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The virtual community for healing from addiction


ūüí™ Cutting relapse rates in half through peer to peer counseling
ūüďą 10X User Growth + 16X Revenue Growth in last 12 months
ūüϧ 100,000+ users
‚≠ź 4.8 average rating on 3,300+ app store reviews
‚̧ԳŹ Built by people who would have died if they had not found recovery
ūüíę 6.8 messages of support per every user post
ūüĆé Telehealth market expected to grow from $37B to $196B by 2025

Our Team

I built Sober Sidekick because I am someone who would have died had I not met the right people at the right time. I built the platform because there are 22 million Americans just like me who suffer, and they deserve a chance.

A Social Meaningful Platform To Break Addiction

Sober Sidekick is community driven behavioral change at scale. 

We've created the first of its kind decentralized mental health support built on our proprietary technology that rewards empathy and motivates people to help people. 

On Sober Sidekick, members receive life-saving support, in real-time, from the community at their critical time of need 24-hours a day.

The opposite of addiction is connection.

The world has never needed this more

Some crazy facts:
Of the 22 million Americans who chronically battle addiction, 19 million of them will never get help in their lifetime. That's 6 out of 7.

Meanwhile, there's a $43 Billion Substance Abuse industry that is only serving 3 million Americans.

And, of the 3 million who do get help, their chances of staying sober for longer than 1 year are between 5-10%.

The substance abuse treatment industry operates as a band-aid, because it is a business model that thrives off of repeat customers instead of giving people their health, happiness, and lives back.

So we asked ourselves, 
If everyone else is trying to stop the bleeding,
How do we confront the problem at the root?

For every post on Sober Sidekick, 6.8 members will respond with support, advice, motivation, and positive feedback. 

We call it the empathy algorithm

In January of 2019, we launched our MVP of Sober Sidekick built on what we call our empathy algorithm. It's an algorithm that motivates people to help people.

And it doesn't work sometimes, 
It works EVERY TIME. 

Since we launched, not a single member has ever written a post and not received support from another member of our community.

And, we've gamified it to the point where for every post on Sober Sidekick, 6.8 members will respond with support, advice, motivation, and positive feedback. 

It is so effective, members continue to say

"I am alive because of Sober Sidekick."

All of this, optimized for positive behavioral change and real-life comeback stories.

Exponential Growth

By helping people, help people

In the last 18 months, our user base has grown over 1,000%.

We've done all this with our time and

commitment to the mission and our lived experience in recovery.

  • over 130,000 Downloads
  • 3,300+ iOS and Android¬†Reviews (4.8/5)
  • No member has ever posted without receiving community support
  • Every post on Sober Sidekick generates 6.8 comments of community support on average

For most of 2021, our founders went without a salary, so that we could reinvest all of our revenue into growth, which has resulted in the exponential growth you see below.

Where We're Going

Value Based Care

The chart below essentially shows that by the time one of our members has engaged with our empathy algorithm more than 5 times, their monthly chances of relapse have been cut in half. 

By optimizing for long term health and positive outcomes, we save insurance providers, government, and other organizations thousands per patient per year.

We are in the process of forming the value based care partnerships with Sidekick is compensated for positive health impact and reducing the medical loss and risk of its members.

Sidekick is on a path to be the first to unlock the massive gaps of data regarding behavioral mental health outcomes and economic impact by giving everyone a space to think out loud + receive mental health support without judgment, and measure outcomes that could never before be measured.

Substance Abuse costs insurance, government, and our criminal justice system more than 100 billion per year. Not to mention our workforce, families, and individual lives.

Sidekick will be data force behind human centered mental health care, and will save insurance, government, and key players billions per year by through proactive and preventative, community sourced care.

Why Now

Alcohol and isolation are the two leading causes of early death. As alcohol sales sky-rocketed during the isolation of Covid 19, we saw suicides, overdoses, and broken lives increase at an alarming rate.

There is no more urgent time in history than now.  

Who We Are

We are individuals who once suffered alone, almost died, but took a leap of faith and found empathy, amazing, deep human connections, and a fulfilling purpose driven life.

When difficulties come up, we lean into ourselves and their community. We’ve discovered the value our experiences provide to others, and when we gave freely to others, we’ve found life to be abundant.

Our purpose is to spark and fuel the most epic wave of real life comeback stories the world has ever seen.

Hear from our lead investors,
Stephanie Funk and Ramsay Ball: