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We blend AI with neuroscience to inspire trust and engagement for remote teams


CEO has 3 successful exits, veteran-owned.
$30K/mo revenue, large pipeline, partnerships, patent-pending IP & unique AI profiling app.
Remote work tech SaaS solves $7T problem; Visa, HP, Cisco, BH&G clients, renowned advisors.
Proven team: PhD neuroscientist, DoD Executive, NFL alumni, leadership & Harvard certs.

Our Team

3 successful technology startup exits, certified leadership coach, NYTBS author, Harvard neuroscience certification, ABM & sales enablement certifications
During a decade as an executive consultant, our CEO created a B2B neuromarketing system for clients including Avnet, Cisco, HP, Oracle, SAP, Visa, etc. and wrote a book about it. Our PhD neuroscientist CTO also wrote a book and the two created a system to determine brain neurotransmitter levels, which are more accurate predictors for personality.
Tony Stewart COO
Admin Director for U.S. Navy SEALs, MPA graduate, certified HR manager, neurolinguistics programming (NLP) executive (globally certified), Mindfulness Master Practitioner, Resilience and Behavioral Therapy Practitioner.
PhD neuroscientist, author of Train Your Brain for Success, Director of Adaptive Neuroscience Foundation

Our Story

Over a decade ago, our CEO, Bill, was a co-founder of a multimillion dollar consulting firm with clients like Booz Allen, Cisco, HP, Oracle, and SAP. HP was just starting to use neuroscience for consumer marketing and asked Bill to find a way to use this for business to business (B2B) sales. Bill designed a groundbreaking system for sales enablement called FROG Selling, which has been used by 50K+ sales and recruiting professionals. Bill later partnered with German, a PhD neuroscientist, Tony, an HR and neurolinguistics expert, Steve, a successful marketing executive, and Greg, a former sales VP at a Fortune 50 firm to launch REMOTELYME. Together, a year before the pandemic, they created a system to help remote sales teams and recruiters. BitGlass research validates that far more remote work is now permanent but most firms are unprepared. Due to the pandemic, McKinsey & Company discovered that in-person sales meetings declined by 55% and video/Zoom calls increased by 69%. LinkedIn selling activity surged by 55% and membership increased to 722 million members. REMOTELYME offers sales pros and recruiters three unique solutions to not just survive, but thrive in a new remote world. 1) FROG86: An advanced LinkedIn Social Selling system and training program proven across 50K users. 2) ENGAGE86: a web browser app that uses a combination of AI and neuroscience to determine prospect personality profiles to create neurolinguistic (NLP) Communications Playbooks that sales teams rave about. Think of this as Myers-Briggs meets neuroscience. 3) LEADWELL86: profile-personalized portals with robust wellness and professional development information for employees and customers. The first two solutions target the $2B customer engagement market while the third solution allows us to “land and expand” our markets by addressing the $74B employee engagement market where high stress and low trust is costing firms $7 trillion (Gallup study). Our competitors use personality tests that are outdated and inaccurate and basic playbooks that are not aligned with sales frameworks or LinkedIn Social Selling. Our passion and purpose is to help 3B global workers thrive in our new remote world. If you’re a remote worker, please help us help you.