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Thain Electric Boat Company

We are manufacturing an affordable electric runabout that offers speed, safety, and efficiency!

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What Friends Say

Rob is a good founder because of his energy and skill sets in the relational and promotional aspects of organization / project execution and his innate intelligence in mechanics and materials and his creative problem solving ability to adapt.
Other Family Member
Rob has always been both innovative and caring. He is tenacious and does what he sets out to do, but always with a heart to help people. This "race" across the Atlantic on a ferry that will serve the African coast is exactly the kind of project that he can pull off. I endorse him wholeheartedly. When he told me that he would put ferries on Lake Victoria in Uganda by building them in the United States, and then in order to get them 1000 km inland to the Lake cutting them into pieces, shipping the pieces in containers, and then reassembling them on the shore, it seemed crazy and impossible. But not only did he accomplish this, but he did so by hiring previously unemployed local people who, as a result, developed skills that changed their lives. Rob's love for people drives all that he does. he works hard and does what he sets out to do.
Rob Smith is my friend. My relationship with Rob has spanned several years. There is no question in my mind when it comes to recommending Rob as a founder for the Rafiki Race Boat opportunity; I give Rob my highest personal recommendation. Rob is an amazing individual. He works to bring out the best in others while going to the extra distance for his investors. He uses his personal qualities to inspire those around him to work to achieve their highest and best purposes. Rob is one of the few people I have met who I feel I could turn to in any situation for support and assistance. I have personally witnessed him help many, many people who have been in need. While these qualities may not seem directly related to his qualities as a business leader, they speak to his qualities as a man. In regards to his business leadership and skills, I can attest to the fact that he is nothing short of amazing in what he has accomplished. He brings intelligence and skills to the work he does. He has a remarkable entrepreneurial quality which allows him to lead others to excellence. I have been on boats he has built and they are truly amazing in their quality and design. I am confident in the success of the Rafiki Race Boat project. I can think of no other person who could lead this project as well as Rob. I look forward to seeing the final product and enjoying the race!
I am delighted to recommend Rob Smith as a founder for the Rafiki Race Boat investment opportunity. Rob is my friend. I value my friendship with Rob because of his values and commitment to my family and me. Rob has gone beyond to the call of duty on many occasions to assist people I know and me. He is truly amazing in how he approaches life. He has a true love of people and looks for opportunities to bring out the best in those around him. As a business leader, he is truly gifted. I have been amazed at what I have watched him accomplish as an entrepreneur. He is able to critically analyze business opportunities to make the best decisions for the project, his workers, and his investors. These qualities make him an exceptional CEO and leader. I am completely confident in his personal qualities, skills, and business experience. Rob is an asset to any project with which he becomes involved. With Rob leading this effort, I am confident in its success and the quality of the project as an investment. I am excited to be asked to recommend Rob and have no reservations in recommending him as a founder.
Rob is a visionary who can turn ideas into reality. His main focus is making products/ideas that can change lives and improve circumstances for the underprivileged. He is a great communicator and compassionate man.
Rob is a world class leader who has started several successful businesses and NGOs. He has pioneered ferry boat transportation in underserved areas of Africa; started a high end home construction company; launched an innovative orphan care program; and founded and runs a ferry building company today. I am an investor in some of his projects and have been very impressed by Rob's integrity, grit and constant positive drive to succeed.
He is that rare mix of a intelligent, articulate and man of integrity. I cannot begin to laud his many amazing capabilities and character.
Robert Smith is a Visionary entrepreneur. He is a hands on man who is talented and great in Mechanical, Electrical and Technical details. I have always admired his creative skills and more so his ability to apply his creativity to start amazing projects.
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