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Scrap Connection / Tradefox

Business intelligence and trading tools for recycling industry professionals

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Jason and Claudius interviewed Scrap Connection / Tradefox on June 29, 2020. Play Video
Jason Levine
Founder @ Spirited. Stanford, NYU, Peerspace. Working move our economy and ways of living in a clear, ethical, sustainable direction.
Claudius Mbemba
CTO @ Alum: Techstars, Microsoft, OSU. Speaker & Tech Entrepreneur advising early-stage founders.
says, "Digitizing an antiquated process and the potential to build a reservoir of reputational information on players in the marketplace. Possible opportunity to connect buyers and sellers in virtual conferences during COVID. "
says, "Team has prior industry/recyclable experience in trying to build a marketplace. They are investing in building the meeting space for the industry to come together, which will give them a lot of leverage. They’re employing a saas business model."
says, "Clearly explain why the marketplace did not succeed in its previous iteration and show learnings. It’s always difficult to get people to adopt a new platform or product, but that’s the process of selling and building the right thing. Be able to answer thoroughly why these buyers and sellers will adopt virtual conferences if they didn’t adopt digital transactions in the marketplace."
says, "There doesn’t seem to be strong barriers to entry into the space as many of the data sources being pulled from are available to others. Building up that proprietary data set of reviews of traders will be critical to establishing a moat."

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RWM Exhibition
July 16, 2019
RWM Exhibition, 11 - 12 September, NEC Birmingham, is the leading recycling and water & energy waste management event in the UK
Scrap Connection uses crowd-funding to help counter fraud
March 27, 2017
The Netherlands: Tech start-up Scrap Connection is fighting to minimise risks encountered by buyers, sellers and brokers of scrap materials - a mission that is backed by a 'highly successful' crowd-funding campaign that has raised over US$ 340 000 to date.
Startup wants to reduce risks in scrap trading - E-Scrap
March 23, 2017
A tech startup is developing a new product to verify trustworthiness among traders of electronic scrap and other recyclable materials. Scrap Connection plans to offer reports on companies in the scrap materials trading industry, using information gleaned from confidential reviews ...Continue Reading→
New Recommendation: Scrap Connection - Early Investing
February 27, 2017
I'm excited to announce our newest recommendation. The company is called Scrap Connection. Before I get into why we're recommending this company, a little backstory... I've done a couple of mildly interesting things in my life. One was heading a trade and financing company based in Asia. It was fun.
Scrap Connection in Top 10% on Stratifund
November 17, 2016
Scrap Connection is a global platform providing B2B software solutions to companies that buy, sell or broker recyclable materials. The company connects scrap professionals with services including in-depth business and market intelligence, an online marketplace, and end-to-end trade workflow management and finance tools.
Acerium - Scrap Connection Partnership
April 11, 2016
Acerium is proud to announce a new partnership with Scrap Connection, the world’s leading open marketplace for scrap metal products. Founded by industry veterans with decades of experience, Scrap Connection brings scrap metal recycling companies, brokers, traders and end-users together through a trusted ecosystem of verified members. The partnership between Scrap Connection and Acerium promises to simplify business development and trade settlement in the scrap industry.
Scrap Connection trading platform goes live
July 16, 2012
Responding to the perceived need for a 'safer and more efficient trading environment', the newly-founded Scrap Connection launched an industry-specific digital marketplace on July 12. The on-line platform serves to connect communities worldwide and 'provides a market that never sleeps', says CEO Chris Yerbey.
New platform for e-trade of steel scrap lists first material - Metals | Platts News Article & Story
July 16, 2012
Scrap Connection, the electronic platform for physical trading of containerized scrap, listed its first transactions Thursday as it formally launched with a ceremony on the trading floor of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange
Scrap Connection platform to start with ferrous trading
July 12, 2012
Scrap trading platform Scrap Connection will begin with ferrous material trades when it is launched on Thursday July 12, a spokesman for the company told Metal Bulletin. The company said last week that it will launch an online marketplace at 15:00 local time on July 12 at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.
Scrap Connection to launch online exchange for scrap metals
July 5, 2012
Scrap Connection will launch an online exchange through an auction mechanism for trading metal scrap on Thursday July 12, the Netherlands-based business-to-business marketplace said.
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