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Invest in SCRAP Film

Join the new film from a female-led team, starring Anthony Rapp ("Rent")

What Investors Say

Licensed Psychologist
Invested $5,000 this round
I am very excited to support this project.  I've been investing in crowdfunding since the start, frequently through WeFunder, including in a variety of films.  I don't take investing my money lightly, so I've done a ton of research and reflection over the years.  I've come to realize what the films that would eventually be the most successful had in common.  Most were centered around a script that was strong and somehow graded or proven.  There were actors who were experienced, had seen some success, and had incredible talent - yes, I do go and watch at least a little of their past work to be sure (a social media following is a plus too).  In most cases there is a short, or some other proof of concept that was compelling.  And finally there was a team that not only had the experience to truly know their way around the industry, but also gave off a sense of genuine dedication for and excitement about the project. SCRAP quite clearly checks all of these boxes, and more!  I encourage you to do your own research - look at the prestige of the awards the script has won, and of the festivals where the short was accepted to and did well.  Look at clips from these incredible actors' previous work and you'll see the amazing talent and range of Ms. Kerr and Mr. Rapp (who really do look related!).  Read the pitch carefully, and the knowledge, excitement, and dedication of this team becomes clear. In this case I got to take my research a little further.  Before committing to me, and I to them, we needed to meet.  And wow, was I struck by how incredibly motivated and excited they are, how much thought and planning they've put in, and most of all how much they respect investors and want this to work out for everyone. There are never any guarantees with this type of investing, so make sure to be aware of the risks, but to me this opportunity has a lot in common with the most successful crowdfunding campaigns.

What Friends Say

Mary Kate Schroeter Innovation Fellow, Chicago Department of Family and Support Services
Vivian’s script reflects her gift for amazing storytelling. Her experience writing, acting, producing, and directing demonstrates that any project of hers will be successful!
Arthur Guzman
"Scrap" is a film that is exploring the story of homelessness in a way that I have never seen on screen before.  I believe that this film will help raise awareness and initiate conversations about this issue that so many Americans are struggling with. I also admire this team of filmmakers and know they'll create something wonderful.
Tiffany Trainer Actor, VO Artist, Producer
Vivian is a problem solver—which is invaluable on set.  Whether she is acting, directing, or producing, she can clearly and concisely see what needs to be done, and executes.
Lauren Mora Actress, Host, and Producer
With her writing, acting, and directing Vivian infuses her characters with remarkable intimacy and understanding.
Cory Stonebrook Actor/ Writer/ V.O Artist.
"Vivian is an artist that brings depth and nuance to every character she writes or plays. Having been lucky enough to witness Vivian as an actress and a writer, she has the goods to deliver a feature film that is captivating, poignant and heartfelt. "
Saxon Trainor Acting Coach and Actress
"As Vivian’s acting teacher and coach for the past six years, she is joyful, generous, serious, and successful. Vivian routinely pushes her boundaries. I have worked with hundreds of actors and Vivian stands out as one who is likely to make a major contribution to the art. I think that the late greats, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner—with whom I had the opportunity to study—would celebrate Vivian’s imagination, discipline, sensitivity, and intelligence."
Kristine Oller Master Coach and Strategist
Anyone can feel confident investing in Rachel's projects because she has proven herself to be the greatest of great in all possible ways: smart, sensible, reliable, organized, conscientious, and a creative problem solver. For seven years I have trusted her to fully support the most valuable things I possess – my business and my clients – and she has never let me down. Plus, she’s a genuinely warm and fun person to have on a team.
Kai Soremekun Filmmaker
Rachel is the kind of producer who can take any challenge and turn it into a win. Her attention to detail results in issues being handled before you even know there’s a problem. Rachel’s enthusiasm for what she does has helped my projects run smoothly, and I consider her a key and valuable collaborator.
Luz Beato Public Defense Attorney
Rachel has impeccable taste and a leadership style that is calm and assured. Her strong work ethic and creative instincts elevate any project she’s involved with. She is that rare combination of creative, smart, funny, and extremely organized.
Ezekiel G Robianes Photographer & Graphic Designer
I have known Rachel for more than a decade, and worked with her on several projects. She is a top-notch problem-solver, incredibly organized, and fun to be around. She can absolutely be trusted to shepherd a creative project to a successful end, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for her and the SCRAP team!
Samuel Duncan Market Specialist at Clean Market
Vivian is a talented writer, director and actor who seamlessly weaves authenticity with dynamic story telling. Her scripts are always captivating, and SCRAP is going to be an incredible project that I am proud to support.
Karen Strassman Actress, Voice Over Artist, Dialect Coach
Rachel has the sensibility of an artist in her taste and selection of projects. And as a producer and leader, her attention to detail at every level of a project and organizational abilities are the top of her game. I would entrust any project to Rachel Stander and expect it to be handled with thorough care, integrity, innovation and higher standards.
ErinRose Widner Actress, Screenwriter and Producer
Vivian Kerr directed me on our short film collaboration ALEX & AMY. She was passionate and energized on set, and there is a definite spark in her as a director that I know she will bring to SCRAP.
Renee DeBevoise Actress
Rachel is hard working, intelligent, dependable and incredibly committed to helping filmmakers realize their vision. She brings out the best in everyone that she works with.

