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Making home ownership accessible for all


💵 $830K raised to date
📱 Mobile App and initial integrations are built
📄 Patent granted June 2021 on digitization of real property in an exchangeable co-ownership model
📈 CEO is a serial SaaS and high-growth software entrepreneur
🤝 Signed international real estate partner
💰 "Sticky" SaaS revenue model with strong customer lifetime value
🚀 Launching in pilot market of Raleigh, NC in Spring 2022

Our Team

We’re creating for home ownership, what AirBnB has done for short-term rentals.

We believe everyone in the world should have a clear and achievable path to homeownership.  To do this, we’ve created an entirely new way to find, group, buy and secure a home.  No massive down payments.  No reams of red tape.  An intuitive, frictionless, app-driven member experience to redirect hard-earned money from rent to building equity in a home and the life you want… on your terms.

We want our members to thrive!

There are approximately 30M to 40M renters in the United States.

Homeownership is current a $2T market in the United States. Our innovative home co-ownership platform expands this market by converting renters to owners.  Our initial addressable market demographic increases the homeownership market by 20% (approximately $300M - $400M SAM).

We have created and patented a new innovative co-borrower home loan that enables people to pool their economic purchasing power and buy together in a safe legal and transferable way so their portion of the shared and unshared space in a property can be sold in the future, without the requirement of selling the entire property.

Our unique next-generation co-borrower home loan + our revocable trust + membership agreement enable a holistic, proactive solution to purchase a home with others, while protecting each person's financial interest and supporting easy future exchangeability as life's needs evolve.

Our Client Advocacy Team supports each of our members on their journey to safe, legal co-ownership with compatible people and positive Social Living.

Proven serial entrepreneurs across SaaS/FinTech/Banking/Mortgage industries.

Targeted Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) with strong Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

Our Spring 2022 launch starts in Raleigh with national expansion thereafter.

Why are we using WeFunder?

At SocialEquity, we believe strongly in the democratization of homeownership, that everyone should have a path to owning their home.  Everyone should have the opportunity to build equity and wealth in homeownership.

Accordingly, we believe in the democratization of investment.  We believe that all individuals should have the opportunity to invest in our home co-ownership platform.  As we have been building market awareness for our pilot launch, almost all potential clients have asked "How can I also invest in your Company?" 

Together, we can bring to market our innovative platform that will enable homeownership for all people.

Real Social Equity Aims to Make Home Ownership Achievable for Everyone - AP News

*Disclaimer: The individuals in our video are paid actors and are not actual users of the SocialEquity app.*