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We are building the fire alarm for pandemics with our RF + AI technology


Precise results in under 20 seconds
ūüďú Patent granted - Proprietary technology based on RF signature & AI modeling
User-friendly and Portable
Can be remotely upgraded with new diagnostic models or for new/different diseases
Approved by ISP - Chilean Health Institute for detection of Covid-19 in nasopharyngeal samples ūüí™
Doesn't require complex laboratory infrastructure, additional accessories, or supplies

Our Team

The world population needs a low-cost method that allows diseases to be diagnosed in a faster and more accurate fashion. Overcoming the current vulnerability to disease outbreaks and the diagnosis of epidemic/pandemic pathogens is our main goal at RadioLife.

Why Radiolife?


  • Information provided herein is for the purpose of fundraising
  • Cube Scan is an Investigational device in all countries other than Chile
  • Claims have not been evaluated by health authorities other than ISP ‚Äď Chilean Public Health Institute

To be prepared to deter another pandemic or to secure our right to live, work and care for our loved ones several health-oriented actions are required. A pivotal one is the ability to detect the presence of a given pathogen with both accuracy and speed, in a cost-effective manner.  In order to achieve this capability we need to grant universal access to accurate, affordable, safe, reliable, and most importantly, scalable diagnostic technology which could be used as a point of care device as well as in mass testing scenarios.

The Problem: 

The world needs better diagnostics solutions

Currently, available testing solutions rely on the use of expensive reagents, a complex laboratory infrastructure, or methods that are too expensive to be adopted in mass testing strategies. 

Radiolife is developing a fast, accurate,¬†and ‚Äčportable diagnostic device called CubeScan for¬†in-vitro diagnosis of infectious diseases/pathogens.

How it works:

Our internationally patented technology allows the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in swab or saliva samples accurately and in less than 20 seconds*, without using additional equipment or reagents.

*Validated in a Brazilian Governmental Public Health lab in the state of Esp√≠rito Santo and approved in Chile by ISP ‚Äď Chilean Public Health Institute for nasopharyngeal swab samples. The detection of SARS-Cov-2 in¬†saliva samples was not approved by any Health Authority yet.

Through its capability of being remotely upgradable, CubeScan was designed to last. As new machine-learning diagnostic models are developed by Radiolife's R&D team, a simple and fast download will update your CubeScan to be ready to better diagnose current diseases or the presence of new pathogens, and help humankind to prevent and deter new pandemics.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Clinical Studies ‚Äď Lacen Validation

A clinical study was conducted at a Brazilian Governmental Public Health lab in the state of EspiŐĀrito Santo, which allowed us to improve the analytical performance and achieve an accuracy of 99.77%¬†for SARS-CoV-2 detection. Clinical performance was validated in a double-blind test with a large number of samples (n= 1,357), which were tested in parallel with SARS-CoV-2 specific RT-PCR kits

ISP Approval of CubeScan

Chilean Health Institute approval for detection of Covid-19 in nasopharyngeal samples