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National distribution and 1000+ retailers including Safeway and Sprouts
Two Innovative Product Lines: Sati Soda Organic (Classic Line) / Sati Soda CBD-Infused Organic
One of the Only Organic Sodas on the Market and Early Innovator in the CBD Space
Three Time Winner of Best Tasting CBD Beverage

Our Team

Most Sodas Aren't Healthy or Organic

It is very hard to find a healthy, organic soda on the shelf today in any mainstream grocery store. The sparkling waters, kombuchas, and probiotic drinks are everywhere, but finding a healthy, great tasting soda is nearly impossible. And when you are shopping for a beverage at a convenience store, good luck finding anything that is remotely good for you. It currently doesn't exist! That's the exact niche Sati Soda is designed to fill.

Look at the most widely distributed sodas on the market today. They are loaded with sugar, caffeine, high fructose corn syrup, questionable sugar substitutes, and other harmful ingredients.

Sodas with large amounts of sugar and high fructose corn syrup have been linked to several adverse health effects starting with obesity, poor blood sugar control, and diabetes. However, people love soda and are going to continue drinking it. We have worked hard to offer a solution by drastically lowering sugar content from 60g+ grams, typically found in sodas to 9g of sugar per can. We also use organic cane sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup, which releases much slower in the bloodstream. This is where we are changing the soda game.

High Sugar Sodas Steadily Losing Market Share

As consumers make the switch to healthier alternatives, all the soda industry majors are reporting declines in high sugar soda sales. In response, major brands have been actively acquiring smaller brands with healthier offerings. This massive trend towards healthier beverages sees no signs of slowing down.

Organic Sodas Are Missing In Action

Almost all sodas on the market today are conventionally produced and NOT organic. Why is it important for a product to be organic? Having the USDA organic certification guarantees all ingredients are responsibly sourced. This means they are free of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or any other harmful chemical residue banned by the organic certification protocols.

Consumers are seeking out the little green organic seal at an ever increasing rate. It is the one and only crucial certification that re-assures the buyer that the product was made without any bio-engineering or chemicals that can potentially cause health issues. In short, it means the beverage is clean. It means the ingredients can be trusted.

The growth of organic food and beverage sales is astounding. From 2013 - 2022, sales of organic food and beverages doubled from $30 billion in 2013, to $62 billion in 2022, with an 8.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

The incremental growth of organic food and beverage sales also DOUBLED from 2021 to 2022 which is a sign that post pandemic more and more consumers are seeking healthier options that are actually certified organic.


We Are Proudly 100% Organic Certified

Sati Soda is now one of the only organic soda brands in the marketplace. Despite all the current inflationary challenges, consumers are still investing in their health and reaching for organic options at an ever increasing rate. Knowing this, we refused to sacrifice quality and stayed true to our mission to be a clean, organic soda brand with the best possible ingredients.

We offer two distinct product lines: Sati Soda Classic (non-CBD) and Sati Soda CBD infused.

Each line offers 3 delicious and functional flavors with added functional ingredients. The primary difference is the CBD infused line contains a steam distilled organic CBD isolate with 23mg of cannabidiol per can. Unlike it's cannabis cousin - THC, CBD is 100% non-psychoactive. There is zero buzz and zero THC in Sati CBD soda.

Each can has 70 - 85% less sugar than the competitors (9g vs 65g of sugar per can) and just a meager 40 calories. Sati Soda boasts only 5-6 total ingredients per flavor. All flavors are 100 % certified organic and contain no high fructose corn syrup or risky sugar substitutes.

With our classic line, we offer 3 flavors that range in taste profiles. We went with common flavor infusions that Americans are already used to buying.

  • Sati Soda Energy Berry - bursting with berry, contains organic guayasa plant and yerba mate.
  • Sati Soda Clarity Lemon Lime - The classic lemon lime tart and sweet infusion with organic ashwaghanda and rhodiola.
  • Sati Soda Chill Ginger - The #1 seller, the ginger includes ginger root and tastes like a strong ginger-ale with chamomile flower extract for additional functionality.

