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Join the new film from a female-led team, starring Anthony Rapp ("Rent")

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Licensed Psychologist
Invested $5,000 this round
I am very excited to support this project.  I've been investing in crowdfunding since the start, frequently through WeFunder, including in a variety of films.  I don't take investing my money lightly, so I've done a ton of research and reflection over the years.  I've come to realize what the films that would eventually be the most successful had in common.  Most were centered around a script that was strong and somehow graded or proven.  There were actors who were experienced, had seen some success, and had incredible talent - yes, I do go and watch at least a little of their past work to be sure (a social media following is a plus too).  In most cases there is a short, or some other proof of concept that was compelling.  And finally there was a team that not only had the experience to truly know their way around the industry, but also gave off a sense of genuine dedication for and excitement about the project. SCRAP quite clearly checks all of these boxes, and more!  I encourage you to do your own research - look at the prestige of the awards the script has won, and of the festivals where the short was accepted to and did well.  Look at clips from these incredible actors' previous work and you'll see the amazing talent and range of Ms. Kerr and Mr. Rapp (who really do look related!).  Read the pitch carefully, and the knowledge, excitement, and dedication of this team becomes clear. In this case I got to take my research a little further.  Before committing to me, and I to them, we needed to meet.  And wow, was I struck by how incredibly motivated and excited they are, how much thought and planning they've put in, and most of all how much they respect investors and want this to work out for everyone. There are never any guarantees with this type of investing, so make sure to be aware of the risks, but to me this opportunity has a lot in common with the most successful crowdfunding campaigns.

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'Star Trek: Discovery's Anthony Rapp Joins Vivian Kerr In 'Scrap'
July 21, 2020
EXCLUSIVE: The production company Elegant Grotesque announced today that Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp has signed on to star alongside Vivian Kerr in which she also wrote and produced. An adaptation of the short film by the same name written by Kerr, SCRAP follows a young single-mom, Beth (Kerr), who is newly homeless.
Finalists | Final Draft® - SCRAP by Vivian Kerr - Top 10 - Drama Competition
July 20, 2020
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