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🤳 One Tap ➡️ Smart Selfies ➡️ Smart Leads



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Near 1,000 Members Joined with 11,000+ Smart Selfie Contacts
Backed by Tier 1 Venture Capital Firms and Angel Investors
Patented Technology (11,907,502) in a Portfolio of Issued Patents by US GOV
Parent Product HelloWoofy AI for Marketing with Near $1.2M in Sales to Date in SaaS

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Our Team

🤳 One Tap ➡️ Smart Selfies ➡️ Smart Leads 📊

🚀 Introduction:

  • You go to business networking events and collect cards/take selfies. How many of those names/faces do you remember in a week? or where you met the person and when?
  • SelfTact's smart selfies give you names/faces, context and automatic follow-up for effortless, effective networking resulting in higher closes and better conversations.

🤔 The Old Way:

You spend thousands of dollars or hours and even days attending networking events and conferences, then come home with a stack of business cards, real and virtual, most of which you’ll never follow up on – and as we know, the money is in the follow-up.

You want to.

You need to.

And that note you wrote so quickly using your gel pen on the back of the card - can you read it after it spent a week in your pocket or purse?

Lost opportunity...Now what?  

Networking is critical to any business. But the old methods of collecting cards and taking random selfies lead to missed connections and wasted opportunities.

Let's change that.

😍 The New Way: SelfTact

SelfTact is the perfect solution, revolutionizing networking through the power of smart selfies.

With SelfTact, just snap a photo with new connections, instantly capture their details and add them to your network. Facial recognition technology identifies and suggests instant connections. Our integrated messaging tools allows you to send personalized follow-ups - effortlessly. SelfTact also gives geolocation data, so even if you need to contact people weeks later, you’ll "remember" where and when you met them. 

That is a smarter way to network.

SelfTact is networking made easy, efficient, and actually useful for growing your business. No more forgotten conversations or phantom business cards gathering dust. Just real, visual connections that make all the difference in your business.

SelfTact is the solution professionals need to maximize their networking efforts. Join us and help us reinvent networking for the digital age.

PS: Patented Tech (11,907,502) to Woofy, Inc. by US GOV

🤳 SelfTact: Easy as 1-2-3! 

1.     Create your account and take a clear selfie of just you. This allows our facial recognition technology to identify you quickly in the future.

2.     Meet a new lead, friend, or friends (we support group selfies) and our app instantly connects you with SelfTact members recognized in the selfie photo. To add non SelfTact members, scan their business cards, QR codes or have them enter their details. An invitation is sent to their emails later on inviting them to join you on SelfTact.

3.     Follow up with integrated AI based messaging tools. Review your new connection's profile, then tap to connect via email or text. Personalize pre-written templates or use our AI to generate an introduction message with your smart selfie attached. Hit send!

Plus, see a beautiful map of smart selfies taken across the world by you and other fellow SelfTact members!

✅ Key features that make networking easy:

·       Facial recognition identifies connections from your smart selfies in seconds

·       Business card scanning adds non-user contact information quickly

·       Profile management centralizes your network in a "swipeable" navigation

·       Relationship tracking tools provide context on connections

·       Integrated messaging for fast, personalized follow-up via email or text

·       Gamification with points and rewards drives engagement for top SelfTact members

📈 $1.2T Events Industry. That’s HUGE.

Dinner parties, meetups, masterminds, business meetings, conferences, conventions, festivals and more. Events industry is estimated to be sized at over $1.2 Trillion industry, and since in-person conferences, trade shows, and networking events are back stronger than ever, people are hungry to rebuild their professional in person networks.

Our mobile technology is infinitely scalable across all types of events and industries.

📍 Geo-targeting options for backgrounds open up major sponsorship opportunities. 

One of the main drivers of revenue for event organizers is sponsorships, and the ultimate goal being to make sponsors look great at every event. SelfTact geo targets step-and-repeat backgrounds at stadiums, convention centers, and meetup locations using the event’s logo and their sponsors so every smart selfie is a branding opportunity (think a red carpet experience every time you meet a new lead).

Viral networking effects will drive rapid user adoption as professionals invite their peers to connect on SelfTact.

Reward points are given to the top users for capturing the most leads and following up. The app becomes more valuable with each new user and event partnership.

And, it's FREE!

📝 Network like the 1%. 

Hundreds of years ago, royalty painted small miniature portraits of other royal family members to remember who visited to remember visually.

Network like the 1%.

Just a few decades ago David Rockefeller amassed over 100,000 contacts on index cards with detailed information on leads from shoe size to home address to phone number to how many kids the person had…the “rolodex” became the core of his business success.

Capture leads and follow up like a billionaire.

📶 Traction:

In just a few months since launching, SelfTact has already achieved impressive traction:

·       Near 1,000 users onboarded and networking

·       Projected to reach 1,000,000 users by end of 2024

·       Over 100+ networking events attended for demos

·       Patent granted by US GOV protecting intellectual property (11,907,502)

·       Capital raise discussions underway for fueling growth

👤 About the Team

SelfTact was founded by seasoned event networkers, entrepreneurs and engineers:

Arjun Rai, Founder & CEO

·       Entrepreneur with millions in raised early stage capital, 7 figure revenue to date and multiple patent holder

·       Industry veteran with deep expertise in networking, artificial intelligence and product development.

