in an escrow account, and will become immediately available to MadeSolid. No refund is possible.
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