"We wanted to create a soda that we would actually drink! We have decades of nutrition and wellness backgrounds so we hired a PHD Food Scientist to help us formulate our Award Winning Soda." David McLaughlin - CEO/Co-Founder

Sati Soda For All Occasions During The Day

In addition to being an organic soda, there are functional benefits with each flavor. The benefits include energy, clarity, and also a relaxing/chill effect. Our goal was to add a specific function to each drink.

We are aiming to be a lifestyle beverage depending on the time of day and how you are feeling, you can select the beverage that will be best for you at that moment.

Energy Berry Flavor - For the Morning

Contains Guayusa and Yerba Mate for sustained energy. Typically, people love having this flavor first thing in the morning, or in the mid-afternoon when they are dragging and need some increased energy.

Clarity Lemon-Lime - For the Afternoon / Mid-Day

Contains ashwaghanda and rhodiola for clarity and focus, which also supports alertness and increased productivity.

Chill Ginger - For the Evening

Contains ginger extract and chamomile flower extract for relaxing and calming effects. Chill ginger allows you to wind down in a healthy way, and also get a rejuvenating night's rest.

Our CBD Line For Even More Functionality

In addition to our Sati Soda (Classic) Line, we also offer a specialty line of organic CBD-infused versions with the same 3 flavors. Each can has 23mg of CBD and does not contain any THC. Again, to our knowledge, this is the only organic certified CBD soda in the world.

The consumption of CBD beverages remains a grey area in terms of federal regulations, and many large retailers will not carry them as a result. But the trend is clear, and eventually most experts predict these regulatory restrictions will be removed.

We are excited that once these restrictions are lifted, and CBD products become truly ubiquitous, Sati will scale our CBD line into many more locations and generate millions of dollars in new revenue. Even with the current restrictions, CBD ingestibles are being sold in more and more locations nationally. For example, national retailers like Sprouts already carry Sati CBD soda in about half their locations. Imagine the explosive growth ahead when retailers like Costco, Target and Walmart start carrying CBD beverages?

Awards and Recognition

Sati CBD Soda is the only organic certified CBD Soda on the market. It's also considered to be one of the best adult beverages on the shelf, winning multiple gold medal awards.

We have won the following national awards in just a few short years:

  • Gold Award (blind taste test) at the annual PR%F Awards
  • 2020 Best CBD Beverage - CBD South Expo
  • 2021 Best CBD Beverage - CBD Midwest Expo

The Meaning and Significance Of 'Sati'

Sati means mindfulness in sanskrit and in the buddhist culture. We are mindful in the choices we make from formulation, with our simple organic ingredients, to finished product and packaging, sustainability, and giving back (global responsibility).

In a world in which mental health and conscious alignment have come to the forefront, Säti provides a drink that supports these ideas in every aspect. From packaging to ingredients, to the benefits of consuming CBD and functional botanicals, Sati is all about bringing mindfulness to our healthy beverages.

The Market Opportunity

The soda and functional beverage market is growing at a CAGR of 7.2 % every single year and clocked in at nearly $43.9B last year and is expected to double by 2030 to nearly $75B.

In addition, when it comes to the functional beverage market, Carbonated Soft Drinks and Bottled water are still king. The soft drink market is the second largest market in the United States, clocking in at 18.6 % of all purchases. The next closest is coffee at 10.9 %.

Imagine an organic brand like Sati Soda disrupting a category that claims 18.6 % of all purchases for functional drinks. This is where we get excited to make an impact with a cleaner, healthier soda. If millions of consumers switch from a high sugar soda, to Sati Soda, just the drop in sugar consumption alone will have an enormously positive impact on those customers. That's ultimately why we're doing this.

Our Traction and Sales - Growth On the Mind

Sati Soda is versatile and appeals to many different markets big and small. This is rare for a beverage. Many brands are stuck in only premium, natural stores, or, they only fit in the mass market chain retailer.

We sell Sati Soda at a wide variety of retailers from grocery stores to high end hotels and boutiques, yoga studios, concert venues, coffee shops, convenience stores, even CBD shops and dispensaries with our CBD line.

When Sati Soda launched in 2019, we started with just the CBD line. Since that time, we've grown from being a local Colorado brand to getting distribution in 35 states and over 1000 retailers nationwide, all this with the current limitations on CBD and hemp beverages. Now, with the recent addition of Sati Soda (non-CBD), the market potential of these two lines is exponential.

