Real Good Kitchen

Providing food entrepreneurs with the space and resources they need to succeed

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Real Good Kitchen is first to market with an innovative, full-service solution for food businesses
The shared kitchen industry has grown over 300% since 2013
Proven concept with 600 kitchens in 44 states across the country, including TN
Strong early market demand
Sustainable solution for future of food industry that has suffered estimated losses of $240 billion
We're a public benefit company. Your investment will have an impact
Your investment will help create more equity and economic stability for more people through food

Our Team

I have a passion for food, and I care deeply about the future of my city. As a Knoxville native who lived away for many years, I've seen the potential that shared kitchen spaces have to shift economic power, elevate new voices and contribute to a thriving food economy. Shared Kitchens have a critical role to play in the future of the food industry.

Real Good Kitchen from the Start

We formed our business in 2018. But before that we had to learn more about shared kitchens and incubators and figure out what Knoxville needs

First, we had to visit a bunch of kitchens

Bailey spent all of 2017 and much of 2018 learning as much as she could about shared commercial kitchens and culinary incubators and visiting a lot of them.

La Cocina in San Francisco is one of our original inspirations

We debuted our idea at Startup Day 2018...

We debuted Real Good Kitchen in September 2018 at Knoxville's Startup Day. We didn't win the money, but it gave us the momentum we needed to keep moving forward.

Here's our elevator pitch in an actual elevator:

then we kept hustling for financing and the right space

We created the first design for the space in October 2018

First team member September 2019

We bought our building in October 2019

Now we're finally building our facility