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We help nurses ensure that medications given through an IV are done safely.


Medical device that measures how fast a gravity IV drips to make sure medication is given properly.
Over 100 years combined expertise in building medical devices and growing healthcare solutions.
Used in dozens of countries by hospitals, emergency responders, health systems, and in the home.
Used by World Health Organization and Doctors without Borders for humanitarian and disaster response
Only IV monitoring device to receive both FDA 510(k) clearance and ISO 13485 certification.
Strong IP protection, with 5 patents issued in the U.S. and 1 pending.
Two non-dilutive gov't grants to support product innovation: USAID - $254,000 and AFWRX - $879,800.
Clinical trial data proving improved accuracy of an IV and reduced side effects for patients.

Our Team

Our initial vision was to provide access to safe and accurate IV medication administration to under-served, low-resourced regions, which is essential to ensure the obtainment of the highest possible care to all people. Our team is driven to ensure critical medications can continue to be safely and affordably administered to anyone, anywhere.

The Pitch Enabling Safe and Affordable Medication Delivery at Home

Shift Labs solutions help clinicians and nurses safely and affordably deliver and monitor medications being given in the home, improving patient outcomes. 

Shift Labs came out of Y-Combinator in 2015 and developed the market’s first infusion rate monitor, which simplifies how gravity IV infusions are given, and removes the expense and complexity of using infusion pumps.

As the industry shifts to home health services, there is a massive unmet need in this $28B market to provide remote monitoring of infusions.

To meet this need, we are launching our Connect infusion monitor platform to give clinicians insights into how drugs are being given in the home.

Every day, over 60,000 people in the US receive infusions in their homes through an infusion pump or a gravity IV.

However, pumps are expensive, require ongoing maintenance, and have high error rates; and gravity IV performs even worse in terms of safety and accuracy. Neither provide remote visibility into how the medication is being given, which increases the risk of errors that can harm patients.

In fact, these errors cause 21% of patients to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days, costing hospitals $41B in Medicare fines.

Our solution provides clinicians with immediate visibility that medications are continuously administered according to the treatment plan.

With the highest accuracy rate in detecting drops, our solution allows most medications that are currently given through expensive pumps to safely and affordably move to gravity.

And because we help nurses automate the workflow of an infusion, the average provider can save $60k annually per nurse.

Our solution starts with DripAssist Connect, which monitors and collects the infusion data for clinicians.

The device is compatible with virtually any tube set, and because it is portable and runs on a single battery, it can be used in virtually any environment.

The Connect platform enables the clinician or nurse to remotely monitor the entire infusion for any number of patients. The data can be analyzed against the patient’s plan, giving real-time insight to adverse events and medication adherence.

The US home infusion market is expected to reach $28B with strong growth over the next 3-4 years. Our initial target is the $850M market to replace pumps in home infusion.

As care is shifting to a “hospital at home” model, infusion has become the preferred method to deliver many medications.

This shift requires solutions that can remotely monitor care, simplify workflow and have a clear path to reimbursement. DripAssist Connect is the only solution that can solve this challenge.

DripAssist is the first, and only, infusion rate monitor to receive FDA clearance, a CE mark and ISO certification.

We have a strong IP position, having 5 issued US patents, and have clinical data proving improved safety and reduced side effects using DripAssist.

We have received $2.6M in dilutive funding to date, with an additional $1.14M in non-dilutive funding from government grants. We are on track for just under $1M in annualized product revenue with almost no marketing spend.

Competitively, we provide an easier to use, more accurate and cheaper alternative to infusion pumps, and we have the strongest regulatory position against the other gravity infusion monitors.

Additionally, the Connect platform will be the only infusion monitor to openly integrate with any customer back-end system.

We sell devices and subscriptions to the infusion data, which will deliver estimated revenues of $83M by 2025. Our current pipeline includes several large infusion pump providers who are moving into home infusion and multiple large health systems.

Our next key milestone is to complete the development of the DripAssist Connect platform and launch into market in Q1 with our initial partner to monitor 10k infusions every day.

Additionally, we anticipate approval for an NIH Grant to cover the development of our next solution, DripAssist Control, which adds the ability for a doctor or nurse to remotely control an infusion in a patient's home.

* This chart includes forward-looking projections that are not guaranteed.

Our team is unique positioned to win in this market. We have expertise building easy to use medical devices and software platforms, and across the team have over 100 years of experience launching products and scaling companies.

With our technology validated and our markets proven, we are ready to put into motion the next phase of our growth plan. And with this funding round, we invite you to take ownership in our vision and join us on the journey. Welcome aboard!

Thank You!