Sunil Shashidhara, CTO

·       10+ years leading engineering teams at Fortune 500 companies

·       Background in AI and machine learning

Beatriz Gonzalez, Lead Designer

·       Award-winning designer and creative director

·       Designer at multiple startups and agencies

👥 Current Investors:

1517 Fund - Scout Fund for Peter Thiel and early backer of billion-dollar companies like Loom (recently exited)

Draper Associates - Founded by billionaire VC Tim Draper known for Hotmail investment

Quake Capital - Successful firm led by GP Glenn Argenbright with a track record of 12 exits and $5B in returns.

💪 Future: The EQ Infused Social Network

As the app grows, SelfTact becomes a center of smart selfie based networking across the world with a global (or local) feed of people connecting with one another at events. As soon as you open the app you will see professionals connecting at various kinds of events in a linear feed or a visualized map view with pins across the world. In one tap, connect with fellow SelfTact members virtually.

👀 Levels of Investment and Investor Perks

Investing in this campaign gives you the opportunity to become an honorary member of SelfTact as a founding member. A colored checkmark will be given to you alongside your investment and exclusive access to events we host in the future for professionals on the network. Start with as low as $100 investment or increase for more benefits (see below for additional information). 

Invest as low as $100 today

Become a member for LIFE

Bronze ($250)

·       Bronze Founding Member Checkmark on Profile after Verification.

·       Access to Bi-Monthly Webinars on Small Business Topics in Private Facebook Group.

Silver ($500)

·       Bronze Tier Plus.

·       Silver Founding Member Checkmark on Profile after Verification.

·       Free Access to All SelfTact Paid Public Events.

·       SelfTact Stickers.

·       Free Pro Level Account Access for Lifetime (When Available).

Gold ($1,000)

·       Silver Tier Plus.

·       Gold Founding Member Checkmark on Profile after Verification.

·       SelfTact T-Shirt.

·       Free eBook on Power of Networking (When Available).

Diamond ($5,000)

·       Gold Tier Plus.

·       Diamond Founding Member Checkmark on Profile after Verification.

·       Free Access to All SelfTact Premium Mastermind Events.

Graphene ($10,000+)

·       Diamond Tier Plus.

·       Graphene Founding Member Checkmark on Profile after Verification.

·       SelfTact Hat.

·       1:1 Coaching on Marketing, Sales and Networking with Founder/CEO.

✌️ FAQs

Is this patented and IP protected?

Yes, the US GOV recently granted / issued us a full patent around the smart selfies for networking application (11,907,502) to Woofy, Inc. (the parent company behind HelloWoofy and SelfTact products). The company has a portfolio of several Artificial Intelligence and Next Gen technologies to help both our marketing platform, HelloWoofy, and smart lead capture platform, SelfTact, scale.

Who can invest in the SelfTact equity crowdfunding campaign?

Our campaign is open to all types of investors, both accredited and non-accredited. This includes:

·       Individual angel investors

·       Venture capital funds and partnerships

·       Family offices

·       Investment clubs

·       Special purpose vehicles (SPVs)

·       Non-US investors (subject to local regulations)

·       Retail investors

The only limitation is that non-accredited investors are capped at investing 5% of their annual income or net worth, up to a maximum of $2,200. For details, see the SEC's Regulation Crowdfunding rules.

As a fund manager, can I invest on behalf of my fund?

Yes, fund managers of venture funds, private equity funds, SPVs, SPACs, angel groups, and others can invest in a Reg CF equity crowdfunding campaign. The fund entity itself is considered the investor, not the underlying LPs. The fund manager should ensure compliance with the investment mandates and regulatory status of their fund.

I'm an existing shareholder - what happens to my equity with this SelfTact pivot?

Existing shareholders of Woofy Inc. (DBA SelfTact) can rest assured their equity will be unaffected by this pivot to focus on the SelfTact product and brand. Woofy Inc will maintain its cap table and current investors. Your shares will simply now represent equity in SelfTact as the main business going forward. This Reg CF raise will not dilute or affect existing shareholder equity.

What SEC rules govern equity crowdfunding?

Our campaign is conducted under SEC Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF). The core components include:

·       Companies can raise up to $5 million in a 12-month period

·       Individual non-accredited investors are limited to the greater of $2,200 or 5% of income/net worth

·       Companies must disclose details about the offering and provide regular updates

·       Investors can cancel commitments if disclosures are inadequate

·       SEC rules limit advertising and promotion of the offering

For more details, see the SEC website's Regulation Crowdfunding overview and their investor education resources.

What other questions do you have about the SelfTact equity crowdfunding campaign? We're happy to provide any information you need to make an informed investment decision. Please use the Q and A section on this page for this.