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Food Upcycling Technology, Ingredient Platform and Packaged Foods Innovator

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Shruti interviewed ReGrained on June 4, 2020. Play Video
Shruti Shah
formerly Co-Founder and COO @Moveloot (YC W14); former EIR @SVB; loves operations + strategy
says, "Team/Passion for what they are building; strategic investors; b2b and b2c product."
says, "Clear financials and roadmaps for the next 1-2 years."

What Investors Say

Co-founder, Imperfect Foods (raised $137M from SVB, Norwest, etc.)
Invested $15,000 this round
ReGrained is revolutionizing the way we think about waste and ingredients.  They've pioneered a patented technology to turn otherwise wasted outputs of the supply chain into better-for-you ingredients that can be used in almost any consumer product. What better way to reduce waste than re-purposing it into something delicious?  Puffs and bars are just the start!  I fully expect to see ReGrained as an ingredient in every consumer product within the next decade.

In the news

Upcycling food means doing more with less | Greenbiz
August 18, 2020
As an undergrad in the early 2010s, I found the perfect loophole to the legal drinking age: brewing my own beer. I started using the spent grain leftover from my homebrewing as an ingredient in bread, then I would sell these loaves and use the proceeds to buy the ingredients to make more beer.
Innovation Spotlight With Daniel Kurzrock | Forbes AgTech Salinas 2019
August 5, 2020
Daniel Kurzrock, Cofounder & Chief Grain Officer, ReGrained
ReGrained: Brewing Up A Tasty Use For Beer-Making Byproducts
August 4, 2020
Turning ugly produce, food scraps and other byproducts from food and beverage production into new business models is a flourishing trend as startups address the growing global problem of food waste. For one startup, ReGrained, the rise in craft beer and microbrewing has provided a bountiful supply of raw material that can be turned into snack bars and food ingredients.
Goodnewspaper: The Sustainability Edition
August 4, 2020
Climate change can feel overwhelming. Is there any reason to feel hopeful about such a big issue? Is there anything I can do to make a difference? If so, what can I do that actually matters? These are the questions we set out to answer with the Sustainability Edition of the Goodnewspaper.
This Startup Turns Breweries' Leftovers Into Granola Bars
August 4, 2020
It may be the most stereotypical San Francisco food startup ever.
Chicken Salad Chick: Stacy Brown : How I Built This with Guy Raz
August 4, 2020
For many of us, chicken salad is just another sandwich filling, but Stacy Brown turned it into a $75 million business. In 2007, she was a divorced mother of three looking for a way to make ends meet. So she started making chicken salad in her kitchen and selling it out of a basket, door-to-door.
Elevator Talk Livestream Round 17: SOUND, Aura Bora, Fruitbelt -
July 15, 2020
The seventeenth round of Elevator Talk Livestream features leaders from SOUND, Aura Bora, Fruitbelt, ReGrained and ENOF. Watch founders and CEOs jump into the livestream and provide a brief recap of recent news and updates. This week's special co-host is Jennifer Palmer, CEO of Gerber Finance, who will share her thoughts, questions and feedback with the participants.
ReGrained ups the ante on sustainable snack making
May 20, 2020
When Daniel Kurzrock discovered he could bake bread out of the spent grains leftover from his craft beer brewing hobby, he did not imagine this would become his life's work. He was just hoping that by selling that bread, he could make enough money to pay for more brewing supplies.
ReGrained launches upcycled Puffs online amid COVID-19
March 17, 2020
ReGrained was set to launch its latest innovation at Natural products Expo West - scheduled to be held earlier this month - but this was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. ReGrained Puffs are powered by SuperGrain+, the company's flagship upcycled product that is created using its patented process to transform spent brewers' grain into a nutritious, versatile and functional ingredient.
Destination Canada: A renewed purpose in Newfoundland and Labrador
January 12, 2020
Dan Kurzrock loves to find new uses for old things. As the co-founder of ReGrained, a San Francisco company that upcycles used grain from breweries into food, he's on a personal mission to improve how we use the planet's resources. Kurzrock and his wife, Jennifer, love to explore the world together.
How ReGrained turns beer waste into a nutrient powerhouse
December 17, 2019
Now that consumers are waking up to the issue of food waste, ReGrained seems like an obvious business idea-but until Dan Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz started asking breweries for their spent grains, most of it was going either to waste or, often, to animal feed.
Big Food & Startups Tackle Sustainability
November 19, 2019
The future of food will be more environmentally sustainable and biodiverse, according to industry experts and new research. Sustainability has been a much-discussed topic inside and outside the food industry over the last few years. Food activists and consumers, too, are increasingly demanding - and voting with their food shopping dollars - that food companies practice better sustainability and environmental stewardship.
Drinking Beer Can Ease The Climate Crisis (No, Not In THAT Way)
September 5, 2019
In August, there was an explosion of alarming headlines: " Climate Change Threatens the World's Food Supply, United Nations Warns," cried The New York Times, and " Report Finds Agriculture a Leading Cause of Climate Change," said the Rodale Institute.
Dorm to Table: College Start-Ups Take Aim at Food Industry
August 26, 2019
Entrepreneurship University students have for years created businesses in their dorm rooms. Although "college entrepreneur" often evokes images of tech founders, a cadre of students is instead focusing on disrupting the food industry. These entrepreneurs are using science, in addition to taste, to bring their products to market.
ReGrained Markets Food Made From Upcycled Brewery 'Spent' Grain
April 6, 2019
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Last month at O'Hare International in Chicago, we were waiting at the gate for our flight back to San Francisco. We thought we'd use the time to discuss our upcoming article on entrepreneurship.
The 32 NEXTY Award winners for Natural Products Expo West 2019
March 3, 2019
At every Natural Products Expo, we recognize a few dozen products that stand out to a panel of industry judges , as well as New Hope Network's content team, NEXT data and insights team, standards team and marketing team. Exhibiting brands nominate their products prior to Expo West and samples are sent to the New Hope Network office in Boulder, Colorado.
The perfect hangover cure? Californian company makes snack bars from beer
September 13, 2016
When Dan Kurzock started brewing his own beer in 2010, his fraternity brothers at the University of California, Los Angeles, were psyched. A frat with its own in-house brewery is about as good as it gets. Kurzrock's popularity soared even more when he started to use the leftover grain from brewing to bake bread, the perfect hangover cure.
The Secret Edible Powerhouse Hiding in Beer Leftovers
April 21, 2016
Here's how beer brewing (at its simplest) works: You take a bunch of malted barley and boil it with water and hops. Then you add yeast and let the whole mess ferment. If all goes well, in about two weeks you'll have beer. You'll also have a mess of leftover barley and any other grains you used.
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