Sati grew 3250% for our start in 2019 to 2022 with over $2M+in sales so far and we're just getting started! 

We are in over 1,000 retail doors including Safeway Rocky Mountain region, Sprouts nationally, and top ranked natural stores and independents around the country.

A preliminary agreement is currently in place with King Soopers/City Market for 152 stores, to be launched in late 2023. We expect this placement alone to add significant revenue. In addition, we have promising communications ons currently in play with many of the nation's largest retailers. This include: Albertsons, Bashas, Fresh Market, Kroger, WalMart, and Whole Foods Market.

We are also excited to announce we are on track to potentially break $1M in annual sales for the first time in the company's history in 2023. With all the activations we have planned in 2024 with new retail partnerships already in motion, we are planning to break $2M (at least) in 2024.

Sati Soda continues to experience strong growth from all the new retail partnerships we are entering into. In addition, with funding, we can accelerate this growth by supporting more stores with marketing, promotions, demos, and a much more robust social media exposure for the brand.

Our Team

Sati Soda launched in October 2019 by Co Founders David McLaughlin and Paul Devlin. The founders wanted to create a functional soda that was 100% organic, with way less sugar and yet still with great taste. In addition, they set out to create a soda line that can be enjoyed ritually every day at different occasions throughout the day: morning, noon, and night.

Paul Devlin (co-founder of Sati Soda) was a successful financial advisor who then went on to massive success in a fast growing nutrition company.

Heather Brown joined us in 2021 heading up daily office management while bringing her nutrition and wellness experience to the team as well. After a couple short years, she was promoted to General Manager, in charge of all general operational strategies and administration for Sati Soda.

Also worth noting, Heather was recognized for her volunteering with kids and the elderly along with 15 years of nutrition and wellness. 

Pictured: David McLaughlin and Heather Brown

We also have a large group of ambassadors and marketing event specialists that help us at national trade-shows around the country. We amassed a team that truly believes in the product and our mission as an organic soda company.

Pictured David Mclaughlin (founder) with 2 ambassadors at large natural trade-show in the U.S.

Use of Funds

The following pie chart shows the breakdown of how funds will be deployed once we complete our raise.

30% to retail sales support. Since we are expanding quickly and needing to support so many new accounts around the country, funds will be deployed directly for this purpose. We have seen the value of having Sati brand ambassadors in regular communication with our grocery accounts. Retailers supported in this manner will do 3x-5x more sales volume over time.

30% to cost of goods sold reduction. (COGS). Any cost associated with making our product can be reduced by scaling with larger production runs. We estimate this opportunity will save us at least 25% to the bottom line. As we scale the business to $5M in annual revenue, even larger reductions in COGS will be achievable.

22% General and Administration (G&A). Funding will support additional G&A expenses, which includes day to day operating expenses and personnel/salary expenses.

18% Marketing and Advertising. Funds will be deployed into larger scale advertising, promotions, and social media marketing.

 Giving Back

Lastly, as part of our mindful mission Sati is a Proud Member of 1% for the Planet and we contribute 1 % of our net sales to our non-profit partner.

Säti has donated over $40,000 worth of soda and sales in the last year to Conscious Alliance, another Colorado local organization, as part of our commitment to One Percent For the Planet. Along with Conscious, we are honored to be a part of acknowledging the increased demand of food insecurity . Conscious brings healthy food and drinks as well as youth empowerment programs into underserved areas across the U.S., feeding kids and families who need it most.

The Mindful Thing To Do: Invest in Sati Soda!

First off, we deeply appreciate and are grateful you took the time to review and read our story, our financials, and reasons to invest in our fast growing brand, Sati Soda. We know how busy life gets so this really means a lot to us.

Second, we are a family owned brand based in Colorado looking to make a difference and disrupt an industry where 3 soda giants own approximately 95 % of the market and little has changed over the years.

Lastly, PLEASE PLEASE share this campaign link with your network, on social media, and to friends and family. This makes a huge difference and it's POWER in numbers to help us reach our goal on our page.

Click to invest now and we have loaded each level with AMAZING perks including monthly supplies of our award winning Sati Soda, custom-wear, and even a trip to visit and meet with the owner.

Cheers to being MINDFUL about your health!

-David, Paul, and Heather