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Sirocco Energy

First urban wind turbine. Save up to 82% on electricity costs.

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Invested $100,000 this round
Sirocco Energy is a truly disruptive renewable energy company. We analyzed many startups in the area of solar and wind generation and Sirocco Energy is the first company that developed wind turbine that can be operated in the urban areas. This is a breakthrough as before we only had solar (limited only to sunny locations and daylight) and huge turbines that are massive, produce ultrasound and are very expensive (that is why they are placed far away from people and urban areas). Sirocco team is remarkable and they had developed the unique and disruptive product. We are onboard and the Company has our full support!

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2 types of green energy projects growing in 2021: Wind and solar energy tech can help the planet
September 13, 2021
With all of the extreme weather and natural disasters increasing around the globe, these and other green initiatives are taking off in an effort to reduce harm to Earth. Many green initiatives have been launched this year in an effort to reduce and reverse damage to the environment.
Understanding Sustainability and Renewable Energy with Taras Vodyanyy | Hacker Noon
August 6, 2021
Sirocco Energy co-founder and CTO Taras Vodyanny is the founder of the company behind the startup. Vodyanyy: Wind energy has almost quadrupled in size over the past decade and proved itself to be one of the most cost-competitive and resilient power sources in the world.
The future of clean urban energy - Information Age
July 14, 2021
Next-gen wind turbines and next-gen solar panels are the future of clean urban energy The world continues to rely on fossil fuels as our primary energy source, despite the negative implications we know them to have on our planet.
4 Innovative Start-Ups To Watch In 2021 - ValueWalk
July 6, 2021
Millions of entrepreneurs worldwide are launching new businesses in an attempt to make it to the big leagues, whether it's to bring about a much-needed change in the world or simply to transform their business dreams into reality.
Meet Sirocco Energy Wind Turbines: The Urban Wind Generator Ready To Take The World By Storm - The European Business Review
July 6, 2021
Unfortunately, climate change is no longer a distant issue that we can continue to ignore until a later date. The consequences are already here, and we must act now if we are to navigate our way to a cleaner, more sustainable future. With rising CO2 levels, record heat recordings, and melting arctic ice, governments worldwide ...
The Impact of Turbine Design Limitations on Wind Energy Adoption | Green Journal
June 24, 2021
As the world's governments begin implementing eco-conscious legislation focused on reducing carbon emissions, alternative energy sources have moved into the spotlight. Wind energy is one of the most renewable sources, but how sustainable is it? BP's Statistical Review of World Energy reveals that wind energy adoption in the United States increased by a mind-boggling 33,606% [...]
How Sirocco Energy's Wind Turbines are Revolutionizing the Green Energy Industry
June 23, 2021
As the world comes to terms with the fact that fossil fuels aren't worth the trouble they cause, demand for renewable energy has increased exponentially. Legislation across the world is pushing governments towards adopting 100% renewable energy sources to power their grids, but significant issues remain.
Startup Sirocco Energy is rethinking urban wind energy
June 22, 2021
Our world is headed towards a future that will be powered by alternative energy sources. Governments around the world have begun legislating environmental regulations that will force industries to meet cleaner energy standards. As alternative energy adoption has increased, new ...
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