In the news

'Star Trek: Discovery's Anthony Rapp Joins Vivian Kerr In 'Scrap'
July 21, 2020
EXCLUSIVE: The production company Elegant Grotesque announced today that Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp has signed on to star alongside Vivian Kerr in which she also wrote and produced. An adaptation of the short film by the same name written by Kerr, SCRAP follows a young single-mom, Beth (Kerr), who is newly homeless.
Finalists | Final Draft® - SCRAP by Vivian Kerr - Top 10 - Drama Competition
July 20, 2020
The full list of 2019 Finalists is below. We look forward to adding all 2019 finalists to our growing list of success stories! To contact these winners or any of our finalists, please email us here. To view previous years' winners and finalists, click here.
IndyRed - Review of "Scrap"
July 20, 2020
REVIEW: "So often we're told to take pride in everything we say or do. Fake it until you make it, and never let them see you sweat. We're told if you really want it... really need it and work for it, life will sort it all out and make it happen."
Short Film Review: 'Scrap' Magnifies The Plight Of The Homeless... - Indie Shorts Mag
July 20, 2020
'Scrap' is a 20:46 minutes long film on a homeless woman. Beth (Vivian Kerr) who is living out of her car, moving places whenever required, worse, when suspected is the central character of this film. She has if uncomfortably, settled for a life, as hapless as it may seem, unlike others, resorting to gym showers [...]
Scrap (2019) short film review
December 5, 2019
"4.5/5 stars...Kerr as a writer is a skilled storyteller..."
Sherman Oaks Film Festival 2019 - Scrap - We Are Moving Stories
November 19, 2019
Interview with Writer/Producer/Actor Vivian Kerr and Producer Rachel Stander
Interview: Vivian Kerr on Looking at the Bigger Picture of Homelessness with "Scrap"
April 3, 2019
After Vivian Kerr had finished up a few drafts of "Scrap," she took it to a writing workshop in Los Angeles put on by the local filmmaking collective We Make Movies to test it out on an audience and hearing it for the first time herself with other actors playing the roles.
Scrap | Film Threat
March 26, 2019
I probably don't have to tell you that life is hard; I think it's a fact that most of us adults are acutely aware on a consistent basis. However, sometimes people think that they are worse off than the rest of their peer group, that something is wrong with them because they're not keeping up the pace with the best and the brightest.
Actress and Writer Vivian Kerr's Film SCRAP Will Premiere at the 2019 FirstGlance Film Festival
February 27, 2019
We had the awesome opportunity to interview filmmaker Vivian Kerr on her short film, SCRAP, that will premiere at the 2019 FirstGlance Film Festival in Los Angeles on March 14-17th. The film explores the idea of middle-class homelessness and how the shame of being housing insecure impacts the relati...
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