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Invest in Salt River Brewstillery

Minority woman and veteran owned BREWSTILLERY producing micro beer and spirits


We are a high-margin, high growth company with close to 90% margin on our own beer and spirits
We are a small brewhouse specializing in craft "one-off" beer and spirits (2 BBL and under batches)
Our small size allows us to experiment and develop new techniques and bring back long forgotten ones
We host a weekly video to educate our customers and bring positive attention to our business.
We seek to educate a curious consumer with "Learn to Brew Days" and through guided spirit tastings.
Our focus is to be a Public House as a social gathering place for our community with a brewstillery.
By having a large whisk(e)y selection in our tap room, we will have the largest selection in Arizona
We are a minority woman and veteran owned brewstillery (brewery+distillery) and whiskey/cocktail bar

Our Team

Where we fit in to our community...

Salt River Brewstillery is a 1.5 BBL brewhouse with 8-10 fermenters and an 80-gallon copper pot still and 60-gallon wood foeder. We love to push the limit on what beer and spirits can be! Our small batch size allows us to do just that. We do not have "flagship" beers that are continuously brewed over and over again, instead most of our beers will be brewed only one time in small batches. Some will return to be brewed again in the future and others will only be brewed once and be gone forever. We will have 20 beer taps to serve our beers as well as other beers from around the world, but like our own beer, we will not continually serve the same beers from the same breweries. 

Our whiskey will be distilled in a copper pot still then barreled in small 15-gallon barrels and will all be bottled as single barrels at cask strength. We believe that the distiller should not choose what strength you will enjoy your whiskey. This will allow customers to enjoy it at cask strength or add water/ice/mixers as they deem necessary for their tastes. We will not offer distributions of our beers and whiskey but will instead offer them to drink in house or carry out in bottles, cans, or growlers. Since we will have control over our costs of production, we will have high profit margins on these products. 

We plan on showcasing over 250 different whiskies from around the world! This will give Salt River Brewstillery the notability of having the largest whisk(e)y selection in the state of Arizona. As this large selection can be overwhelming for the average consumer, our employees will have the knowledge necessary to guide our customers as they explore whisk(e)y and learn more about it. We will help our customers further explore and learn by hosting whisk(e)y tasting nights at least twice a month. We will include various whisk(e)y flights on our daily menu. Our whisk(e)y will be served per our customer request- neat (no ice or water, room temperature), on the rocks (with ice sphere), with a water pitcher/dropper, or with mixer (soda/juice). Our menu will also have a large cocktail and martini selection to suit our customers’ tastes. 

Our vision is for Salt River Brewstillery to be a staple in the community and to create a place where all walks of life can gather and celebrate our differences. As a public house we will bring together those in our community over one of our brewed/distilled in house beers or whiskies, world whiskies, local beers, or specialty crafted cocktails.

Though we will be a community centric brewstillery, we also plan to attract customers who are in the professional demographic with our large whisk(e)y selection. Our décor will be chic and upscale to appeal to this customer. Our whisk(e)y pricing will be in-line with higher end establishments, but we will give our customers what they lack. We will focus on selling whisk(e)y through our knowledge of the product including tasting notes, background of the whisk(e)y, and related whiskies. The latter will allow us to recommend other whiskies to the customer’s taste, with some at a potentially higher price point. However, we will offer whiskies from various prices in order to make good whisk(e)y accessible to those at any level of income.

Salt River Brewstillery will be laid out in a way that encourages our customers to relax and feel at home. We will not have traditional tables and chairs that are seen in most restaurants/bars. Instead we will have furniture such as couches and loveseats organized in separate sections coupled with a coffee table. Our décor and couches will vary from section to section to give each a unique feel. We will have ample bar seating as well. The whisk(e)y will be on counter to ceiling shelves behind the bar with some accessible to bartenders by sliding ladders. They will be organized by country of origin.

Our namesake brewery/distillery equipment will be small compared to most, but will always look organized, presentable and clean since it will be highly visible to our customers. Our employees will be well dressed with male employees wearing kilts and female employees wearing skirts. Employees will be dressed in similar tartan patterns and button up shirts. Employees will be required to have strong knowledge of beer and whisk(e)y (including the brewing/distilling process) and will be focused on good customer service. Our employees will be required to be Cicerone Level 1- Beer Server certified and carry an Arizona Series 4 certification.

Salt River Brewstillery will not have a commercial kitchen but will still offer some food choices for our customer. We will have an antique popcorn machine with artisanal toppings/flavors that our customers can eat for free. We plan on having local food trucks at our business on busy nights and we will brew “special beers” to pair with the food truck’s specialties (i.e. green tea IPA with sushi food truck or molé stout with Mexican food truck). We will work with local restaurants, bakeries, and chocolatiers to create ready to serve food that needs minimal preparation. 

We will also be focused on teaching others in the community how to brew beer. This knowledge will not only give them insight to better appreciate beer, but to also teach them a skill that can lead them to brewing as a fun hobby or one day following in our path of opening a brewery. We want to encourage other people in our community to follow their dreams and not to let anything stand in their way.

We are passionate about beer and whisk(e)y and even more passionate about sharing it with our customers. Our mantra is "Do (Brew) it with passion, or not at all!" We believe that like life, every beer and whisk(e)y is a unique treasure to be explored and appreciated.