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Academy Award winning Producer of Schindler's List brings a story of great faith


Gerald Molen, Oscar winning Producer of Schindler's List, Jurassic Park, & Rain Man is lead Producer
Based on Award Winning novel (Winner of New York Book Festival, Los Angeles Book Festival, etc.)
Screenplay has won the Beverly Hills Film Festival & Los Angeles Film Festival for Best Script.
$8,000,000 of $10,000,000 is ALREADY RAISED.
Harper-Collins/Thomas Nelson Co-Published the novel. A-List Actors already interested in lead roles.
Investors recoup 120% of investment, 115% before film is released via GUARANTEED 30% Poland Rebate.
Then, after studio release of the film, investors make 50% of the ongoing profits.
A team that has co-created over 50+ films with world wide distribution w/Universal, Dreamworks, etc.

Our Team

The events of the book and screenplay are based on TRUE EVENTS of the World War 2 Holocaust that have never before been seen on film. This is a film about having FAITH in the midst of the worst circumstances in recorded history. If films like this are not made, and we do not learn from the past, then history has a way of repeating itself...


LOG LINE: During World War 2, Jewish men were forced to box on Saturday night for Nazi Entertainment. The winner got extra food, the loser went to the gas chambers... But when Dr. Josef Mengele (aka "The Angel of Death") and the Nazis found out they had a Jewish American Middleweight Olympic boxer in their midst, they changed the nature of these "to the death" boxing matches, forcing him to box against much bigger heavyweight German fighters -- every time Samson stepped in the ring, if he loses, he and his family will be put to death.


Gerald Molen, the Academy Award winning Producer of Schindler's List, Jurassic Park, and Rain Man, is attached as Exec. Producer.

Gerald Molen has been the lead Producer on some of the most successful films of all time working directly with Seven Spielberg on many films as well as being the Head of Production for Dreamworks. His films have made well over $4 Billion worldwide and they have won multiple Academy Awards. Here are some of the dozens of films Gerald Molen has produced:

The book, SAMSON: A Savior Will Rise (published jointly by Harper-Collins & Thomas Nelson), has won top honors for Best Novel at the eight (8) most prestigious National and International Book Festivals in the world including:

The New York Book Festival,

The London Book Festival (an international book competition),

The Los Angeles Book Festival,

The Great Northwest Book Festival,

The Hollywood Book Festival,

The San Francisco Book Festival,

The Beverly Hills Book Award, and

The Paris Book Festival (an international book competition).


The screenplay has won the Best Screenplay award at the Los Angeles United Film Festival, the Beverly Hills Film Festival, the Westfield Screenwriting Award (one of the largest, most prestigious screenwriting competitions in the world with writers from 25+ countries competing), as well as many other screenwriting competitions...


Whether you invest $100 or $100,000 each investor will receive 120% of their investment from the country of Poland's 30% tax rebate through the Poland Film Commission, 115% of which will be returned upon completion of Post-Production, long before the film comes out in theaters. Once SAMSON begins its global distribution each investor receives another 5% profits upfront at the beginning of Distribution (before the film hits theaters) and their full proportional share of half (50%) of the Investor's share of the global net profits from the Motion Picture, and from all its ancillaries. Each investor is on the same equal terms (this is known in the film industry as "pari-passu" which means "Equal footing" in Latin).


Investor receives a special "Thank you" with the Investor's name in the credits of the Film.                 

Investor's photo included in the Company's mosaic in the "Thank You" credits of the Film. Plus previous perk.

Investor receives access online to the exclusive members only documentary  "making of" video footage and updates during pre-production and production of the Film. Plus, previous perks.

Investor receives a digital autographed picture of the main cast. Plus, previous perks.            

The first 250 Investors receive invitations for two to the Cast and Crew Screening of the Film. Plus, previous perks.

Investor receives an invitation to be an extra cast member. Travel and accommodation not included. Plus, previous perks.

Investor receives special invitation to Exclusive Actors Meet & Greet Event. Plus, previous perks.

The first 10 Investors receive an Associate Producer Credit for the Film (in the Main Titles of the Film Credits). Plus, previous perks.

Investor receives Co-Producer credit for the film (in the Main Titles of the Film Credits). Plus, previous perks.

Investor receives Executive Producer credit for the film (in the Main Titles of the Film Credits). Plus, previous perks.